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Top 12: Best Indoor Dog House for [2023]

Dog’s deserve a safe and cozy spot to chill out. If you want to give your dog some dedicated space inside your house, an indoor dog house can help while you can use a Dog Hammock for your summer adventures. Give your furry pal the comfort and luxury he deserves.

indoor dog house

Find the best indoor dog house for your dog.

Selected Indoor Dog House Choices for Your Dog

We put together a list of indoor dog house products you can choose from if you already know your needs. Or you can read about the different choices with their overviews of pros and cons, and make your decision based on that.

Why does your dog need an Indoor Dog House?

Dogs are man’s best friends. It’s great to provide a relaxing space for your dog right inside your very home. Your furry pal would love a comfortable spot they can call their own.

Here are the reasons why you should get an indoor dog house:

Safe space

An indoor dog house serves as a cozy, safe space for your four-legged companion. It gives your dog a sense of protection, privacy, and security.


Dogs generally don’t like to soil their sleeping area. An indoor dog house helps with your dog’s potty training. Hence, it supports your house-training endeavors.

Rest area

A skittish pup needs a place to calm down, curl up, and take a nap in your home. A fluffy dog bed or pillow will make him more comfortable and rest well.

Protection from elements

Many dogs are sensitive to weather, and small dogs are susceptible to weather. They need a cozy indoor dog house for when they come in from outdoors in winter. So they can snuggle and warm up.

Provide enrichment

An indoor dog house also provides enrichment for your dog. It helps with their mental, physical, and emotional stimulation. You can add your dog’s favorite toys to their dog house; it will give them a chance to play and stay engaged.

dog sitting on the couch with a pee

Where can I buy my dog an indoor dog house?

Are you looking for a comfy and attractive indoor dog house? We’ll guide you in selecting the best option for your furry friend. When determining the best indoor dog houses, quality is of the highest importance.

Here are the 12 best indoor dog houses, all available for you to buy today. Let’s look at what makes them stand out, why they’re a must-consider during your buying journey, and which match your budget.

1. Merry Pet Wood Pet House

merry pet wood indoor dog houseMerry Indoor Dog House is a comfy house with a beautiful lattice fence. This indoor dog House has kiln-dried cedar and treated with natural color stains. The natural wood scent creates a calming and pleasant atmosphere. The stained brown cedar color sits with your home decor.

The lower lounge area has a raised bottom to keep your dogs dry. It features steps along the side of the house that lead to a rooftop balcony.

The construction is durable, lightweight, and easy to handle. It has a removable roof top and bottom panels for easy cleaning.

Key Features

  • Brand: Merry
  • Two sizes available
  • Style: wood room with a view
  • Color: stained brown cedar
  • Material: 100% natural and non-toxic wood
  • Designed for small dogs
  • Includes main house, latticed balcony, and stairs
  • Removable roof top and bottom panels
  • Raised bottom


  • Lightweight yet durable construction
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Provides space for a dog to sleep, relax, and play
  • Installation is fast and straightforward
  • Can withstand humidity and extreme temperatures


  • Stairs might be too steep for some dogs
  • It can be wobbly at times, according to some reviewers.

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2. Ushang Pet Indoor Dog House for Small & Medium & Large Dogs

ushang pet indoor dog house for small medium large dogs red brick warm house for cat dog beds with soft pillowUshang soft indoor dog house offers a cozy space for your furry pal. It has high-quality fabric and a super soft polyfoam lining. The memory foam and gel foam provides comfort, relieve pressure, and offers support.

The non-slip and dirt-resistant bottom surface prevents it from sliding. This small indoor dog house can clean off dirt and stains. You can place your mobile home into the washing machine.

This lightweight dog house is suitable for small-sized dogs. The timeless style of this indoor dog house allows it to blend into any decor.

Key Features

  • Brand: Ushang
  • Color: red
  • Cabin-shaped indoor dog house
  • rafted with polyfoam and polyfill
  • Non-slip and dirt-resistant bottom
  • Self-warming
  • Top detachable design and
  • Zipper cushion pad
  • Machine washable, zip-off cover
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Suitable for small dogs


  • Comfortable and joint support
  • Offers Warmth and Safety
  • Stylish and attractive design
  • Made with pet-safe materials
  • Assemble and disassemble
  • Creates a sense of security
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to maintain
  • Breathable


  • Collapsing roof, according to some reviewers

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3. Pet Tent Soft Bed for Dog by Best Pet Supplies

pet tent soft bed for dog and cat by best pet suppliesBest Pet Supplies provide a soft but firm home for your furry pal. Craft with a polyfoam liner that molds to your dog’s favorite position.

