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10 Motorcycle Dog Carrier Reviews [2021]

A dog is a friendly pet. He loves adventure and spending time with his favorite people. Thus, if you plan to go for a road trip and adventure, taking him with you will allow him to experience a different environment and overcome stress. But how about if you want to use a motorcycle to go for a road trip? Riding with your furry friend can be extremely fun if done safely. Motorcycle dog carriers offer an easy and safe way of transporting many dog breeds.

motorcycle dog carriers

However, selecting the right platform can be challenging. Most motorcycle dog carriers can be an option and a source of confusion. That’s why it is necessary to research to be sure that you select the right dog carrier to suit the dog’s needs and make him comfortable.

We’ve researched and reviewed different options for the best dog motorcycle carriers. With this, you can accurately assess a carrier that would make the best fit for your furry friend. Also, you will get information about things to consider when shopping for pet carriers. If you have an idea of the dog carrier you need, here are quick links to the product:

  1. Kuryakyn Pet Palace: Weather Resistant Dog carrier – best overall
  2. Kuryakyn Pet Palace: Portable Carrier Crate – best for small dogs
  3. Nelson-Rigg Route 1 Rover Pet Carrier
  4. Sresk Motorcycle Dog/Cat Carrier – good value for money
  5. Saddlemen Pet Voyager, Black – best for a long trip
  6. kemimoto Motorcycle Dog/Cat Carrier – most accurate results
  7. Motorcycle Waterproof Dog/Cat Pet carrier with Straps Blk Textile – cheapest
  8. FANCYTIMES Motorcycle Dog Carrier-perfect for night trips
  9. Milwaukee Performance MP8103 Pet Carrier Sissy Bar Bag – easiest to use
  10. Ytonet Pet Carrier Backpack – most stylish dog carrier

Besides, you’ll find an overview of each dog carrier and the pros and cons to help you make the right purchasing decision.

fur pal riding a a motorcycle carrier

5 Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Motorcycle Dog Carriers

The size of your dog

Different dog breeds have various body sizes. If your dog is bigger than the carrier, the ride can be uncomfortable because there will not be enough room for the pet to stretch. Although you might want your dog to be snug and safe, it is good to choose a dog motorcycle carrier that will allow him to move around comfortably.

Safety features

pet carrier with safety features will keep your pet snug and secure during the trip. One that will protect your dog will give you peace of mind.

Regardless of the type of carrier you choose, ensure that it has protection features. If you prefer a backpack-style carrier, selecting one that is sturdy and the right size will enhance your dog’s comfort. And if you want a crate-style carrier, be sure that you can mount it securely onto your motorcycle. Also, it should feature strong locks and latches to prevent your pet from falling off your bike.

Weatherproof features

You don’t always know how the weather will be. Even if you are not riding during the rainy season, it can rain while on your trip. A motorcycle dog carrier that can keep the dog cool and dry should be your option. Choose one with waterproof materials to prevent the dog from getting wet.

Also, ensure that the dog carrier has good ventilation. Your dog will spend maximum time in the carrier during the ride. That’s why ensuring sufficient airflow is essential for enhancing comfort and preventing the platform from being overheated.

Distance of your journey

Are you planning to go on a long trip? Do you need to carry food supplies for your furry friend? Your trip can determine the type of dog carrier to choose. If you are planning a long journey, you can go for an enclosed dog carrier. It will ensure that your pet is not exposed to intense wind for a long period.

If you want to go on a short journey, you can consider a harness dog carrier to allow the pet to enjoy the view. Additionally, a dog carrier with accessory storage is essential if you plan to carry food and other items. It will help you avoid having extra luggage during the road trip. If you are going to a camping trip then you might consider a sleeping bag for your dog.

The type of your motorcycle

Before you select a dog carrier, it is important to consider the size of your motorcycle. Large motorcycles have more room to accommodate your pet. In this case, you can go for crate style carrier since you can mount it securely onto the bike. But if you own a small motorcycle, buying a wearable carrier is a good idea.

dog inside a carrier

Frequently Asked Questions about Riding with a Dog on a Motorcycle

Taking a ride with your pet can be fun. But, there are essential things to consider to ensure the safety and comfort of your furry friend on the motorcycle. This article contains 9 frequently asked questions about riding a bike with your pet. This information will help you know ways to allow your dog to enjoy the adventure and motivate him for the next trip.

How can I take my dog on a motorcycle?

