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12 Best Dog Water Bottle Options for [2023 Summer]

Are you looking for ways to keep your dog cool during the summer and stay hydrated? Get the best dog water bottle for sweltering summer weather. Not only have we listed here some of the absolute best products around, but we’ve also listed several reasons why you should prefer one over another! Check out the many fantastic ways to keep your pup cool below.

best dog water bottle

The Best Dog Water Bottle

We’ve researched different options for the best dog water bottle and narrowed the selection down to dozen of the best options. You’ll find an overview of each dog water bottle below, as well as the pros and cons you need to make a decision. If you already know the product you need, here are the quick links to products:

  1. Tuff Pupper PupFlask Portable Water Bottle
  2. Asobu Dog Bowl Attached to Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Pet Bottle
  3. MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle
  4. Lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs
  5. Using Dog Water Bottles for Walking Pet
  6. Yicostar Dog Water Bottle for Walking
  7. MAOCG Dog Water Bottle for Walking
  8. Puppy cute Dog Water Bottle
  9. VIBIRIT Dog Water Bottle for Walking
  10. Kurgo Gourd 2 in 1 Dog Travel Water Bottle
  11. ANPETBEST Dog Water Bottle
  12. PHABULS Dog Water Dispenser 1 Gallon

Dog drinking in water bottle

What is the Best Dog Water Bottle?

The best dog water bottle you’ll find depends upon your unique needs! Each bottle below is created slightly differently, meant to meet certain needs. For example, some are made of stronger material than others, while some of them offer a greater volume capacity. First, consider what you need, and then select the best dog water bottle for your pup.

Our personal favorite is the Asobu Dog Bowl, simply because the entire product is made from stainless steel. While it offers a liter capacity and a detachable stainless steel bowl, it is built like a human thermos. It may not be the most “designer” product on our list, but it will probably outlive you (and countless generations of pets)!

Large Capacity or Small Dog Water Bottles

How much water will your dog’s water dispenser hold? Is it enough for an entire day out, or will you find yourself constantly filling it every few uses? For that matter, is it large enough for the biggest breeds out there?

Some of the water bottles for dogs below are catered towards small breeds and won’t satisfy a larger dog. None of them are exactly ‘too big, and you can never have enough water. However, smaller dogs, dachshunds, and chihuahuas, for example, lose water faster than larger breeds. Think about more wet travel dog food for these breeds.

The largest bottle here can hold a whopping 40oz. And the stationary dispenser offers 3.8 liters!


How much torture can your pup’s new bottle stand up to? Even then, how long will it last? Don’t waste your budget on something cheap that leaks after a week or so. Many of the products listed here offer specific leak-proof seals, and one or two are made of stainless steel!

Check the actual bowl portion your pet drinks from. Is this made from metal, some type of plastic, or a type of rubber? Is that enough for your purposes? Are you offered a replacement guarantee in case it breaks? When riding a bike with your dog the dog bike basket may have convenient pockets for your dog water bottle. Also, some dog sling carrier bags have convenient pockets for supplies like treats, wipes, water bottles, etc.


Before you purchase your pet drinking bottle, do you know exactly what you want to use it for? Are you planning on going for long hikes outdoors and need something lightweight and durable with a larger volume? Or do you just want a simple bottle for the park?

One of our bottles below even has a filter! You might want more of a refillable automatic bowl for the home or something you both can drink from (hopefully not at the same time). Another is made from stainless steel, while most of these are constructed from plastics.

On scorching days, exercise only in the early morning or later evening. Be careful with dogs that have white ears. They are more susceptible to skin cancer. Also, short-nosed pets may have difficulty breathing (HSUS).

What is the best portable dog water bottle?

Each of the travel water bottles below is wonderful, but we like convenience. For example, the Iesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs is fantastic because it is effortless to handle and store. Rather than a detachable bowl, the bowl is part of the bottle itself and foldable.

When determining the best pet water bottle for your little one’s needs, it is best to look at your own unique situation. What works best for your situation? The best portable water bottle for someone else might not be the best for you.

dog drinking in a dog water bottle

Are water bottles good for dogs?

Asking that question is like asking if water is good for dogs (of course it is). These are fantastic little inventions for any dog! Any dog owner that walks their pet during the summer should consider investing in one of these. Of course, water bottles are great for dogs, but water bottles designed for dogs are even better!

The better question to ask is, ‘Why wouldn’t you want a water bottle made specifically for your dog?’ What is the best travel water bottle?

The Tuff Pupper Pup Flask is our choice for travel because the large size can hold a whopping 40 oz (2 soda bottles) of water where most stop in the ’20s. If you’re traveling or driving a lengthy distance, this larger size would sure come in handy! Luckily larger dogs Goldendoodle dogs need proportionally less food and water.

