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12 best tactical dog harness products [2023]

Do you want to have great control of your dog but at the same time not compromise on comfort for you and your dog? For example, when you are taking your dog for jogging, hiking, or a training session, a tactical dog harness can make a difference

best tactical dog harness

Some dogs behave well during a walk or training session, while others may tend to pull on a chain or leash, if your dog pulls a lot, then a harness is the best option for avoiding neck injuries in your canine companion.

What is the Best Tactical Dog Harness

We reviewed a lot of products and narrowed it down to a dozen products you can choose from. Find out the strengths and weaknesses of different options in the tactical dog harness category. Check out the overviews below or click on the links to go directly to products.

  1. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness
  2. ALBCORP Tactical Dog Vest Harness – Military K9 Dog Training Vest
  3. Hanshengday Tactical Dog Vest-Training Molle Harness
  4. EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Tactical Dog Harness
  5. Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness Vest Large with Handle
  6. OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness – Fire Watcher Comfortable Patrol K9 Vest
  7. MXSLEUT Tactical Dog Harness with Handle Molle Service K9 Vest
  8. Lifeunion Tactical Dog Vest Nylon Patrol Waterproof K9 Service Dog Vest Harness
  9. JASGOOD Tactical Dog Vest Harness
  10. Petvins Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness K9 Adjustable Outdoor Training Service Camouflage Harness
  11. PET ARTIST Tactical Dog Harness for Hiking Training
  12. VIVOI Tactical Dog Harness and Bungee Dog Leash Set

Tactical dog harnesses provide optimum comfort and durability for your furry companion. Even a dog pulling hard on the harness won’t have neck injuries.

What is a Tactical Dog Harness?

A Tactical Dog Harness provides comfort and safety to your dog while giving peace of mind to the dog owner. It allows dogs to carry some load on their bodies.

Tactical harnesses also give your dog a safer feeling, and they look cool too. The tactical harnesses on a large dog can give pet owners considerable load-carrying capacity. Don’t overdo it thou, let the dog have fun too.

The features of a tactical dog harness make it useful for training, work, and recreation. Most of the vests come with a Molle (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system on both sides. It helps to attach compatible pouches and lets your dog carry its supplies.

Tactical dog harnesses are an essential piece of equipment for military dogs. It is widely used by police or military to train service dogs. It can also be used during hiking, jogging, and other outdoor adventures.

The tactical dog harness protects your furry pal from the cold, wind, and other elements in the environment. It also provides security to your dog during dangerous situations in the field.

The Best Tactical Dog Harness of 2021

We know that your furry friend is an irreplaceable member of your family. So, why not gear your dog up with a high-quality, functional vest which will also make your dog look super cool and professional?

Tactical Dog harness provides comfort and durability

We are here to facilitate you in selecting the best tactical dog harness for your furry pal. Here are the top 12 best tactical dog harnesses of 2021, all available for you to buy today.

1. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 from 12,715 customer reviews

icefang tactical dog harness with 2x metal buckledog walking training molle vest with handleno pulling front leash cliphook and loop for dog patchThe Icefang tactical dog harness is designed specifically for large breed dogs. It is a highly durable, ultra-strong 1050D nylon material. This vest comes with a strong inner webbing that is breathable.

It features a heavy-duty buckle system that keeps the harness tightly secured. The Icefang tactical dog harness is available in six colors and varying chest and neck sizes. It also has a Molle system on the sides where you can put pouches and other supplies.

There is a dedicated area of fabric for attaching patches or displaying important information. The harness is a great training tool and perfect for long walks, hiking, and other outdoor adventures.

Key Features

  • Brand: ICEFANG
  • Material: Nylon
  • Available in 6 colors and four sizes
  • Double leash clip D-ring
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Molle compatible vest
  • Soft padding
  • Coyote brown
  • Top handle


  • The harness provides comfort to your dog.
  • The material is breathable, durable, and lightweight.
  • Adjustable for a great fit
  • Easy to put on and take off and does NOT slip off unintentionally
  • The harness gives reasonable control over your dog.
  • Constructed with military standard materials
  • Perfect harness with style and great sturdiness
  • Buyers found this harness to be gentle on the skin.


  • This product is not for small breeds.
  • Consumers have experienced that the buckles can break easily

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2. ALBCORP Tactical Dog Vest Harness – Military K9 Dog Training Vest

albcorp tactical dog vest harness military k9 dog training vest working dog harness for medium large and xl dog sizesRating: 4.6 out of 5 from 551 customer reviews

ALBCORP Tactical Dog Harness Vest comes with a wide range of features and functions with durable nylon, comfy mesh, and padded lining for ultimate comfort and support. The top-mounted handle lets you quickly control your dog. It also gives a helpful lift when encountering obstacles.

