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8 Best Leather Dog Harness for Your Dog’s Neck [2023]

Leather dog harness is something for people with more refined taste. But it’s also safer.

leather dog harness

Most dog owners simply clip a leash onto their dog’s collar without giving it a second thought.

And for most canines, this works just fine. But have you ever considered buying safer walking gear for your pup? Then perhaps a leather dog harness is the right choice for you!

We’ve examined options for a selection of best leather dog harness and narrowed it down to 8 products. You’ll find reviews on each below. We also added the pros and cons. If you know what you need, here are the quick links to products:

  1. Bestia EROS Black Big Dog Chest Plate Leather Harness
  2. Bestia Studded Leather Harness
  3. Peshouco Leather Dog Harness Handmade Genuine Leather
  4. Beirui Genuine Leather Dog Harness
  5. PET ARTIST Small Leather Dog Harness
  6. Beirui Genuine Leather Dog Harness and Leash Set for Small Dogs
  7. Beirui Leather Dog Harness
  8. Dogline Soft and Padded Round Rolled Leather Step-in Harness with Leash

More and more vets are recommending dog owners buy a harness for their dogs. They are often a much kinder option than attaching the leash directly to the collar when walking, especially if your pup tugs on the leash.

Or maybe you need to pull your dog away when eating grass in a not-so-safe area.

Benefits of buying your dog a harness

A recent study showed that dog collars put a considerable amount of pressure on a dog’s neck when pulled. (Don’t worry, a fake dog neck with sensors was used to test this!) Even heavily padded dog collars that claim to be ‘gentle’ could injure a dog when the owner pulls the leash.

But you might wonder, what if your dog doesn’t pull on the collar? Buying a harness is still recommended, even for the calmest of dogs. You never know what could happen on a walk that could make your pup run. Even one strong pull when your dog hits the end of the leash could cause serious injury from fractured vertebrae to muscle strain.

leather dog harness injury

Why choose a leather dog harness?

Dog harnesses come in lots of materials, the most common of which is nylon. Leather harnesses are typically more expensive than other harness types. However, if you’re looking for a durable harness that will last a long time, decades even, leather is the way to go!

Leather is a natural material and can be significantly more comfortable for your canine to wear than nylon or other synthetic textiles. If your pup has sensitive skin, opt for a leather harness that has been treated only with natural dyes and chemicals.

People also consider natural leather to be more eco-friendly than manmade materials. A significant portion of the micro-plastics in the ocean comes from synthetic fibers like polyester and nylon. But with a leather dog harness, you know that when it’s eventually time to toss it in the bin that it will not harm the environment like the cheaper alternatives.

Another option for some dogs you can check out here is a tactical dog harness.

What type of leather should I pick?

Manufacturers make your leather dog harness from soft leather, which is more flexible and comfortable than hard leather. However, it can be less durable to chewing or wear and tear. But soft leather is still far hardier than other materials, and a soft leather dog harness will last a lifetime if it’s kept clean. For special needs look for heavy duty leather dog harness.

Leather dog harness comes in two forms, rolled or flat. Rolled leather dog harness can be an excellent choice for dogs with longer fur that’s prone to matting. However, from the study above you can see that rolled leather is harder for the neck when used as a collar, but this should not be a problem with the harness, as the pressure is more evenly distributed. Flat leather can rub your dog’s hair around as they move, causing it to become tangled.

However, rolled leather harnesses are not suitable for dogs that pull. They are quite thin compared to flat leather, which will put too much pressure on your pup’s chest and could cause bruising. In addition, some cheaply made rolled leather harnesses have a seam on the inside which could irritate your pup’s skin.

Choosing the perfect harness

You will have somewhat less choice with style with leather harnesses. However, this classic material looks good on canines of all shapes and sizes. Color choices are usually limited to shades of brown and black, but some brands sell dyed leather in white and cream. These would be a bit more difficult to keep clean but can be a pretty stylish option for your pup.

leather dog harness style

Leather dog harness can also be styled with various metal studs, spikes, and gems. With all these options, you can find the perfect harness to fit your dog’s personality! You could even opt for a cool custom harness with your pup’s name engraved on a metal nametag that is attached to the leather.

Safety first!