It’s lightweight and extremely durable since the bottle itself is stainless steel and not plastic. The ‘flask’ portion is large enough to accommodate bigger dogs, and it’s probably going to last you longer than most others.

Can Dogs Drink from Bottles?

With the new, innovative ‘dog bowls’ type design attached to these water bottles designed for dogs on our list below, they certainly can! The attached ‘dish’ allows your pet to conveniently lap water that flows from these unique water bottles, whereas traditional bottles are designed for humans and don’t include any unique attachments.

Ensure your pet’s water bottle is safe, however! Depending on what it is made from or how old it is, the water might leech dangerous metals.

The Dangers of Untreated Water (lakes, Rivers, Streams, etc.)

So, why do you need a water bottle for your pets on hikes, for example? Why not just allow them to drink from the lake or stream? After all, you’ve probably seen hundreds of other pets do it!

The answer is- because you’re taking a pretty huge gamble. There are countless forms of bacteria, viruses, and parasites living in untreated water all over the world, and some of them can be deadly. In fact, this is the exact reason many countries (ex. America) treat their water in the first place.

Let us say you’re an American, and you visit an underdeveloped country. Instead of drinking bottled water, you drink their water. In most cases, the best you can hope for is a terrible bout of stomach pain and cramps. In the worst case, it might hospitalize you or worse. Your pet can suffer the same fate.

In many cases, you would be drinking water contaminated with animal, and sometimes even human, waste. Those parasites are often passed through an animal’s urine and when the nearby waters are contaminated with sewage. Remember this next time you decide to let your pup drink from the nearby stream!

How Dogs Perspire & Why Available Water is Important

Humans perspire by sweating. It is a wonderful method of controlling our body temperatures! While it is true, ‘some’ hairless dog breeds, like the Peruvian Hairless or Chinese Crested, do sweat throughout their bodies, nearly all of the dog breeds do not! With most dogs, sweating is limited to the footpads and potentially the nose, which does not amount to much.

On an 85-degree day, for example, the temperature inside a car with the windows opened slightly can reach 102 degrees within 10 minutes. After 30 minutes, the temperature will reach 120 degrees. Your pet may suffer irreversible organ damage or die (HSUS).

Unlike us, they perspire via panting! On the other hand, just like us, this requires a constant supply of water. If it is sweltering outside, their ability to pant may be restricted (i.e., wearing a muzzle), or they are unfortunate enough to have a shorter skull (brachycephalic- i.e., Pugs, English Bulldogs), overheating can become a huge problem!

Keeping a constant supply of fresh water available for your pet is not just vital, sometimes it can be a matter of life and death!

Know the symptoms of overheating in pets, including excessive panting or difficulty breathing, increased heart and respiratory rate, drooling, mild weakness, stupor, or even collapse (ASPCA).

Extra Note: Why NOT shave double-coated breeds

While this may seem like common sense because we would never wear an extra coat during the summer, it could be a drastic mistake for your pet. That topcoat functions to help trap in cool air while protecting from harmful radiation and insect bites to boot. Shaving that thick double coat might increase the chances of overheating.

How Much Water Dogs Need?

On average, most need one ounce of water per pound of weight every day, but overly active dogs will need more. Puppies also tend to drink more. On overly hot days, you want to provide more water because your dog will need to perspire (pant) more to control body temperature.

If possible, try to provide a constant supply of fresh water! While you should limit the food available to prevent over-eating, the same rule does not apply to drinking water, and it should constantly be available.

If you have difficulty with potty accidents, it is better to change the bathroom schedule accordingly than to take away drinking water before bedtime, for example.

dog standing

Dog Water Bottle Product Reviews

What is the best item for you? What will satisfy your own needs for your pet in every unique situation you might encounter? We have included twelve items below, each slightly different, for your viewing pleasure!

Top 12 Best Water Bottle for Dogs

1. Tuff Pupper PupFlask Portable Water Bottle

tuff pupper pupflask portable water bottle steeconvenient dog travel water bottle keeps pup hydrated portable dog water bowl travel water bottle for dogsThe bottle itself is made of exceptionally durable stainless steel, with an extra-wide opening that can even fit ice cubes! The silicone cup easily flips up for your pet and can accommodate larger dogs as well as small ones.

We like this for its higher volume capacity and endless durability! You could literally drop your stainless-steel bottle down a ravine, and it wouldn’t break! The bowl portion might be a bit more delicate, but who throws their bottles off buildings?


  • Large size holds 40 0z!
  • Available in blue or green
  • ABS, Stainless Steel, food grade silicone materials
  • Convenient to carry hand strap
  • Extra-wide opening
  • Easy to clean
  • Over 1,700 ratings


  • Silicone cup susceptible to potential damage

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2. Asobu Dog Bowl Attached to Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Pet Bottle

asobu dog bowl attached to stainless steel insulated travel pet bottle 1 literIf you are looking for durability, there are few better out there than this! Because it is entirely made of stainless steel, this ‘thermos’ designed water bottle for dogs will probably not only outlive several generations of pets but maybe even you! Theoretically, it could outlive several generations of humans.