The harness has military webbing with loop panels to carry gear and military dog patches. There is a no-pull front clip to train your dog to stop pulling. The back clip is suitable for daily dog walking and other outdoor activities.

There are two additional D-rings on top to attach other items. The tactical dog harness is easy to adjust to your dog’s size.

Key Features

  • Brand: ALBCORP
  • Material: Nylon
  • Color: Black, Coyote Brown
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Top mount handle
  • Adjustable straps
  • Comfortable mesh
  • Military webbing with loop panels


  • Durable
  • Lightweight and not too long or bulky
  • The harness offers excellent control over your dog
  • Easy to put on, comfortable for canine
  • Users found the product suitable for training working dog breeds
  • Provide comfort and security


  • This harness is not suitable for small breeds
  • No molle system

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3. Hanshengday Tactical Dog Vest-Training Molle Harness

hanshengday tactical dog vest training molle harness tactical dog backpack pet tactical vest detachable pouches relective patchesRating: 4.2 out of 5 from 649 customer reviews

Hanshengday Tactical Dog Harness offers superb features for work and outdoor use. The harness has military-standard 1000D nylon and breathable mesh with a vertical grab handle and five fully adjustable straps.

The package includes reflective velcro patches, two detachable water bags, and a drawstring bag. It is carefully stitched on every joint and load-bearing point, so your active animal cannot break it easily.

The harness is comfortable to put on and off, making it an excellent choice for various purposes—Molle on both sides for attaching other accessories. The tactical vest is sturdy and durable and can work in any environment.

Key Features

  • Brand: Hanshengday
  • Material: 1000D nylon
  • It comes in 3 sizes and multiple colors (Coyote brown)
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Reflective velcro patches
  • Coyote brown
  • Includes two detachable water bag and a drawstring bag
  • Military class rubber handle
  • Elastic strap design


  • Soft and breathable
  • Adjustable
  • Buyers found Hanshengday harness best for dog training.
  • Very easy to get on and off
  • Buyers found the harness sturdy, and the Velcro bags and tags are cute.
  • Offers good visibility at night


  • Some reviews state that the clips can break easily

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excellent elite spanker tactical dog harness patrol k9 harness service dog vest military dog vest working dog vest with handleRating: 4.5 out of 5 from 1001 customer reviews

Excellent Elite Spanker tactical dog harness is sturdy, lightweight, and comfortable. It’s h high-quality and durable 1000D nylon material with neat stitching with soft, breathable mesh well-padded in every pressure area for extra comfort.

The tactical dog harness vest is available in four sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. The soft padded lining prevents chafing for your dog’s skin and hair with a comfortable fit.

The tactical harness has a soft padded chest strap that keeps your dog’s neck from getting yanked. There is a magic sticker ID panel on both sides of this harness for patches. The harness is comfortable to get on and off with a quick-release buckle.

Key Features

  • Brand: Excellent Elite Spanker
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes (Coyote brown)
  • Material: 1000D nylon
  • Closure type: UTX quick release buckle
  • Control handle
  • Magic sticker ID panel
  • Soft padded lining
  • Offers 2-way adjustment


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Easy to pull on and off
  • Buyers have mentioned that the Excellent Elite Spanker harness gives reasonable control over your dog
  • Easy to adjust
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • Some reviews state that this harness is not chew-proof

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5. Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness Vest Large with Handle

rabbitgoo tactical dog harness vest large with handle military dog harness working dog vest with molle loop panels no pull adjustable training vest tan large size chestRating: 4.4 out of 5 from 6003 customer reviews

Rabbitgoo Tactical Dog Harness is a great everyday vest for your dog. It provides superior durability, optimum comfort, and powerful functionality. You can grab the reinforced top handle to assist or control your dog quickly.

The multipurpose back clip keeps your dog safe during long walks. The anti-pull front clip prevents aggressive pulling and teaches your dog to walk beside you. The harness comes with multiple spaces to attach magic tape patches and ID badges.

The tactical dog harness is with Military-Standard 1050D nylon with ample padding in all pressure areas. This durable and robust harness has a Molle system that can carry your essentials easily. The tactical dog harness has a water-resistant coating that is easy to clean.

