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10 Best Dog Bunk Beds [2023] Buyer’s Guide

Dogs need a place where they can sleep and relax as you do. And one of the ways of ensuring your dog gets a place to unwind is by getting one of the stylish dog bunk beds.

dog bunk beds

Such beds are important for pet owners with a couple of dogs in their house, but they have limited space.

Consequently, most of these dog bunk beds have top and bottom sleeping compartments. Some even have stairs to allow your dog to reach the top sleeping area easily.

So are you looking for quality pet bunk beds that will give you service for long without denying your dog the much-needed comfort? Here, we have a list of the top 10 dog bunk beds for dogs. Read the reviews or use the links to get right to the products.

Criteria Dog bunk beds Stairs
Overall best dog bunk bed LazyBonezz Metropolitan pet Bunk bed Yes
Second best bunk bed Furhaven pet bed frame for small, medium, and large dogs No
Best lightweight bunk bed Arm’s reach concept duplex pet bunk bed No
Best traveling bunk bed Petique BD01300104 Bedside Lounge-Pet Bed No
Top choice small dog bunk bed Petsfit cat houses for indoor cats, dog houses for small dogs Yes
Second choice small dog bunk bed Jokoicel pet bed for small dog Yes
Best elevated bunk bed MSMARK pet dog bed frame with drawer No
Best design bunk bed Multifunctional indoor dog pet multi-level bed Yes
Best bunk bed for old dogs Penn Plax buddy bunk-multi level bed Yes
Best eco-friendly bunk bed YYAO wooden pet bed Yes


dog standing beside the bed

10 Best Dog Bunk Beds

1. Overall Best Dog Bunk Bed: Lazybonezz Metropolitan Pet Bunk Bed

lazybonezz metropolitan Dog Bunk BedsThrow away all those pillow beds and reclaim all the space you need using this LazyBonezz Metropolitan pet Bunk bed.

Made of stainless steel accents and wood, this dog bed with two levels is strong enough to hold dogs up to 30 pounds on each level.

This dog bed comes with non-slip steps that allow your dog to ascend safely to the top bunk. Consequently, this pet bunk bed is well made to keep your home luxurious styled all day.

The cotton fibber cushions on each compartment ensure your dog is well comfortable. Still, these cushions are machine washable, ensuring your dog sleeps in a clean area.

Most reviewers liked the design and how easy it is to fix and assemble this bunk bed. However, most dog parents’ major concern was the steep and narrow steps.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy design
  • Nontoxic finish
  • Easy to clean


  • Steps are narrow for dogs

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2. Second Best Dog Bunk Bed: Furhaven Pet Bed Frame for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs

furhaven pet bed frame for small medium and large dogs and cats elevated mid century modern style platform dog bed frame compatible with furhaven Dog Bunk BedsFurhaven is a reputable brand when it comes to the manufacturing of dog products. And one of their product is this elevated bed. With a modern bed frame and mid-century design, this dog bunk bed will complement all your home interior décor.

This bed’s frames come ready with pre-drilled holes, making it easier to assemble and fix it together with no tools. Depending on your dog’s size, you can opt for the small, medium, large and jumbo dog bunk beds sizes.

Next, this dog bed is well elevated from the hard surface that might predispose your dog to joint issues. And the four metal legs stubs holding this pet bed are strong and well finished.

Consequently, the interior platform has bamboo slats lines that are sturdy to accommodate your dog as he sleeps next to you. The Furhaven pet bed jumbo size is one of the best large dog bunk beds.

Dog parents who have bought this bed like how sturdy and easy it is to assemble. However, the major concern is that the wooden edges are sharp.