Not only does it offer a detachable bowl, but the bottle itself is set up so a human can just as easily use it.


  • 3.25 x 3.25 x 10.29 inches
  • Available in 6 shades of two colors
  • Stainless steel, 33 ounce capacity
  • The base of the bottle detaches
  • Anti-slip base
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Vacuum insulated
  • Over 1,000 ratings!


  • Simple design
  • No warranty

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3. MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle

malsipree dog water bottle leak proof portable puppy water dispenser with drinking feeder for pets outdoor walking hiking travel food grade plasticAvailable in two colors, this simplistic (12 or 19 oz.) bottle offers the exact qualities you’ll need in a portable dog water bottle! A leak-proof silica gel ring and key lock design ensure no water is lost and your pet gets what he needs at the same time. With the simple press of a button, water can flow into the convenient bowl portion!


  • ABS, polycarbonate material
  • Leak-proof silica gel ring
  • Button press, single-hand use
  • Nearly 12,000 ratings!


  • No bells or whistles

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4. lesotc Pet Water Bottle for Dogs

lesotc pet water bottle for dogs dog water bottle foldable dog travel water bottle dog water dispenser lightweight convenient for travel bpa freeThe Iesotc Pet Water Bottle for dogs comes complete with a foldable rubber (silicon material) ‘dish’ on top! Not only can you carry it around like a regular water bottle, or by the attached strap, you can easily open or close this by a small twistable cap in the center.

When open, squeeze the bottle to get the rubber dog bowl to begin slowly filling with water. You can then either close the twistable cap, ensuring the water remains in the bowl, or allow it to slowly drain back in the bottle once your pet is finished drinking.


  • Extremely durable (150 lb. test)
  • Folding Water Bowl
  • Convenient silicon bowl attached
  • Very easy to use
  • U2mug design
  • No water leakage
  • Safe and lightweight
  • Detachable parts, easy to clean
  • 18 ounce capacity / 520 ml


  • Must clean after use

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5. Using Dog Water Bottles for Walking Pet

esing dog water bottles for walking pet portable drinking bottle puppy travel bowl dispenser doggie kettle kittens feeding cupThis is one of the simpler ‘to the point’ designs for small to medium breeds. With the simple press of a button, you can allow the small dish to fill or empty back into the container! The bottle is leak-proof and holds 450 ml of water. If you want to avoid all the ‘fuss’ and just go with simplicity, this is your dog water bottle for travel!


  • Button press!
  • Holds 450 ml
  • Simple, easy design
  • Over 2k ratings!
  • Easy one-hand operation


  • Made for small to medium breeds

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6. Yicostar Dog Water Bottle for Walking

yicostar dog water bottle for walking 20 oz travel pet water bottle with collapsible dog bowl and potty waste bag for dogs portable dog water dispenser for hiking parking and outdoorAvailable in 4 different colors & crafted from silicon, this unique bottle can hold 20oz. When your pup is thirsty, all you must do is turn the ‘drinking leaf’ over and squeeze the bottle. This is one of the few here that is a ‘squeeze’ use, rather than a push-button or switch. You also get a collapsible travel dog bowl, a dog waste bag dispenser (great for hiking), and 15 bags!


  • Can hold 20 oz fresh water
  • Silicone and PET plastic, bottle is made from BPA Free plastic, Lead-Free
  • A collapsible dog bowl can hold up to 12 oz (350ml)
  • Dog waste bag dispenser
  • 15 dog waste bags


  • Squeeze to use; no button or switch

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7. MAOCG Dog Water Bottle for Walking

maocg dog water bottle for walking multifunctional and portable dog travel water dispenser with food containerdetachable design combo cup for drinking andIf you are looking for a convenient combo for a day away at the park, this is your water bottle for dogs! The exterior holds a small leak-proof switch, allowing the dish to fill with water when needed. You can attach a strap to the top for easy transport, and best of all, there is a smaller compartment near the bottom for food!

The travel-food compartment is really what sets this portable dog water bottle apart from the rest. While it does not hold as much water as several other bottles here, it is effortless to fill and plenty for a small to medium pup.


  • Compartment for kibble
  • 6.8 oz / 200 ml food
  • Loop for detachable carry strap
  • About the height of a 20 oz. bottle
  • Available in Green/Pink/Grey/Blue
  • Material: PC &304 stainless steel


  • 8.7 oz / 258 ml.
  • Not made for larger to giant breeds

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8. Puppy cute Dog Water Bottle

puppycute dog water bottle dog water dispenser with filtertop water injection designanti dust coverleak proofportable pet bottle for walking hiking travelfood grade materials bpa freeblueThe Puppycute Dog Water Bottle is another one of the few unique items on our list! A one-button water outlet allows you to operate with one hand, while water can be returned with the press of a button. An anti-dust cover and a silicone gel sealing ring prevent leakage, and a rotating cap allows easy refill.