Key Features

  • Brand: rabbitgoo
  • Three colors: black, grey, tan
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Material: 1050D Nylon
  • Five fully adjustable straps
  • Alloy metal buckles and leash clips
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Soft, breathable mesh
  • Reinforced top handle
  • Molle system
  • Escape proof


  • Keep your dog safe during walks
  • Wear and tear-resistant
  • Sturdy stitching
  • Provide comfort and security
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Prevents aggressive pulling
  • Easy lifting during treacherous situations
  • Easily carry your pouches, bottles, and essentials
  • Users found that the harness allows a snug fit with maximum mobility


  • Some customers have stated that this product is not suitable for large, healthy dogs

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6. OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness – Fire Watcher Comfortable Patrol K9 Vest

onetigris tactical dog harness fire watcher comfortable patrol k9 vestRating: 4.6 out of 5 from 3987 customer reviews

OneTigris Tactical Service Vest Dog Harness is comfortable and safe for all outdoor adventures. This vest comes with adjustable straps and a top handle for better control.

The versatile tactical dog harness is available in 4 different colors and sizes. It has 1000D nylon that is sturdy, durable, and lightweight.

The harness features two straps and a hoop & loop strips panel. It helps to attach pouches or ID panels easily. The vest is sufficiently padded and has a breathable mesh for your dog’s comfort.

Key Features

  • Brand: OneTigris
  • Available in 4 colors
  • Four size options
  • Material: nylon
  • Closure type: buckle
  • Includes handle and stainless steel D-ring
  • Soft and breathable mesh lining
  • The K9 ID patch panel
  • Military-style
  • Hook and loop design
  • 1-year warranty


  • Durable and built to last
  • Easy on and off
  • It gives full body protection
  • Helps minimize pulling
  • Adjustable straps offer a secure fit
  • Designed to bear heavyweights
  • Ideal for hiking, daily walk, and training sessions
  • Provide comfort for the dog and the handler
  • Users have mentioned about fast shipping of the product.


  • Consumers have experienced that the plastic loop can break easily.
  • This product is not to bear heavyweights

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7. MXSLEUT Tactical Dog Harness with Handle Molle Service K9 Vest

tactical dog vest with handle molle service k9 harnessRating: 4.6 out of 5 from 225 customer reviews

Mxsleut tactical dog harness with handle is for working dogs and tactical dogs. It has a high-quality 1050D waterproof nylon Fabric. The harness is well padded in all pressure areas.

There is a Molle system on both sides for attaching some gear when training your dog. The harness four buckles for easy put on and off and provides extra security. It also has front handles for your dog’s lead & control and an alloy metal ring for attaching dog leash.

Key Features

  • Brand: MXSLEUT
  • Material: 1050D Nylon Coyote brown
  • Available in 3 colors and sizes
  • 2 Adjustable belts
  • Closure Type: Double Ring
  • ID panel for magic sticker
  • Double leash clip
  • Molle system on both sides
  • Breathable lining


  • Waterproof fabric
  • Strong bartack stitching
  • Durable and sturdy
  • The soft and comfortable inner lining
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Users have mentioned that the harness can withstand heavy pulling.


  • Some reviews state that the plastic clip can break easily

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8. Lifeunion Tactical Dog Vest Nylon Patrol Waterproof K9 Service Dog Vest Harness

lifeunion tactical dog vest nylon patrol waterproof k9 service dog vest harness for training hiking outdoor sportsRating: 4.4 out of 5 from 114 customer reviews

Lifeunion Tactical Dog Harness Vest is an excellent addition for hiking, training, camping, traveling, or other outdoor activities. It is 1000D nylon that is strong and durable.

The vest has two quick-release buckles for easy take on and off. The handle and metal V-ring help you get better control of your dog.

The harness has a Molle system on each side used to attach accessories such as small equipment, treats, or water bottle. The Molle pouches come with a zipper and buckle straps to protect the essentials.

Key Features

  • Brand: Lifeunion
  • Material: 1000D nylon
  • Available in 2 sizes and multiple colors
  • Soft and breathable padded lining
  • Adjustable neck straps and front chest strap
  • Heavy-duty metal V-ring on the top
  • Two quick-release buckles
  • Hook and loop panels
  • Molle gear


  • Durable, sturdy, and long-lasting
  • Waterproof
  • The product is military-grade tough and adjusts to fit snuggly
  • Life union harness gives better control of your dog
  • Buyers found this one of the best harness, perfect for outdoor activities
  • Easy on and off


  • Customers have complained that the buckle placement is poorly thought out.
  • The adjustment loosens at the slightest movement for some consumers

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9. JASGOOD Tactical Dog Vest Harness

jasgood tactical dog vest harness handle training dog vest with detachable molle pouchesRating: 4.2 out of 5 from 236 customer reviews

Jasgood Tactical Dog Harness is a durable, high-quality, and long-lasting vest. It is 1000D nylon with an inner rubber waterproof layer. Stitch each joint on the fabric to make it healthy.