Your dog loves spending more time with you. And he is always ready to travel with you no matter where you’re going. Although it might sound fun, traveling with your furry friend on a motorcycle may not be a good idea if you are not well prepared. Apart from owning a motorcycle, you need additional gear to ensure that the dog is safe.

Some dogs are not a perfect fit for a motorcycle ride. Before taking your furry friend on the bike, it is vital to consider your pet’s health condition, size, and age. Generally, medium and small-sized dog breeds are perfect for riding on a motorcycle. All you need to enhance safety and comfort is a dog carrier. There are various sizes of motorcycle dog carriers for small and medium dogs.

What is the best motorcycle dog carrier?

There are different types of motorcycle dog carriers in the market. Most of them can offer a good ride experience for your dog. Therefore, it can be challenging to tell the best platform that will fit your dog.

The best motorcycle dog carrier depends on the behavior, size, and breed of your pet. For instance, if you own a small dog, you can consider a wearable platform. And if your dog is big or medium-sized, a crate-style dog carrier can be a good option. Also, the dog bike carrier will depend on your motorcycle. Does the bike has enough space for the carrier? If not, you can go for the backpack dog carrier.

How do you ride a small dog on a motorcycle?

If you want your small dog to enjoy the trip, make sure he feels secure and comfortable on the motorcycle. But how will you ensure a fun and safe adventure for your pet?

Here are tips for riding your small dog on a motorcycle:

  • Make sure your furry companion is a good fit for a motorcycle ride

Dogs have different medical conditions. Exposing a sick pet to too much wind can lead to serious health issues. Thus, it is advisable to consult your vet to ensure that your dog is healthy to ride on a motorcycle.

  • Consider dog carriers for motorcycle

Keep your pet safe by using sturdy motorcycle dog carriers small dogs. When using the dog carrier, make sure it can handle the size and weight of your dog. Also, it should securely mount on the motorcycle.

  • Cover your dog with protective safety gear

Like the human bike riders, take the same safety measures with your furry friend. Keep him safe by covering him with protective gear such as:

  • Dog motorcycle goggles
  • Helmet
  • A jacket-for cold weather
  • Start with slow and short motorcycle rides

Before the actual trip, train your furry friend to feel comfortable with the motorcycle rides. You can start with slow and short trips around the neighborhood and build up to faster and longer rides. Also, make him get used to the dog carrier.

happy dog in a motorcycle dog carrier

Is it legal to carry a dog on a bike?

The law about riding with a dog on a motorcycle is not specific. Legislations about riding a motorcycle with a dog vary from State to State. In general, dogs traveling in open vehicles can be a problem. For instance, Paris Hilton Law in California was proposed to ban traveling with pets while riding. Although some states, such as the USA, proposed the same law, it was not passed. That’s why it is good to check your local laws before taking a ride with your dog.

Some regions state that a driver should not carry a dog on a motorcycle unless:

  • The dog has protective gear
  • The pet has a motorcycle dog carrier
  • Motorcycle has safety means of protecting the dog

How do you ride a motorcycle with a large dog?

Carrying small or medium-sized dogs on a  motorcycle is easy. How about if you own a large dog? Riding a bike with a large dog can be challenging. But there are ways to ensure comfort and make your giant dog enjoy the trip.

Here are tips for riding a motorcycle with a large dog:

  • Use the right dog carriers for motorcycle

For large dogs, a crate-style dog carrier is a good option. It should be big enough to give the pet room to stretch.

  • Consider a dog seat

You can modify your bike and create a dog seat to increase comfort. Also, you can consider a custom-made dog seat. A dog sit is necessary if you own a wearable dog carrier. It helps you avoid too much weight of the dog on the back of your body. With this, you can carry even very large dogs on your motorcycle.

Can I carry my dog in a backpack on a motorcycle?

Yes, carrying a dog in a backpack will prevent the dog from falling during the ride. Backpack carriers with sturdy materials will assure you of your dog’s safety. Your platform should have PVC materials and durable fabrics to support your dog’s weight. Besides, it should have a carrying strap for easy transportation of the dog off the motorcycle.

 Do dogs like bike rides?

Some dogs love riding on a motorcycle while others don’t. It varies from one dog to another. Dogs with strong and confident personalities are more likely to enjoy the ride than those without courage. However, the pet owner plays a crucial role in boosting the dog’s confidence. Training your dog will make him get ready for long rides. Also, providing protective gear such as motorcycle dog carriers can make the dog like bike rides since he will feel comfortable and secure.