  • Strong
  • Comes in three size
  • Well elevated
  • Easy to assemble


  • Heavy to transform from one point to the other

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3. Best Lightweight Dog Bunk Bed: Arm’s Reach Concept Duplex Pet Bunk Bed

arms reach concepts duplex Dog Bunk Beds cocoa with camel liner mediumThe arm and reach concept duplex pet bunk bed with dimensions of 34″ ×20″ ×25″ is a spacious and functional dog bunk bed suitable for dogs up to 50 pounds. The bottom compartment, which is well enclosed and covered with polyester fabric, ensures your dog gets time to relax with less distraction from the rest of the family.

The open-top compartment allows your dog to relax and watch everything going around. Additionally, this top bunk can be a great grooming area for your dog.

Also, the bottom bunk has three entrance areas which are well spacious to allow your dog in and out.

Lastly, pillow covers and camel liners on these dog bunk beds are removable for easy washing anytime.


  • It can be attached close to your bed, thus giving you more sleeping space
  • Sturdy
  • Washable soft camel liner


  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers

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4. Best Travelling Dog Bunk Bed: Petique BD01300104 Bedside Lounge-Pet Bed

petique bd01300104 bedside lounge pet bed one sizeDo you love traveling, and leaving your dog behind is the last thing you can think of? Then here is one of the best traveling dog bunk beds, the Petique BD01300104 bedside lounge pet bed.

Made from polyester material and PP boards, this bunk pet bed is sturdy to hold dogs weighing below 100lbs.

To ensure your dog is comfortable, this bunk bed has a memory foam mattress. Consequently, the bottom bunk mimics a dog den as it is well enclosed. However, it has two windows for ventilation and three doors for easier entry and exit.

Furthermore, the two support panels on the top and bottom bunk are sturdy, and more so, they are safe for liquid spills in that they won’t warp if they get wet.

Consequently, the fleece top covering and mattress coverings are easy to clean, ensuring your dog sleeps and relaxes in a clean area.

Next, this dog bed needs no tool to assemble or disassemble. For easier traveling, this foldable bunk bed comes with a travel tote. Lastly, this pet bunk bed has four wheels with brakes for easy relocation from one point to the other.

The Petique BD01300104 bedside lounge-pet bed is also one of the best large dog bunk beds.

Most pet owners are happy with how this dog bed is easy to assemble. Other dog parents like the travel tote provided aside.

However, most pet owners would have preferred the mattress on this bunk dog bed to be thicker.


  • Suitable for dogs up to 100 pounds
  • Well spacious
  • Travel-friendly bunk dog bed
  • Two side pockets for storage
  • Easy to clean
  • Wheels with brakes


  • Material making this dog bed is weak
  • Available only in one size

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5. Top Choice Small Dog Bunk Bed: Petsfit Cat Houses for Indoor Cats, Dog Houses for Small Dogs

petsfit cat houses for indoor cats dog houses for small dogs connect the pet stairs 1Looking for an ideal condo for your small dog who loves sleeping on your bed? Then here is a top small dog bunk bed that will let your dog sleep near you without taking any space on your bed.

This dog house is made from kiln-dried cedar and painted with water-based paint to maximize its durability.

For easier ascending to the top bunk, there is a three-step ladder that has well-spaced steps.

Assembling this pet bunk bed will be easy for you as it comes with pre-drilled holes.  You just need to attach the screws, and scrambling with your dog for some sleeping space on your bed will be a thing of the past.

Consequently, this small dog bunk bed has removable bottom panels which are easy to clean and assemble.

You can use the bottom bunk with a lockable iron door as a storage compartment. Still, the bottom bunk with windows for ventilation is a great sleeping or relaxing area for your dog.

Most reviewers love the 3 step ladder on this dog house, whereas others loved how it has no smell of chemicals.

However, some reviewers disliked the narrow steps, others complained about the quality of wood.