The tactical dog harness comes in three colors and two sizes. It has three detachable molle pouches that allow the dog to carry some essentials effectively.

The harness has two carry handles attached on both sides. It is convenient for everyday use, service training, or military training. There is enough space for attaching personalized patches for any tactical military outdoor activities.

Key Features

  • Brand: Jasgood
  • Material: 1000D nylon
  • Color: black, tan, camo
  • 3 Detachable molle pouches
  • Inner mesh to avoid sliding
  • Double zipper
  • Molle system


  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Breathable
  • Easy and convenient open and close
  • Designed to bear heavyweights
  • Buyers consider this product ideal for hiking, military training, and service training sessions
  • Easily carry your water bottle, pouches, and essentials


  • The harness doesn’t stay in place for some dogs

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10. Petvins Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness K9 Adjustable Outdoor Training Service Camouflage Harness

petvins tactical dog molle vest harness k9 adjustable outdoor training service camouflage harness with 3 detachable pouchesRating: 4.2 out of 5 from 261 customer reviews

Petvins Tactical Dog Harness Vest is lightweight, water-resistant, durable 1000D nylon. The breathable mesh padded lining makes your dog comfortable and moves freely. The harness comes with three detachable pouches that are enough to meet the training needs.

The neck and chest straps are fully adjustable for a secure, comfortable fit. Both sides of the dog tactical vest are with a Molle system. The harness is comfortable to put on and take off. It’s great for training, walking, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Key Features

  • Brand: Petvins
  • Material: 1000D nylon
  • It comes in 3 colors and sizes
  • Closure Type: Hook and Loop
  • Mesh padding
  • Molle system
  • Three detachable pouches
  • Metal hoop for leash


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • The harness is easy to put on and take off
  • Adjustable design
  • Buyers found it an excellent purchase for puppies that drag
  • Users found this harness great for training, walking, hiking, and traveling


  • Some buyers have experienced that the straps are not durable

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11. PET ARTIST Tactical Dog Harness for Hiking Training

pet artist tactical dog harness for hiking training no pull vest harness for medium large dogs with pouches and patchesRating: 4.4 out of 5 from 716 customer reviews

Pet Artist tactical dog harness is lightweight yet very sturdy and is comfortable to wear. It is constructed from high-quality, durable nylon and has strong stitching. The sizing ranges from medium and goes all the way up to an extra-large.

The harness comes with three free Molle pouches and two open US flag pouches. You can easily take it off and on. It is perfect for daily walking, outdoor sports, training, military, hiking, camping, backpacking trips, and so on.

Key Features

  • Brand: Pet Artist
  • Material: Nylon
  • Available in 3 colors and sizes
  • Closure Type: Buckle
  • Molle system
  • Top 3 Handles design
  • 2 Metal V-shaped buckles
  • Vertical handle with anti-slip pad
  • Hook & Loop system


  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Well constructed and comfortable
  • Adjustable design
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduces abrasion for your dog’s comfort
  • No pull, escape-proof and easy control
  • Buyers find this product suitable for outdoor activities.


  • Hooks look very thin and weak for some dogs.
  • Users have mentioned that the stitching did not hold up to an otherwise perfect harness

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12. VIVOI Tactical Dog Harness and Bungee Dog Leash Set

vivoi tactical dog harness and bungee dog leash set adjustable k9 military dog vest with rubber control handle and adjustable dog leash for trainingRating: 4.1 out of 5 from 175 customer reviews

VIVOI tactical harness and bungee set high-quality nylon material with neat stitching with soft padded mesh makes the vest feel breathable and comfortable. The vests are available in black and tan color.

The VIVOI Tactical Dog Harness Vest has four quick-release buckles that can be easily put on and taken off. It is strong, durable, and fully adjustable. You can use it for jogging, training, or other outdoor activities.