Putting the fashion aside for a moment, the most important thing to consider when buying a new dog harness is safety. Your harness must be the right size for your pup and correctly fitted before you head out on a walk together. Otherwise, you risk your dog being uncomfortable, escaping, or getting injured by the harness.

leather dog harness size

Ideally, try several harnesses on your dog before buying to make sure you pick the perfect size. But, if that’s not possible, most brands have detailed guides on picking the right size for your pup.

Giving your dog enough exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your dog. If you can’t go out regularly, consider getting a dog treadmill. If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise, he may get health issues like humans. When your dog has heart problems, then they may need a low-sodium diet like humans in this condition.

Keeping your pup comfortable

Once you have bought the perfect harness, have a read over the instructions on how to fit the harness. Most will come with good instructions on how to do this correctly. Make sure your dog is calm and relaxed as you adjust the harness. This will help them get used to it before taking them out on their first walk.

There are additional features to make your dog super comfortable in their new leather harness. Look for padded leather dog harness. Extra padding around your pup’s chest will help to evenly distribute any pressure put on the leash. But keep in mind that more padding means more weight and may be too bulky for smaller dogs.

leather dog harness comfort

Dow owners often consider wide straps to be a better choice than thin straps for dog harnesses. Similar to having extra padding, wider straps will distribute the pressure well and keep your pup happy and comfortable.

Front-clip or back-clip?

If you have already browsed dog harnesses at the pet shop or online, you may have noticed that they come in two types: front- and back-clip. Knowing the difference between these two will help you make the right choice when buying your canine’s new harness.

Let’s start with the back-clip harness. This is the standard harness style and will suit most dogs. With a back-clip harness, you attach the leash to a metal ring on the middle of your dog’s back. If they pull on the harness, the pressure is safely distributed across the front of their chest.

Front-clip: useful for leash pullers

So, what about the front-clip harness? As you have probably guessed, you attach the leash to a metal ring at the front of your dog’s chest with this style. Front-clip harnesses are also known as ‘no-pull’ harnesses. As this name suggests, they help to stop your dog from pulling.

If your furry friend is a notorious leash hauler, a front-clip harness could be the right choice for you. They work by spinning your dog around and redirecting their attention towards you when they pull. Over time, your pup will learn that there’s no point in tugging on the leash and will walk calmly on a loose lead.

But you should be careful with a front-clip harness, especially if your canine is very strong. Spinning around at speed, such as when they run away from you, could cause them to strain a muscle or hurt their legs. If you choose a front-clip harness, keep your pup on a short leash and don’t let them run too fast before hitting the end of the lead.

Check out dog bite statistics to find out where your dog ranks and should you be worried about your dog pulling free to run to other dogs and people.

How to introduce your dog to its new harness

Once you’ve bought the perfect leather harness for your canine friend, take your time getting him or her used to it. If your dog has never worn a harness before, they may find it strange and uncomfortable at first.

Give your dog plenty of treats and praise as you put their harness on for the first time. If your pup is especially resistant to wearing their harness, consider putting it on at mealtimes. This will teach your canine that having the harness on is a good thing and that they will get the reward of food when they wear it.

Let your pup wear the harness around the house for a while every day. Gradually increase the time they wear the harness until they are comfortable having it on for up to an hour or more. Supervise your dog while they are wearing their harness, just in case they get it caught on something!

leather dog harness train

Now you can move onto attaching the leash to the harness. Do this indoors at first to make sure your pup understands what you want when you put pressure on the harness. If your dog pulls against you, calmly encourage them to walk towards you. Give them lots of praise and a treat when they do.

If your dog seems comfortable and happy with their harness from the first day, you might even bring them straight on a walk! Stay on quiet streets and away from the dog parks for a few days. This will let your dog get used to the feeling of pressure on the harness in a calm, quiet environment. If they try to resist or wiggle free, stay calm, and call them until they start to walk with you again.

Leather Dog Harness Reviews

Hopefully, you now feel better informed when it comes to choosing the right leather harness for your dog. If you’re still feeling overwhelmed at the number of brands available on the market, we’ve got you covered!

Check out our overview of the top 8 leather dog harnesses:

1. Bestia EROS Black Big Dog Chest Plate Leather Harness


bestia eros black big dog chest plate leather harness padded handmade in europeRating: 4.4/5 from 20 customer reviews.