The plush pillow is an excellent addition for borrowing dogs. The shape and fabrics of this indoor dog house will match any decoration. These fabric dog houses are easy to maintain. You can assemble and disassemble them for travel.

Build an indoor fabric dog house to last throughout life. This soft dog bed is the perfect bed for dogs that like a cozy and comfy environment.

Key Features

  • Brand: Best Pet Supplies
  • Available in many colors and sizes
  • Material: Plush, Fleece, Suede, Fabric
  • Breed recommended: small, medium
  • Age range: all life stages
  • Crafted with polyfoam lining
  • Cuddle inducing pillow
  • Strong style
  • Spacious dimensions
  • All components are machine washable
  • 1-year warranty


  • Great indoor look
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comfortable
  • An excellent option for skittish and burrowing dogs
  • Insulate your dog’s warmth in the winters


  • It doesn’t last through wash
  • Collapses in on itself

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4. Best Pet Supplies Store Portable Indoor Pet House

portable indoor pet house best supplies creamThis cozy little dog house provides the private space that your dog deserves. This dog house came from premium materials. It comes in different adorable designs and color schemes.

These soft dog houses are easy to assemble and disassemble. The inside of the small indoor dog comes with super soft polyfoam.

This portable dog house is machine washable and is easy to clean. The timeless style of this soft traditional dog house allows them to blend into any decor.

Key Features

  • Brand: Best Pet Supplies
  • It comes in 3 colors
  • Pattern: solid
  • Crafted with polyfoam and polyfill
  • Cuddle inducing pillow
  • Removable roof
  • Machine washable


  • Easy to assemble
  • Attractive design
  • Durable
  • Provides an extra sense of security
  • Spacious and comfortable
  • Great house for small breeds
  • A variety of eye-catching colors can match any decor.


  • Pillow has minimal padding
  • This dog house is not very sturdy

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5. Furhaven Pet – Ottoman and Footstool Living Room Pet House

furhaven pet ottoman and footstool living room pet house felt cubby cat cave hideaway and height adjustable kitchen feeder stand for cats and dogs multiple sizes styles and colorsMake your living room attractive with the Furhaven Ottoman indoor dog house. The sleek and aesthetic design blends into your home decor.

The enclosed rectangular dog house promotes security. The padded top of this dog house provides extra insulating comfort for your dog. It offers a great deal of privacy, so they can proceed to catch some restful sleep.

Furhaven Ottoman dog house has a simple but innovative pop-up design. The walls and exterior of this indoor dog house feature durable polyester canvas. This indoor dog house comes with a detachable plush for your dog’s entertainment.

The soft dog house comes in many colors, sizes, and styles. You can achieve the ultimate combination of household harmony with this dog house.

Key Features

  • Brand: Furhaven Pet
  • Available in many colors, styles, and sizes
  • Soft fleece base
  • Includes detachable plush fluff ball
  • Removable and machine washable
  • Hold up to 130-pounds of static weight


  • Sleek, aesthetic design
  • Integrates into your home
  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble and store
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It offers a cozy space for your dog
  • Saves you space


  • Not suitable for destructive and large dogs
  • Zipper teeth may come apart

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6. Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

casual home wooden pet crate indoor dog houseCasual Home Indoor Dog House provides a cozy, private spot for your pet to sleep and relax. It has a solid construction from sourced wood.

This Indoor Dog House has color options that complement your home furniture. The end table style top provides more storage space for your home decor.

The indoor dog house comes with a robust lockable gate for your peace of mind. It has chew-resistant wood for durability and longevity.

Key Features

  • Brand: Casual Home
  • Material: solid wood many colors and sizes
  • Secure latch and lockable gate
  • Suitable for under 25 lbs.
  • End table style top
  • Chew-resistant


  • Light and easy assembly
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • The design provides ample airflow
  • The pet crate all the benefits of your classic end table
  • Made from sourced material
  • It offers a cozy and private space for your dog
  • Easy to clean


  • The door is of low quality
  • Some customers complain about missing hardware

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7. No! no! Plastic Indoor Outdoor Dog House Small to Medium Pet All Weather Doghouse

nono plastic indoor outdoor dog house small to medium pet all weather doghouse puppy shelter white blue roofIt gives your furry pal a feel at home with no! no! Plastic indoor dog house. It has a sturdy and smooth plastic construction. This plastic material allows you to rinse it clean. The dog house is effortless to assemble.

This indoor dog house creates a cozy and safe space for your dog with an open-door design. The built-in vents allow it to air dry. The raised floor keeps your pet’s bedding dry.

