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All Pet’s Life is a site dedicated to making our friends’ lives better. We publish guides to help you care for your pet and solve the problems you may have. We review the products for you so the money you spend will go to the right place.

allpetslife contact
allpetslife contact

I’m Priit. I have been a dog lover since childhood. I liked being around cats and dogs whenever I could. In my adult life, I have had to take care of various dogs and cats. I even became a runner because I walked a dog so often, I figured I could give him a better workout. Right now, I have two Chihuahuas in my life.

I am a dog enthusiast and knowledgeable about many pet-related issues. I created All Pet’s Life to give pet parents information they need to take good care of their pets. Hopefully, you can also save money by buying the right products that don’t need to be replaced too often.

I have extensive knowledge about canine behavior and training. Years of hands-on experience are complemented by continuous learning with renowned pet experts. This equips me with the specialized knowledge to provide accurate and tailored advice for your pet’s needs.

However, I don’t know everything and, in some cases, when we need specific information on health problems or specific needs of pets then we ask our veterinary partners to give us the info that helps our readers.

Our partners

Whenever you have any questions or comments about your specific issues, feel free to write a comment at the end of the article or contact us via email.

Sometimes you need answers right now. For that reason, I decided to add the live chat window directly to a veterinary specialist you can use instantly without leaving our site.

Thank you for visiting our site and I hope you got the information you came to look for.

All Pet’s Life has been featured in renowned pet care magazines and websites such as Dogs Vets, K9 Magazine, and others. Our collaboration with veterinary specialists and our commitment to evidence-based practices make us a go-to source for thousands of pet owners for reliable guidance and product recommendations.

Have fun with your pets.

PS On the picture above is our Chihuahua Aleeke, in his eyes, you can see the question, “Do you have more stress balls?”

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