How do you put a dog carrier on a bike?

Where can I get pet carriers for my dog to ride on a motorcycle? This question comes into many pet owners’ minds when planning for a road trip. But after purchasing the motorcycle carrier, they find it challenging to install it on their bikes.

dog in a carrier

Here are 4 steps of putting a dog carrier on a bike

  • Place the motorcycle on a level surface and allow it to cool
  • Put the dog carrier on the passenger seat base or the luggage rack
  • Use at least four mounting adjustable straps to secure the carrier. Remember to attach them on stationary components but not on moving parts for the safety of your pet.
  • After the installation, be sure to check between the straps and moving parts for proper clearance

 Is it legal to have a dog in the back seat?

The law concerning having the dog at the back seat vary in different State. For instance, in Australia, legislation states that the dog should not sit on the driver’s lap since it can prevent them from having good control of the vehicle.

Other laws require pet owners to put the dog in a dog carrier for safety reasons. But in some States, a motorcycle rider should not keep the dog in the back seat. Therefore, before taking a ride with your pet, it is good to check the rules and regulations of a specific region.

A Review of 10 Best Motorcycle Dog Carriers for A Road Trip and Adventure

1. Kuryakyn Pet Palace: Weather Resistant Dog carrier – best overall

portable weather resistant motorcycle dog or cat carrier crateKuryakyn Pet Palace is easy to mount on your motorcycle. It has D rings and straps for strong and secure attachments. Also, it features a front zipper opening for easy loading of your pet. The internal leash system will help to secure your dog.

The all-new light gray interior enhances visibility into the bag and reduces heat. Also, it has a collapsible travel bowl for storing water and food.


  • These motorcycle dog carriers have a lot of straps and D rings for different mounting options
  • The product is weather-resistant
  • It features multiple viewing windows to stimulate your pet


  • It has only one top vent

Dog riders trust Kuryakyn Pet Palace because of its safety features. They can travel for million miles without worrying about their pets.

Kuryakyn Pet Palace is a perfect choice for the passenger seat. It comes with a variety of comfort and safety features to allow your dog to enjoy the trip.

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2. Kuryakyn Pet Palace: Portable Carrier Crate – best for small dogs

portable weather resistant motorcycle dog cat carrier crateKuryakyn Pet Palace is a lightweight and premium dog carrier designed for small dogs breeds. It features 1200 denier textile UV-rated resistant materials, making it weather resistant.

With the safety of your dog in mind, you can focus on driving, and your furry friend can enjoy the view. Kuryakyn Pet Palace has a rigid internal frame on the base and sides to prevent bending or folding. With this, it cannot lose its overall structure during the trip.

The removable cushions enhance the comfort of your furry friend. And the multiple integrated vents provide sufficient airflow.


  • Well-ventilated to keep your dog comfortable
  • Kuryakyn motorcycle dog carriers are versatile for different motorcycle sizes
  • The product has multiple mounting systems
  • It’s resistant to different weather conditions


  • It only holds dogs of up to 20 pounds

Kuryakyn Pet Palace offers luxurious rides for small dogs. Buyers feel that this platform is perfect for long rides because of enhanced safety features and pockets for storing dog items. Also, it is well-ventilated for good airflow.

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3. Nelson-Rigg Route 1 Rover Pet Carrier

andis ultraedge super 2 speed detachable blade clipper professional animal or dog grooming agc2 1Nelson-Rigg Route 1 Rover Pet Carrier is a good choice for small dogs of up to 20 pounds. It comes with a unique design that enhances the dog riding experience. The frames are rigid to provide a safe environment for the dog. Also, there are leashes inside of the carrier to secure the dog.

This platform is among the best motorcycle dog carriers because of the ventilation. It has two side panels that easily unzip for maximum airflow.

This platform is spacious to offer enough room for your small dog. The inside features padded base panels to enhance the comfort of your furry friend.


  • It’s spacious
  • The product features two large side panels for sufficient airflow
  • It has a maximum UV protection


  • It is available in only one color

Buyers feel that the carrier’s design makes it perfect for traveling with your dog in different places. You can take your furry friend to a restaurant, and he can feel comfortable because he can easily see you through the meshed panels.

Nelson-Rigg Route 1 Rover Pet Carrier features study sides which gives it a solid feel. Also, it is comfortable, and the dog can ride with the top open.