Key Features

  • Brand: no! no!
  • Color: white with blue roof
  • Material: plastic
  • Round edges won’t hurt pets.
  • Open door design
  • Raised floor
  • Built-in vents


  • Attractive
  • Creates a cozy, safe space for your dog
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to carry and transport
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Great air circulation


  • Works for only small and medium-sized dogs
  • Not a very warm house in winters

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8. PAWISE Portable Soft Dog Crate Folding Pet Kennel

pawise portable soft dog crate folding pet kennel cat samll animal tent indoor outdoor pet carrierPawise soft dog house will keep your pup safe and warm with a woven mesh fabric. This durable mesh fabric is resistant to most chewing and scratching.

The portable soft dog crate is easy to assemble and simple to latch shut. The three mesh doors provide your dog with optimal airflow and sunlight.

There’re two pockets on the sides of the crate where you can store your dog’s essentials. The dog house is easy to clean up and comfortable for dogs to rest.

Key Features

  • Brand: Pawise
  • It comes in 2 sizes
  • Lightweight and Portable design
  • Strong steel frame
  • Weaved mesh fabric panels
  • Three mesh doors
  • Two accessory pockets on the side
  • Removable and washable


  • The crate is a safe, secure haven for your dog
  • Set-up takes only seconds
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • Blends into any decor
  • Easy to carry on short outings
  • Easy to clean
  • It offers plenty of ventilation


  • The zipper is not durable
  • It is not chewing proof for heavy chewing dogs

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9. New Age Pet ecoFLEX Pet Crate/End Table

new age pet ecoflex pet crate indoor dog houseThis New Pet Ags EcoFlex Indoor Dog House is one of the best in the market. It is a perfect place for your dogs when they are indoors. This indoor dog house is an ideal place for your dogs and doubles up as a bedside table.

This indoor dog house is available in four sizes. It comes in four colors, including antique white, grey, espresso black, and russet brown. You can latch the front door and can’t open it.

The New Age Pet ecoFLEX Pet Crate/End Table does not absorb moisture and requires no maintenance. You can remove the tabletop as well for easy cleaning.

Key Features

  • Brand: New Age Pet
  • Available in 4 colors and sizes
  • Material: plastic-wood polymer, stainless steel
  • Stainless steel spindles and latch
  • End table style with removable tabletop
  • Suitable for dogs up to 100 lbs
  • One year warranty


  • Provides a safe, secure hangout space for your dog
  • Stylish and attractive design
  • It doubles up as an end table
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean


  • Not for dogs that suffer from anxiety
  • Cannot withstand heavy chewing

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10. Petsfit Indoor Wooden Dog House with Wire Door for Small Dog

petsfit indoor wooden dog house with wire door for small dogAre you looking for a unique dog house plan? Petsfit indoor dog house is an adorable, comfy, and space-saving option for your furry pal.

It is sturdy, safe, and non-toxic spruce wood. If you want to create an open-air space for your furry friend, you may open the top. It has side holes that make it easy to lift and promote air circulation.

It has a detachable wire door that ensures your dog’s safety. This indoor dog bed is a great choice for small and medium-sized dogs. Your little dog will have plenty of room to stretch and relax.

Key Features

  • Brand: Petsfit
  • Material: solid wood
  • Color: grey
  • Suitable for small dogs less than 30 lbs.
  • Includes a lockable wire door
  • It comes with side holes to promote air circulation.
  • Moisture-proof, non-slip, and raised bottom


  • Lightweight yet sturdy and long-lasting
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for dog’s health and safety
  • It fits your home and decor.


  • It doesn’t fit larger dogs.
  • It takes up a lot of space.

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11. PETMAKER Cozy Cottage House Shaped Pet Bed Collection

petmaker cozy cottage house shaped pet bed collectionThis indoor dog house is the perfect hideaway and resting spot for your four-legged buddy. It has a cozy cottage shape and is available in three beautiful colors.

This adorable and soft indoor dog house provides a comfy and private space for your dog. The soft lining provides a warm and cozy space for your little friend.

The outside of the house and the bottom pad is water-resistant. It comes with a 100% polyester cover and Polyurethane foam filling. It creates a welcoming atmosphere that couldn’t be cozier.

Key Features

  • Brand: PetMaker
  • Shape: cottage
  • Color: grey, brown, tan
  • Material: 100% polyester cover, 100% Polyurethane foam filling
  • Size: 19″ x 18.5″ x 17″
  • Can be for dogs up to 35 lbs.
  • All the components are machine washable.


  • Soft and cozy
  • Features premium materials and quality construction
  • Pleasing design
  • Water-resistant exterior
  • Easy to clean


  • Only accommodates small dogs.
  • Not a great option for destructive chewers

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12. Hollypet Self-Warming Triangle Indoor Dog Bed

iris usa inc pet playpen exercise 24 panel doorWhether your dogs love to burrow or prefer privacy, a small indoor dog house is a perfect choice. This soft house has an aesthetic and functional design.