It even has a built-in high-fiber filter element to absorb impurities! This is truly one of our favorites if you can get past the limited capacity you are offered.


  • One-button water outlet
  • Anti-dust cover and a silicone gel sealing ring
  • Rotating cap for water intake
  • Built-in high-fiber filter element to absorb impurities
  • Transparent cup design


  • Only 12 oz. capacity

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9. VIBIRIT Dog Water Bottle for Walking

vibirit dog water bottle for walking portable dog water dispenser pet travel drink cup with rotatable clamshell sinkWith a unique design setting it apart from any other product here on this list, an attached drinking bowl folds over with and fills with the simple press of a button. A silica gel seal ring and keylock design ensure no leakage, and a hanging rope on top provides easy transport.

We like this product due to the simple bowl-bottle setup. Unlike many of the standard dog bottles, this isn’t cumbersome or strange-looking.


  • Silica gel seal ring
  • Hanging rope on the top
  • 14.20 oz / 420 ml volume
  • Button-press function


  • Only 269 ratings

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10. Kurgo Gourd 2 in 1 Dog Travel Water Bottle

kurgo gourd 2 in 1 dog travel water bottle portable water dish for dogs 24 ozThis pet bottle can carry water for both you and your dog! Drink from the top if you need to, or pour water into the bottom-attaching bowl for the pup. This is another surprisingly simple product that offers all that you need. If you are going to purchase a drinking bottle for yourself, why not get one you can use for your pet too?


  • Bottom travel dog bowl
  • Available in blue, green, or red
  • PVC free, BPA free, and dishwasher safe
  • Holds 24 ounces of water
  • Dog travel bowl holds 8 ounces of water


  • Lower rating for travel

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11. ANPETBEST Dog Water Bottle

anpetbest dog water bottle portable dispenser travel water bottle bowl for dog cat small animalsThis colorful water container offers a flippable ‘dish’ the length of the bottle itself, with a design slightly different from other bottles on our list. Not only is it simple and lightweight, but it’s also available in either blue or pink. Because this presents a simplistic yet functional design, it is priced lower than many other products here.

If you are looking for a simple dog water bottle to suit your basic needs and do not want to spend much money, this is your product!


  • 325ML/11oz or 650ML/22oz
  • Available in pink or blue
  • Bottle is made of 100% high-quality, safe BPA-free, non-toxic plastics
  • Inexpensive
  • Almost 800 reviews
  • Snaps in place


  • Cheaper design

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12. PHABULS Dog Water Dispenser 1 Gallon

phabuls dog water dispenserUnlike the other water bottles for dogs on this list, here you have an actual water dispenser! Just place it in your kitchen and your dog will have an entire 3.8 liters from whenever he wants to drink. As the small dish empties, it will automatically refill.

The entire dispenser could not be easier to use! This is a convenient must-have for any pet owner and absolutely fantastic for hot days.


  • Made of non-toxic material
  • Resistant to bite and abrasion
  • No electricity
  • Non-skid rubber feet for secure placement
  • Can rinse directly with water
  • Available in Green, Blue or Pink


  • Only 5 ratings

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Choose the Dog Water Bottle that is Best for You

Before you decide what you want, ask yourself what your (and your dog’s) needs really are. What exactly will you use your nifty new item for, or in what type of situation? Do you plan on long walks, hiking, camping, or just visiting the dog park? In all those situations your dog needs to stay hydrated.

thirsty dog

We’ve already listed 12 fantastic ones for you here, and this isn’t even all of them! Why not take a look for yourself?

Now that you know how important a constant supply of water is, what is your bottle of choice?

Do you know what else you can put in your dog’s water bottle? Bone broth for dogs! Hydrating and tasty option to take with you when traveling. While you are checking the best dog water bottle you can also try out dry shampoo for dogs for when you want to get your dog clean but not wet.

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    I’m a sucker for anything minimalist, the bottle from MalsiPree looks so good and the lock feature is a nice touch. I just need something that holds enough water for a maltipoo without being overly bulky. We use a regular bottle but opening it with one hand is almost impossible. Just checked the reviews, people really love this one, can’t wait to get ours.

  2. Leah

    We have the Asobu water bottle, I love the fact that I can drink from it too and its premium feel. Our weekends are all about hiking and carrying two bottles is a tad much. Bringing this is way more comfortable plus I don’t have to drink stale, warm water mid-hike. Bonus points for making the bowl from metal and not from plastic.

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    I don’t use water bottles. Grok wouldn’t have used a water bottle. If scooping water into his mouth by hand was good enough for Grok, then don’t you think it’s good enough for you?

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