The first product on our list is a pretty leather harness by Bestia for medium to large dogs. It is handmade in Europe and comes in three color varieties; black and red, black and orange, or light brown. The padded chest plate and wide straps all around will keep your dog happy and comfortable out on walks.

The leather is decorated with cool, patterned studs and brooches, making this a stylish choice for most dogs. You can even buy matching collars from Bestia to complete your canine’s leather-only look!

Buyers love this harness because of the quality and sturdiness of the leather. The harness is secure and will contain even the best escape artists. Although this product is pricier than others on this list, buyers claim that the superior quality and comfort are worth it.

Some customers found the harness difficult to assemble at first. But once you get used to putting it together, this is an excellent product for most canines.

Unfortunately, this harness will only fit medium to large breeds. But don’t despair, owners of small dogs, there are plenty more harnesses on this list that will be perfect for your petite pup.

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2. Bestia Studded Leather Harness

bestia studded leather harness french bulldog size leather handmade in europeRating: 4.4/5 from 12 customer reviews.

French bulldog size. 100% leather. Handmade in Europe.

We’re going straight back to Bestia for the next product on our list, with their small- to medium-sized leather harness. The design on this harness differs from the first, with several small studs decorating the chest plate. It comes in three beautiful colors; classic brown, white, or red.

Just like Bestia’s other harness, the padded chest plate and wide straps are extremely comfortable for your pup. The shape of the harness is optimized for dogs with more petite frames for a perfect fit.

Buyers also praise this product for its high-quality, durable leather and its security for even the wriggliest of dogs. The wider choice of colors allows owners to pick the perfect style for their dog, making them the most fashionable canine on the street!

Some customers critiqued the product for being a bit stiff and hard at first. This is typical of 100% leather harnesses. Over time, the leather will soften and mold to your dog’s body, becoming more and more comfortable. 

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3. Peshouco Leather Dog Harness Handmade Genuine Leather

eshouco leather dog harness handmade genuine leather durable strong pet harness with adjustable straps no pull easy control pet vestRating: 4.1/5 from 63 customer reviews.

Durable pet harness with adjustable straps and no pull design.

Next up, we will look at the Peshouco leather dog harness. This harness comes in two classic colors; dark brown and black. It is only lightly decorated, with a small, patterned stud attached to the chest plate. This simple, yet elegant style lets the high-quality leather shine by itself.

An interesting addition to this harness is the strong and sturdy back handle located just behind the leash ring. The brand claims this handle offers easy control of your dog when needed. It would be useful for quickly grabbing onto if you need to keep your canine by your side.

Customers are delighted with this product, praising its high-quality and durable design. Owners of strong dogs reported that this harness will hold up to them, even when they pull on the leash. But the harness is still comfortable and soft, so your dog can enjoy their walk while also being secure.

Some buyers found that the harness rubs their dogs when moving, causing chafing and hair loss. To prevent this, it’s important to take accurate measurements of your pup before buying and to carefully follow the fitting instructions.

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4. Beirui Genuine Leather Dog Harness

beirui genuine leather dog harness pet training walking harness for medium large dogs pitbull boxer mastiffRating: 4/5 from 107 customer reviews.

For training and walking. This harness comes in sizes for medium and large dogs, pitbull, boxer, mastiff.

Let’s move onto the Beirui leather dog harness. This harness has a much simpler design and is much more affordable than other, similar products. You can also buy it with a matching leash and collar if you’re looking for a complete set.

The harness only comes in one color, light brown. But this classic leather design will suit most dogs. There are three sizes available; small, medium, and large, with a detailed size guide for each choice. The limited sizes may make the harness unsuitable for very large or tiny dogs, but most owners will find a size appropriate for their pup.

Dog owners who have bought this harness have praised it for many reasons. These range from the adjustability allowing the perfect fit to how simple the harness is to put together. Overall, most buyers report that this harness is excellent value for money.

However, some customers reported issues with the product. Most notable were some reports of rubbing and hair loss. The simple design of this harness means it is more prone to moving around when your dog is walking, potentially becoming uncomfortable.

Other buyers were concerned about the durability of the harness. Strong dogs prone to pulling may cause the bolts in the harness to come undone. If this sounds like your dog, perhaps this harness is not the right choice for you.