This 2 in 1 foldable indoor dog house can be a cozy house or flattened into a mat for comfy cuddling. Your little buddy will stay comfortable in the winters or can enjoy the soft open rug in summer.

This small indoor dog house has a skid-resistant bottom surface. It keeps it from sliding. There is a top handle for convenient carrying if you want to travel with your dog. It has a removable and machine washable cushion mat.

Key Features

  • Brand: Hollypet
  • Colors: dark grey and light grey
  • Size: small
  • Cover: Outer printed flannel
  • Filling: Arctic velvet
  • Pattern: solid
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 16 inches
  • Foldable
  • Suitable for small toy breeds
  • Machine washable
  • Top handle


  • Reliable quality
  • Attractive design
  • Durable
  • Cozy and warm
  • Provides a comfortable home and safe place to play
  • Convenient to carry


  • The inside cushion is thin.

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Selecting the perfect Indoor Dog House

dog laying inside the dog house

The indoor dog houses come in a variety of designs, sizes, shapes, and prices. You must ensure the indoor dog house is the right fit for both you and your pup. Key points you should look for in a great dog house:


An indoor dog house should be of the appropriate size to accommodate dogs as some are made for smaller pets. Your dog should and lay down and sleep in the dog house. The size is important, it shouldn’t be too big or too small for your dog. You must measure your dog’s height, width, and weight before you buy an indoor dog house.

Material and construction

This indoor dog house has high-quality materials to hold some chewing. The indoor dog house provides ultimate comfort and support to your furry companion.


Indoor dog houses are often required to move around the house. A lightweight dog house is easy to transport to different locations. They should not take a lot of space.

Easy to maintain

Your dog’s house should be easy to clean and must be free of harmful chemicals. You need to see how easy it is to clean up the dog house.

Air Ventilation

The dog houses should provide plenty of ventilation through the dog house door. Too much ventilation is less desirable in winters. Windows and front doors provide enough space for air circulation.

Non-Slip Bottoms

Indoor dog houses with non-skid bottoms are more secure on the floor. They do not tend to slide around. This base design prevents the dog house from moving when your furry friend is sleeping.


Another thing to think about in an indoor dog house is assembly. Putting together a new indoor dog house should be straightforward. Many indoor dog houses are ready to go out of the box. Some of them need high assembly time and a bit of construction. Most of the indoor dog houses will come with assembly instructions.


There’s a lot of variety in price when it comes to indoor dog houses. Investing in the right dog house saves you a lot of money in the long run.

How to build an indoor dog house?

Do you want to build a haven for your furry companion, all by yourself?

Well, indoor dog houses are simple DIY projects. You need to have some necessary building skills and a few tools and materials. Make sure that it will be the right fit for your dog.

Here are a few things that you might need to build an indoor dog house:

  • Plywood
  • Jigsaw
  • Circular Saw and sawhorses
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • Adhesive cartridge gun
  • Paint and paintbrush

dog laying it's head on the sofa

Here are the necessary steps for a DIY indoor dog house:

  • Establish the size of the indoor dog house by measuring your dog’s height and width.
  • Mark out each component and cut the wood pieces according to your design.
  • Lay the foundation by framing the base
  • Attach the foundation floor.
  • Frame the house sidewalls and the front and back walls. Don’t worry about the insulation as it is not important for basic indoor dog houses.
  • Cut the door opening for the house using a jigsaw.
  • Cut the siding of the dog house. Now nail or screw the cut sides and end panels.
  • Measure the roof sections and create the roof. Glue and fasten the roof panels.
  • Paint the dog house to match your decor.

DIY indoor dog houses are easy to build, but the finished product will look great in your home!

Apply plenty of adhesives to the dog house. Remember to keep tools and other materials away from your dog. They are smart enough to chew and remove materials.

You can find more DIY indoor dog house ideas, photos, and even free dog house plans. These DIY resources will help you complete this quickly and easily.

Parting shot at the indoor dog house

Your dogs are a valuable member of your family. Give them a secure space that he can call his own.

These indoor dog houses serve as a cozy, safe space for your furry pal. An indoor dog house is where your dog can relax, curl up, and take a nap. You can add a dog bed, pillows, blanket, and even his favorite toys to make it more desirable. These dog houses can even help with house training your pup.

two kids touching the dog

Give your pal an indoor dog house that puts dog’s comfort and will make their days enjoyable. They need their designated place to relax and sleep, especially if your dog is pregnant.

Make sure that your dog’s paws are clean before they enter the dog house. It is important to maintain the cleanliness of his dog house.

If you have any questions about the indoor dog house, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

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