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10 Best Escape-proof Dog Harness Reviews [2022]

Dogs are likely to escape when they want to explore a new environment or chase prey. Despite this, they have a natural need to escape. If your four-legged companion is an escape artist, taking him out with you for a walk can be challenging. Luckily, the escape-proof dog harness is a great solution to put your mind at ease when you want to enjoy the fresh air with your pet. It is a comfortable way to control a dog of any size and breed.

escape proof dog harness

With a high-quality harness, you can take complete control over your dog. A harness can be more escape-proof if it fits perfectly with your dog. That’s why it is good to consider the size of your dog before making purchases.

The Best Escape-proof Dog Harness to Improve the Safety of Your Dog

We have researched and rounded up various options for dog harnesses. The items come in different sizes, styles, and materials to help you choose one that may suit your needs.

This article contains reviews of 10 products with their pros and cons. Also, it has a buying guide that will help you choose the right harness for your dog.

If you have an idea of the harness you need, you can click directly to the item from these links:

  1. RUFFWEAR, Web Master, Multi-Use Support Dog Harness – best overall
  2. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Operation Harness – most pet-friendly
  3. BELPRO Multi-Use Support Dog Harness – best for active dogs
  4. Didog Escape-proof Dogs Harness– easiest to use
  5. SCENEREAL Escape-proof Large Dog Harness – best value for money
  6. Mihachi Secure Dog Harness 
  7. Tactical Dog Harness Vest with Handle, Military Dog Harness
  8. Auroth Tactical Dog Harness – best for medium dogs
  9. Auroth Tactical Dog Harness – best for large dog breeds 
  10. PETAGE Tactical Dog Harness – the most durable harness

However, purchasing a harness for your dog is not easy. Nothing feels frustrating than when your four-legged companion slips its harness. That’s why it is good to ensure that the product is a perfect fit for your pet.

dog hiking with its owner

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Here Are Tips for Choosing the Best Escape-proof Dog Harness

Measure the size of the dog’s chest

Your furry friend can wiggle out if the harness is too loose. And if the harness is too tight, it can cause pain and injuries around the dog’s neck. That’s why it is good to measure around the ribcage of your dog before making a purchasing decision.

Also, don’t assume that a small harness from a specific supplier will fit the same dog sizes as a small harness from another company. Hence, it is important to check the size guide to be sure that you select a perfect fit.

Focus on adjustability of the harness

A fitting escape-proof dog harness can prevent your dog from wiggling. While the size of the harness matters, it is good to choose an adjustable harness to fit. For instance, an escape-proof small dog harness is a perfect fit for small dogs.

But, it might not fit pets with slender necks or deep chests. An adjustable harness can fit perfectly without squeezing it.

Consider the leash attachments.

When choosing a dog harness, it is good to think about the behavior of your dog. Does your pet loves dragging you off your feet? Then, you can go for an escape-proof no-pull dog harness.

A harness with no pull attachment design is perfect for pets with pulling behaviors. It should have a D-ring leash clip to minimize the dog’s ability to pull hard during the trips. A harness with at least two leash attachments should be your option if you want to enhance the safety of your pet.

Go for a harness that will enhance the comfort of your pet

The best escape-proof dog harness does not only begin and end with a perfect fit. It should have padding on the inside to prevent soreness and enhance comfort.

If you are planning to hike during the summer season, consider a product with breathable mesh materials. It will prevent your furry friend from getting overheated, while the soft fleece lining will keep him warm during the winter season.

Pay attention to the strength of the harness.

Most of the big dog breeds are strong. If they pull you along, a soft harness can easily break. Therefore, it is good to consider a harness that is built to last. Also, go for one that can withstand different weather conditions.

dog sitting on the ground wearing a harness

FAQs about Escape-proof Dog Harness

No matter how smart your pup is, he doesn’t understand the importance of being safe. That’s why he will keep on trying to escape from the harness.