  • Big entrance
  • Easy to assemble
  • Latching door to prevent a pet from escaping


  • An improvement is needed on the 3 step ladder
  • The quality of wood is questionable

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6. Second Choice Small Dog Bunk Bed: Jokoicel Pet Bed for Small Dog

jokoicel pet bed for small dog catremovable washable bed with double waterproof and moisture proof wooden bunks wooden pet stairs pet steps perfect for bedFloored pillows can be a great sleeping area for your dog. However, they take lots of space in your house if you have a couple of dogs. If you experience such a struggle, you need to purchase a dog bunk bed like the Jokoicel pet bed for small dogs.

This pet bed is made from natural and environmentally friendly wood, which will last you forever. Also, the intimate fence on the top bunk will protect your dog from falling anytime he’s asleep.

The widened steps ensure your pet can ascend and descend without injuring his bones. Consequently, assembling and dissembling this dog bed is not cumbersome.


  • Suitable for a dog under 16 pounds
  • Waterproof
  • Made of environment-friendly wood


  • It can be quite hard to assemble for some dog parents

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7. Best Elevated Bunk Bed: MSMARK Pet Dog Bed Frame with Drawer

msmask pet dog bed frame with drawer modern dogs wood beds for big dogs cats couch sofa elevated wooden dog furniture easy to clean medium whiteMSMARK pet dog bed frame with drawer is one of the best dog bunk beds with a simple but unique design. This pet bunk bed comes with two drawers which allows you to store your dog accessories with ease.

With an 8″ elevation, this bunk dog bed allows maximum aeration during hot weather. Consequently, this pet bunk bed is made of MDF and iron frame, ensuring it’s well sturdy and durable.

Furthermore, the surface on this dog bed is waterproof and weatherproof; thus, you can easily clean it and still use it both indoors and outdoors.


  • Comes in three sizes, Small, medium, and large
  • Strong and durable
  • Two drawers for storage


  • It can be hard to assemble

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8. Best Design Bunk Bed: Multifunctional Indoor Dog Pet Multi-Level Bed

multifunction indoor dog pet multi level bed window perch platform wood stairs bunk bed condo for dog cats 24 h whiteEven though it looks cool, sleeping with your dog on the same bed has some risks. And one of the risks is you may injure your dog. That’s why you need to have a pet bunk bed like this multifunctional indoor dog bed. This dog bed allows your pet to sleep close to you without taking your space or bringing dirt on your bed.

With two bunks, you can use the lower bunk as a storage area as your dog sleeps on the top bunk. Furthermore, there is no need to hoist your pet up and down all the time, and this top-quality dog bunk bed has separate stairs provided.

Next, this pet bunk bed has smooth finished surfaces which are easy to clean.

Furthermore, the plush cushion on the top bunk will give your dog much-needed comfort as he sleeps throughout the night.

While sleeping on the top bunk, the fence around ensures your dog doesn’t fall.

Dog parents like these dog bunk beds’ overall design. However, most reviewers complained about how hard it was to put this dog bunk bed with stairs together.


  • Consist of two parts- the bed and stairs
  • Beautiful and modern
  • The paint used is smooth and environment friendly
  • Has waterproof surface


  • Fragile wood used
  • Hard to put together

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9. Best dog Bunk Beds for Old Dogs: Penn Plax Buddy Bunk-Multi Level Bed

penn plax buddy bunk multi level bed and step system for dogs and catsYou’re tired of sharing your bed with your dog, but you don’t want to banish him away from your bedroom, you need to purchase a dog bunk bed like the Penn Plax buddy bunk-multi level bed.

With dimensions of 20× 43× 75 inches, this pet bunk bed is well spacious for your two small dogs, who always fight to sleep near you. The inbuilt steps will help your dog ascend and descend the top bunk without your assistance. Also, the dog steps are well carpeted to provide the much-needed traction.

Next, this dog bed, with a beautiful and modern design, features a polished espresso finish and cream-colored top cushion that complements your house’s aesthetic.

When your dog is resting on the top compartment, you can use the lower and spacious compartment to store your dog’s accessories.

Furthermore, to maximize your dog’s safety, more so when he’s sleeping, you can attach some safety bolsters on either side of the bed to prevent your dog from falling.

