Dog Tooth Brushing

dog tooth brushing

Learn how to brush your dog’s teeth. This is one of the first defenses against major dental problems.

Some dogs don’t mind the brushing of their teeth at all, but others may get aggressive and even bite the owner trying to help them.

Whatever your situation may be, train your dog to accept the brushing of their teeth. It may take time, it could be frustrating, but it’s something your dog and your wallet will thank you for eventually.

You can start with just touching your dog’s snout and teeth when giving them treats. Touch first, treat later. Over time, introduce the toothbrush. Touch first, treat later. Next comes the toothpaste. Same sequence. I can take you weeks or months. But do it anyway. This is the way you show love, even if your dog will never understand.

Check out what you need to brush your dog’s teeth.