This situation makes many pet owners wonder whether to purchase a dog harness or not. After performing a lot of research, we came up with nine FAQs to help your puppy remain safe and comfortable.

What is the best escape-proof dog harness?

The best escape-proof dog harness depends on the size, breed, and behavior of your dog. Most escape-proof harnesses have different styles, materials, sizes, and strengths. That’s why it is important to go for a product that will fit your dog’s needs. For instance, if your furry friend has a fast pulling behavior, you can consider a strong escape-proof dog harness for husky.

Also, if you want to enhance your pet’s comfort, an escape-proof dog harness vest can be your option. Unlike other harnesses with thin straps, the vest harness has leash attachments that distribute pressure across the dog’s chest.

How can I prevent my dog from escaping the harness?

Dogs escape the harness using various methods. They can slip the shoulders out of the harness or chew the straps. If your furry companion is an escape artist, an escape-proof dog harness can be your solution. It features high-quality materials and secure connections to give you more control over your pet.

How about if the dog is nervous? Or those that don’t like being secured on the leash? In this case, you need to train him using some treats and toys.

Is there such a thing as an escape-proof dog harness?

Yes, there are escape-proof dog harnesses that are specifically designed for adventurous or working dogs. However, if a dog wants to get out of the harness, it can find its way out. For instance, a destructive chewer dog can easily slip out by chewing the harness.

In this case, it is good to consider a harness that is made of durable materials. The best escape-proof dog harness should feature multiple lead attachments, high-quality materials, and secure connectors to prevent your pet from slipping out.

dog sitting on the grass

Why does my dog keep slipping out of his harness?

Your dog can slip out of his harness due to various reasons such as:

  • Nervous

Some dogs don’t feel safe on the harness. Thus, they will keep twisting as a way to escape the harness. If you want to stop your nervous dog from slipping out of the harness, it is good to train and reward him for his good efforts.

  • Puppies with small heads

Some dog harnesses are designed to fit a generic body of a dog. But dogs have various shapes and sizes. This makes pets with unique body build slip out of the harness. That’s why it is advisable to research and select a specifically designed harness for your dog breed.

For instance, if you own a strong, medium-sized pitbull, you can consider an escape-proof dog harness for pitbull. Pair this with a training routine to teach your dog how to walk with the harness without slipping out.

Do dogs pull more with a harness?

No, a harness will discourage the dog from pulling. When you attach the leash to the front ring, the dog will stay by your side. But when he starts pulling, the leashes go to the side, which directs the pet towards you. With this, you can control your furry friend using little pressure.

Should dogs sleep in their harness?

No, your dog sleeping in their escape-proof dog harness can cause issues such as:

  • Choke or injury

Most dogs sleep in a crate or cage bed. At times, risks can occur. The harness can get caught by the hooks of the cage or dog crate, which can cause choking and injuries.

  • Skin issues

A tight harness can rub your dog’s skin, making it irritable. The issue can result in skin damage and the risk of infection. If you are concerned about your pet’s health, it is good to remove the harness night.

  • Uncomfortable sleep

Sleeping with a harness can be uncomfortable for your dog. The front straps of the harness around your pet’s chest can put pressure on the dog when sleeping.

Can I leave my dog’s harness on all day?

Yes, your pet can wear the harness all day only if it is comfortable and loose to prevent it from scratching your pet’s skin. But, wearing the harness for many hours can lead to hair loss and skin damage. That’s why it is advisable to put the harness on only when the dog is walking other outdoor activities.

dog running wearing a harness

Is it better to walk a dog with a harness or collar?

Both harness and collar are good for controlling your dog’s movements. But a harness is the best choice since it is more comfortable. An escape-proof dog harness covers the chest and shoulders. Thus, the pressure is applied to a large area in the dog’s body. This gives you good control over the pet.

But the collar covers only the neck.  Hence, putting more pressure on the dog’s trachea, which can cause breathing issues. Besides, a collar is not a good choice for dogs that pull. It can cause injuries to the dog’s neck and reduce airflow.