Most pet owners like how this pet bunk bed has a sturdy build. However, the major concern is that these dog bunk beds have steep steps, making it hard for dogs to ascend—this is one feature that this company can improve.

Nevertheless, you will never find a spacious, well-built wood dog bunk bed like the Penn Plax buddy bunk-multi level bed.


  • Strongly built
  • Beautiful and modern design
  • Carpeted and removable steps that are easy to clean
  • Safety bolsters can be attached on either side


  • Hard to assemble
  • Steps are steep for most dog

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10. Best Eco-Friendly Bunk Bed: Yyao Wooden Pet Bed

yyao wooden pet bed dogcat bunk bed3YYAO wooden pet bed is also one of the best dog bunk beds that will let your dog sleep next to you without taking any of your space. Additionally, this dog bed is made from Russian pine solid wood, which is quite sturdy and stylish.

And do you love building everything in your house from scratch, then here is a dog bunk bed that will test your DIY abilities.  This dog bunk comes disassembled, allowing you to fix it piece by piece. Also, you can paint this bunk bed to match your house décor.

With the well-detailed instructions, it will be much easier to assemble and disassemble everything. Additionally, the wooden stairs are evenly spaced to allow your dog to ascend and descend with ease.

The top bunk has a wooden fence that ensures your dog is well protected if he rolls over during sleep or playtime.

Just attach this wood dog bunk bed near your bed or couch and let your dog enjoy his good night’s sleep without disturbing you.


  • Made of wood pine wood which is ecofriendly
  • Beautiful design
  • Well-spaced stairs for easier ascending and descending


  • It can be hard to assemble

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Dog Bunk Bed Buyer’s Guide

This guide helps you choose the best dog bunk beds for your pet. Don’t be in a hurry when choosing quality dog bunk beds, as you don’t want to purchase an expensive but poor-quality bed.


What size of the dog bunk beds do you want? And do you have big or small dogs? Most importantly, you’ll need to know your dog’s size before you purchase your dog’s bed. Good dog bunk beds should allow your pet to stretch, coil, and flex without being squeezed.


How comfortable is this dog bed? Does this dog bed come with a dog mattress? And how is this mattress? Always prioritize your dog’s comfort as you don’t want something harsh on your dog’s joint.

dog sleep on a dog bed

Weight Capacity

Manufacturers will indicate the maximum weight capacity of their dog bunk beds. Always be on the lookout for such instructions. You don’t need a bunk bed that will break into pieces when your dog is resting inside.


Good dog bunk beds should be made from quality materials. If you settle for a wooden dog bunk bed, ensure it is water-resistant and anti-rot.  Dog bunk beds made from poor-quality materials will not last long.

Style of the Bed

Dog bunk beds come in lots of styles. Some have bright colors;  fabric lined on the side; or can be foldable for compact storage. Whereas some you can paint them per your design. Also, some dog bunk beds come already assembled, whereas others you need to assemble at home.

It’s you to choose your preference.


What’s the price of this dog bunk bed? Is the price worth the features you’ll get? When going to purchase one, you must know that premium doesn’t mean quality. Some marketers or manufacturers will put a high price on rather poorly made dog bunk beds.  Check every detail and read more reviews about the dog bunk beds you are to buy.

Can Dogs Sleep On dog Bunk Beds?

Dogs can sleep on a bunk bed, and a well-made and comfortable dog bunk bed is all that your dog needs when he wants to rest. And it’s more beneficial than your dog sleeping on the floor. When your dog sleeps on the floor the more he will become predisposed to joint issues. A good dog bunk bed ensures your dog is cool during hot weather, as there is maximum airflow than when sleeping on the floor.

How Do You Make a Dog Bunk Bed (Dog Bunk Beds DIY)

The good thing about a dog bunk bed is that you can make one yourself when at home. So how do you do it?