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4. Sresk Motorcycle Dog/Cat Carrier – good value for money

sresk motorcycle dog or cat carrier bag pet voyager pet travel bag for luggage rack or passenger seat with sissy bar strapsSresk Motorcycle Dog/Cat Carrier is a reliable motorcycle pet carrier for small dogs. It attaches securely to your bike because it has D rings, adjustable straps, and sissy bar straps.

The internal frame is rigid and offers structural support to the dog carrier. With this, it becomes less likely to bend.

Apart from this, it has removable and washable resting pads and trays. You can store water or foodstuff in the trays.


  • It is easy to disconnect the mounting straps
  • It offers a spacious room for the dog
  • The multiple D-rings and Sissy bar straps attach the carrier on the bike securely
  • It is UV-rated weather-resistant
  • It features a removable rain cover


  • It is not suitable for large dogs

Sresk Motorcycle Dog/Cat Carrier offers a good way of carrying your furry friend on a motorcycle. It has side-carrying handles and adjustable shoulder straps for easy transportation of the pet off the bike. Most buyers feel that this platform is excellent for riding your dog during different weather conditions. You can use it during the rainy or hot season without worrying about your dog’s safety.

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5.  Saddlemen Pet Voyager 3515-0131, Black – best for a long trip

saddlemen 3515 0131 pet voyager blackSaddlemen 3515-0131 Pet Voyager offers a good way of carrying your small pet. Also, you can use this platform as a cargo bag. It features an array of pockets for storing your essential items.

Thanks to the mounting system. You can attach this carrier to the motorcycle’s luggage rack, passenger seat, or Sissy bar.

Apart from this, Saddlemen Pet Voyager 3515-0131 features quick-connect straps and bags to help you load or remove your pup. Also, it has plenty of flaps and vents to allow your dog to get enough fresh air.


  • It is easy to mount and disconnect the dog carrier
  • Has a series of vents for proper airflow
  • The product has pockets for additional storage


  • Although there are different ways of mounting this pet motorcycle carrier, some buyers experience motorcycle compatibility issues.

Saddlemen 3515-0131 Pet Voyager is a roomy dog carrier that provides enough space for your dog to stretch. Also, you can add a pillow at the bottom to make the ride more enjoyable for the pet.

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6.  kemimoto Motorcycle Dog/Cat Carrier – most accurate results

kemimoto motorcycle dog cat carrier bags pet voyagers for street glide road king with passenger seat sissy bar or luggage rack touring trike modelskemimoto Motorcycle Dog/Cat Carrier comes with a breathable design. It has four mesh breathable panels and flaps to allow your furry friend to enjoy the fresh air.

It has a large space and weighs up to 33 pounds. Due to this, it can accommodate your pet and allows you to store water and food trays.

The interior part of the carrier features a metal frame and a rigid base to protect your pet. Also, this feature makes the carrier look great on a motorcycle.


  • It has detachable cushions
  • It has a breathable design
  • The high-end materials enhance the comfort of your dog


  • Expensive than other motorcycle dog carriers

Although kemimoto Motorcycle Dog/Cat Carrier is pricey, it is a good value for money. It is large to allow your pet to fit inside and feel comfortable. Also, it comes with a package of a rain cover, 5 adjustable straps, and 2 dishes for storing food.

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7.  Motorcycle Waterproof Dog/Cat Pet carrier with Straps Blk Textile – cheapest

motorcycle waterproof dog cat pet carrier sissy bar luggage rack bag with straps blk textileMotorcycle Waterproof Dog/Cat Pet carrier with Straps Blk Textile is a durable platform. Its features make it a good solution for ensuring the safety and comfort of your pup. The adjustable straps will allow you to attach the carrier to the Sissy bar.

However, this dog carrier is not suitable for super long trips because it lacks UV protected exterior. But the PVC materials make it a long-lasting platform.

Also, the meshed panels allow an ample amount of air in the carrier. And the 3 outside pockets create room for additional storage.


  • The PVC frame is durable
  • Extra pockets for storing items
  • It is easy to mount on the motorcycle


  • It lacks UV resistant features

Motorcycle Waterproof Dog/Cat Pet carrier with Straps Blk Textile can be a good choice if you want a cheap and high-quality dog carrier. It is comfortable and well-ventilated to make your dog enjoy the ride.

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8.  FANCYTIMES Motorcycle Dog Carrier – perfect for night trips

fancytimes motorcycle dog carrier bag motorcycle pet carriers pet luggage bag for road glides back rack with foldable pet bowls shoulder strap rain coverFANCYTIMES Motorcycle Dog Carrier is easy to attach and remove from your motorcycle and it has tie-downs such as D rings and straps for easy mounting on the luggage rack and passenger seat Sissy bar.