5. PET Apet artist leather small dog harness adjustable soft for small breed dogs french bulldogRTIST Small Leather Dog Harness

Rating: 4/5 from 20 customer reviews.

Adjustable, soft for small breed dogs and French bulldogs.

Next up, we will look at the Pet Artist adjustable leather harness for small dogs. This harness boasts a simple design and an affordable price point. It comes in a classic, light brown color and is adjustable to help you achieve the perfect fit.

The biggest selling point of this leather harness is the easy clip buckles. There’s no need to mess around with traditional, metal leather buckles that can sometimes be difficult to attach. With this harness, all you need to do is ‘clip’ and your pup is ready for a walk!

Buyers love how quick and easy it is to put this harness on compared to other leather harnesses. Reviews also praise this product for its adjustability, comfort, and classic style that suits any dog.

However, some buyers have reported problems with rubbing. The simple design can move around and slip a little while walking. This may cause chaffing and hair loss in some dogs. But measuring your dog before buying and making sure the harness is fitted snugly will help prevent this issue. 

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6. Beirui Genuine Leather Dog Harness and Leash Set for Small Dogs

beirui genuine leather dog harness and leash set for small dogs no pull front puppy dog halter harness 5ft training leads for chihuahua poodle walkingRating: 3.9/5 from 11 customer reviews.

Front no-pull dog harness with 5ft training leash for small dogs like chihuahua or small poodle.

Now we will return to Beirui to look at their no-pull leather harness for small dogs. This harness boasts a lightweight and comfortable design for petite dogs. The leather is a classic shade of dark brown and it even comes with a matching leash.

However, the best thing about this harness is that it has both a front- and back-clip! Earlier, we discussed how a front-clip harness can help redirect your dog’s attention when they pull on the leash.

If you have a little pup that is prone to lunging at other dogs on walks, this harness might be the perfect solution! Then, once your canine stops pulling on the leash, you can easily switch to the back-clip without having to buy a new harness. But you will be safe in the knowledge that you can always clip the leash back onto the front if your dog’s pulling problem ever flares up again.

Buyers love this product for its accurate and adjustable fit, fashionable design, and high-quality leather. One reviewer even mentioned how many complements their pup got while wearing this beautiful harness. 

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7. Beirui Leather Dog Harness

beirui leather dog harness for small medium and large dogsRating: 3.8/5 from 68 customer reviews.

Several sizes for small, medium, and large dogs.

We will now look at yet another Beirui product, the leather dog harness for small and medium dogs. This has a similar, simple design to the first Beirui product we reviewed (number 4 on this list!). It comes in a darker shade of brown and has slightly thinner straps that may suit more petite pups.

Buyers praise this product for its strong, good quality leather and buckles. Reviewers also reported a pleasant new leather smell from the product. One pet owner noted the thick protectors under the buckles to prevent rubbing and hair loss if the harness moves around.

However, some customers had complaints about this harness. A few noted that the size guide isn’t entirely accurate and that they had to return the product because it didn’t fit their dog at all. Others reported some fraying on the chest piece and expressed concerns that the harness might break with wear and tear. 

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8. Dogline Soft and Padded Round Rolled Leather Step-in Harness with Leash

dogline soft and padded round rolled leather step in harness with leashRating: 3.7/5 from 15 customer reviews.

Last, but not least, let’s look at a rolled leather harness offered by Dogline. Their harnesses come in a very wide variety of colors, including black, orange, green, and purple. So, you will have no trouble finding a style to suit your dog’s personality!

As we mentioned earlier, rolled leather is an excellent choice for dogs with very long fur as it prevents matting and tangles. This harness won’t damage the hair as much as flat leather harnesses, making it a perfect choice for long-haired breeds such as Maltese, Pomeranians, and Yorkshire terriers. This product should also appeal to any show dog owners out there who want to protect their pup’s perfect coat.

Reviewers back up Dogline’s claims that this harness will keep knots and tangles at bay in long-haired dogs. Buyers also love this harness because it is super easy to put on. The simple, step-in leather dog harness means your dog will be ready for a walk in no time at all!

Some reviews report that more ‘out there’ colors look different in real life than they do on a computer screen. However, if you can put style aside, this harness is an excellent choice for keeping your long-haired dog’s coat smooth and protected. 

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