  • Drill
  • Saw
  • Sander
  • Screws/nails


  • Well cut wood frames
  • Plywood
  • Cushion or mattress

Note: ensure you have noted down the dimensions you’d want this dog bunk bed to have.

First, build two base platforms using the plywood and ensure its surface is smooth using a sander.

On each platform, attach three side railings using 1-inch nails.

The next point is attaching these two platforms.  Measure and cut the length of wood you would like the legs of this dog bed to have. Sand them. Using 2 inches nails, attach the four legs to the first platform. Cut any edges that may protrude and ensure the rough edges are smoothened. Attach the other platform to have a nearly complete bunk. Then add some mattress or pillow on each bunk to make it comfortable for your dog.

You can add some lining on the outer side or paint it per your preference. You can also have an enclosed bottom bunk by attaching plywood in between the four legs.

Dog Bunk Beds dog resting

Should Dog Beds Be Elevated?

Dog beds should be elevated as it’s beneficial to have air circulate under the bed. One, elevated dog bunk beds allow air circulation, more so during hot weather.

Consequently, elevated beds with steps are easy to get in and out, unlike pillow beds laid on the floor.

Also, dogs who sleep on hard surfaces are more predisposed to joint soreness and inflammation than dogs sleeping on elevated beds. Such occurs when your dog has to get up and down from the hard surface repeatedly.

Lastly, elevated dog bunk beds are easy to wash.

What Is The Best Dog Bed For A Dog To Sleep On?

The best dog bed for your dog to sleep on should be sturdy to hold your dog’s weight without breaking. Also, this dog bed should be chew-proof, and it should be made from quality material.

If any dog bunk bed you desire ticks all these boxes, this is the best dog bed for a dog to sleep on.

How Often Should I Wash My Dog’s Bed?

Always wash your dog’s bed after every one week. However, if your dog often soils the bed or sheds a lot, you can change the routine from once weekly to thrice weekly.

Thus when looking for a quality dog bunk bed, ensure it’s well washable.

Are Elevated Dog Beds Good For Older Dogs?

Elevated dog beds can be a lifesaver for older dogs, more so for those suffering from joint issues.

Some senior dogs may find it hard to get up and down of other ordinary beds because their bones are quite weak. Thus dog bunk beds with stairs will be a plus for your old senior dog.

How Big Should a Dog’s Bed Be?

There is no standard size of how a dog bed should be. However, to know how big a bed should be, you must measure your dog. A dog bed should be big enough to allow your dog to relax without being squeezed.

Are Dog Bunk Beds Safe for Dogs?

I know not once or twice what you have heard humans fall off from the bed. The same can happen to dogs. Sometimes such dog bunk beds can be dangerous. To maximize their safety, you can add some fencing around. Such fencing will prevent your dog from falling down.

dog lying on a Dog Bunk Beds

It’s Time to Get Your Dogs Quality Dog Bunk Beds

Discard all other clumsy dog beds that are taking much space in your house by getting quality dog bunk beds for your dog. As you have learned in this section, these dog bunk beds will allow your pet to sleep comfortably next to you without taking any of your space in your bed. In some cases, you could use a part of the bunk bed as an elevated dog feeding station.

With the top ten best dog bunk beds we have highlighted, it will be much easier for you to make the right decision.

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  1. Wyatt Smith

    For people who own 2 pets the Lazybonezz Metropolitan pet bunk bed is perfection! I own 2 Dachshunds and they are in love with their bed. They have decided which one gets to sleep on top and which at the bottom and they can’t wait to go to bed at night or during the day. Washable cushions are a MUST especially since they get dirty or with some pets, you can have little accidents if you know what I mean 😉

  2. Caroline

    If your pet must absolutely sleep near you I would recommend Arm’s reach concept duplex pet bunk bed as it offers more space for you and it gives him closeness. He will get to sleep closer to his favorite human and you’ll get some breathing room. The bed is very sturdy even if it may not seem so from the images found online.

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