This platform has many vents on the sides, front, and top to give your puppy a good riding experience during the summer season. Besides, it has an internal metal frame, which makes it strong and sturdy.

If you’re planning to travel at night, this motorcycle dog carrier is a good option. It features reflective tape to make your night trip safe.


  • It is easy to attach and take off from the motorcycle
  • It is a good solution for night trips
  • The foam cushions of these motorcycle dog carriers are easy to remove and clean
  • It is very roomy for a pet of up to 20 pounds


  • It fits only the small dogs

FANCYTIMES Motorcycle Dog Carriers have a good mounting system that is compatible with all bikes and it has flaps and vents to allow your furry friend to enjoy the view. Also, the adjustable shoulder straps make it easy to carry the dog off the motorcycle.

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9.  Milwaukee Performance MP8103 Pet Carrier Sissy Bar Bag  – easiest to use

milwaukee performance mp8103 black heavy duty textile motorcycle pet carrier sissy bar bagMilwaukee Performance MP8103 is a multi-purpose motorcycle dog carrier. You can use it as a regular cargo bag or carry your pet. It has several pockets for storing small items. The removable tray is easy to wash to prevent the dog carrier from smelling.

This dog carrier motorcycle is spacious. It measures 17 x 13 x 12 inches and weighs 10 pounds. You can use the free space to store trays that come with the package. Installing this dog carrier is easy. You can use Milwaukee Versa-mount seat harness or adjustable sissy bar straps to mount it on the motorcycle.


  • It is lightweight
  • The product is a multi-purpose carrier for transporting ordinary cargo and small dogs
  • Has features removable trays, making it easy to clean


  • The carrier’s dimensions are only perfect for small dogs

Milwaukee Performance MP8103 features durable PVC materials. Also, it has mesh and breathable panels to allow airflow. Buyers feel that this platform is good for long-distance trips. You can store food and water in the bowls for your pet to eat during the journey.

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10.  Ytonet Pet Carrier Backpack – most stylish dog carrier

ytonet pet carrier backpack dog backpack carrier for small dogs cats ventilated design breathable dog carrier backpack cat bag for hiking travel camping outdoor use blackYtonet Pet Carrier Backpack features eco-friendly polyester materials. It sits securely on your back, giving you close contact with your furry friend while allowing you to drive safe on the road.

It’s a sizeable motorcycle dog carrier that gives small dogs a comfortable place to sit and watch the scenery. Also, it features a top entrance and mesh panels for proper ventilation. The top roll back panel allows the dog to stand up for a better view.

The bottom of the Ytonet Pet Carrier Backpack features a comfortable soft pad for your dog to sit on. These pads are removable and for easy cleaning.


  • It is comfortable to wear on your back
  • It is made of eco-friendly fabric
  • The mesh panel provides proper airflow
  • It features a durable polyester outer
  • It is foldable for easy storage


  • Some buyers feel that the zipper quality require some improvement

Some buyers feel that Ytonet Pet Carrier Backpack is one of the best motorcycle dog carriers for traveling with your dog internationally. The mesh panel will allow the pet to enjoy the flight.

Ytonet Pet Carrier Backpack comes in an ergonomic design. It is flexible, and the straps are adjustable to fit a good-sized person. Also, it has a firm reinforced structure to provide safety to your pet.

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Final verdict: best motorcycle dog carriers that will ensure the safety of your furry friend

The best motorcycle dog carriers should be lightweight, durable, and able to protect your furry friend against bumping and rattling. Also, it should feature a harness system to keep your dog safe.

Overall, Kuryakyn Pet Palace is a great solution to keep your dog secure during the trip without interfering with the view. It is well ventilated and padded to allow the pet to enjoy the travel. Also, it is weather resistant to allow it to withstand different elements.

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  1. Brandon

    Some dogs just don’t like riding a motorcycle but thankfully mine loves it! I went for the obvious (and maybe best) Kuryakyn pet palace and he seems to feel right at home. We’ve had 7-8 rides so far and everything went great so I would recommend it for people who want extra safety features for their pet.

  2. Valeria Long

    I am eyeing the Sresk motorcycle cat carrier for my furry friend. It’s within the budget and people are saying good things about it. Seems to be a good choice in all kinds of weather. I am especially looking for something that will work well in rainy weather as that’s what we’ll get most of the time.

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