Key Features

  • Brand: VIVOI
  • Material: nylon, plastic
  • Color: black, tan
  • Includes bungee dog leash with durable metal hook
  • Adjustable velcro and strap
  • Soft padded ventilated mesh
  • Four quick-release buckles
  • Rubber control handle
  • Hook and loop panels for adding ID patches


  • Neat and strong stitching
  • Provide safety and comfort for your dog
  • Durable and breathable
  • Customers have experienced that the harness is easy to control in training.


  • The harness is not strong enough for big dogs.

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How do you measure a dog for a harness?

Tactical dog harnesses need to fit well to avoid causing pain or rubbing against your dog’s body. Dogs have different builds; some are stocky, others might have thinner necks or longer torsos.

Here’s how you can measure a dog for a harness:

  • Before you buy the best harness, get a measuring tape for exact measurements.
  • Measure the length and breadth of your dog’s chest. The broadest part of a dog’s crate is usually right behind the armpits.
  • Measure your dog’s neck around the base of the neck, where your dog usually wears a collar.
  • Write down the measurements in both inches and centimeters.
  • The tape measure should be flat against the dog without being too tight or baggy.
  • Weight can also be a factor in finding the correct size. Make your dog stand on the scale and record its weight.
  • If your dog is between sizes, always go with the bigger size. You can later adjust the harness to make it fit tighter.

Pet lovers’ tip: You should be able to fit two fingers between your dog’s body and any part of the harness.

Selecting the perfect tactical dog harness

When it comes to training a working dog, a tactical dog harness is a definite yes! These harnesses come with different features and styles to meet your dogs’ needs and preferences.

dog walking with harness

You must consider the following before buying a tactical dog harness:


Tactical dog harnesses need a proper fit to provide comfort and security. Most dogs will get used to the harness if it fits easily and comfortably. It should give adequate support to your dog and prevent injuries.

Material and durability

A good quality tactical dog harness is one with a solid build. It needs to be sturdy and durable. A tactical harness should withstand extreme temperatures, chewing, and aggressive pulling. It should also be water-resistant and have tolerance for a wet environment. The material used in the harness should be comfortable to clean, and safe.


Hardware should not be overlooked while looking for a tactical harness. Metal buckles, clips, and V-rings are best as your dog surely can’t destroy them. Heavy duty and high-quality plastic are also durable and difficult to break.


Look for a tactical dog harness that gives you greater control over your dog. Most tactical dog harnesses come with one or two sturdy handles. They also have space to attach the leash and position straps in areas that are harder to reach for the dog.

Carrying capability

You might need your dog to carry supplies during hiking and long walks. A tactical harness with a Molle system comes with versatile storage options. However, you need to buy the pouches separately.


A tactical dog harness should be of appropriate size and adequately accommodate your dog’s body. These harnesses come in multiple sizes that start from extra small to extra-large.

Most tactical dog vests are adjustable, allowing them to fit dogs of any shape and size. You must measure your dog’s weight and size before you purchase a dog harness.

dog running with a barbel on his mouth

Frequently Asked Questions

What dog harness does the military use?

Military dogs have to perform multiple tasks, including search, rescue, and military operations. Wearing a tactical dog harness is purposeful for them in many ways.

A tactical dog harness with multiple handles and leash clips gives greater control over your dog during searches and other operations. They have various attachments for carrying extra utilities.

Why are harnesses bad for dogs?

Using a dog harness makes it easier to control and manage any dog. However, some harnesses restrict proper shoulder movement and negatively affect your dog’s standard gait patterns.

A harness sits on top of some important muscles, the biceps, brachiocephalic, and may extend to the shoulder joint. Most no-pull harnesses restrict shoulder movement. It might later lead to shoulder pain, arthritis, and inflammation.

What are the signs that the tactical dog harness is tight for the dog?

If the tactical dog vest causes a roll of skin to gather at your dog’s neck, it suggests that the harness is a tight fit for your dog.

Another possible sign is that if the tactical harness leaves behind marks of its shape on your dog’s body, it might not be right for the dog.

Now you have everything you need to make a decision

It is crucial to have the right gear when you take your dog on the field. Dogs vary in their preferences, just like us. You can meet your dog’s appetite for exploration with tactical dog harnesses.

By now, you must have a good idea of the essential features to look for when considering the best tactical dog harness. Hopefully, our blog has been a helping hand in making accurate decisions.

Dog standing with a harness

Make things comfortable and easier for you and your dog with a tactical harness. Our picks will surely provide plenty of comfort to your dog while giving you greater control over your dog.

So, are you ready to have a great time with your furry pal? Just gear up and enjoy. The adventure awaits!

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