When should I get my puppy a harness?

There is no age limit as to when you should get your puppy a harness. Ideally, you can introduce a harness to your furry companion at the age of eight weeks.

You can find a harness for your small dog from the market, but you can also consider a DIY escape-proof dog harness.

Here are steps for making your escape-proof dog harness

  • Get a thick rope that is soft and four times longer than your puppy
  • Fold the rope into a half and make an overhand knot
  • Place one side of the rope around your dog’s neck and the other side around the belly
  • Pull the rope’s ends through the overhand knot
  • Adjust the rope to fit your puppy

For example, a service dog will know when it is on duty because is trained to know.

A Review of 10 Best Escape-proof Dog Harness for Your Furry Companion

1. RUFFWEAR, Web Master, Multi – Use Support Dog Harness-best overall

ruffwear web master multi use support dog harness hiking and trail running service and working everyday wearRUFFWEAR Web Master Dog Harness is a multipurpose product ideal for different dog breeds. It offers everything you might need to prevent your pup from escaping.

This escape-proof dog harness features two strong leash connection points. One is located in the back and the other in the middle to allow you to have more control over your dog. The aluminum V-ring is supported with quality webbing to ensure durable and safe connections.

Apart from this, it comes with a dog-friendly design. The straps are padded to offer lasting comfort without interfering with movement. Also, it has five adjustment points to make your pup fit perfectly.


  • The straps are padded with foam to offer comfort
  • It is a perfect choice for different dog sizes
  • The five adjustment points will allow you to customize positioning to keep your dog safe.


  • Very small dogs can escape from the harness

Some buyers feel that it would be better if the RUFFWEAR had a front attachment point. But others feel that the two leash attachments points are enough to allow you to control the pup during your hiking trip.

RUFFWEAR, Web Master wraps snuggly around your furry friend’s body. With this, it can be challenging for the dog to slip away.

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2. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Operation Harness –most pet-friendly

icefang tactical dog operation harness with 6x buckledog molle vest with handle body hook and loop panel for id patchno pulling front clipKeep your escape artist dog safe on their adventure with a great harness from ICEFANG. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Operation is an escape-proof dog harness vest that is suitable for large dogs. This vest is made of ultra-strong 1050D nylon material and strong inner webbing, making it durable and comfortable.

The heavy-duty buckle system makes the harness fit well to prevent the dog from slipping out. Besides, it features front and back leash attachments, which offer value for pullers.


  • It offers a perfect fit.
  • The sturdy handle will allow you to have a good dog control
  • It features durable and breathable materials
  • It is friendly to the dog’s skin


  • The buckles are heavy

ICEFANG Tactical Dog Operation Harness is available in 6 colors and different sizes. However, some buyers feel that this product is not a good choice for small dog breeds.

But if your pet is medium or large, you can use this harness for hiking and other outdoor adventures. It features a sturdy handle to allow you to hold the harness to control your dog’s movements.

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3. BELPRO Multi-Use Support Dog Harness – best for active dogs

belpro multi use support dog harness escape proof no pull reflective adjustable vest with durable handle dog walking harness for big active dogsBELPRO Multi-Use Support Dog Harness is a good choice for large and active dogs. It features a padded reinforced handle at the top so you can lift your dog where there are obstacles.

This no-pull dog harness has 5 points of adjustments to make it easy to fit the dog’s body. Also, it has adjustable straps that are easy to fix.

Apart from this, BELPRO Multi-Use Support Dog Harness is made of high-intensity polyester, which is lightweight, breathable, and friendly to the dog’s skin. The reflective tapes will offer safety to your dog during night adventures.


  • It features a breathable mesh
  • It is well padded to enhance comfort
  • It offers safety at night
  • It is sturdy


  • It lacks a back adjustable bottom strap

Buyers feel that BELPRO Multi-Use Support Dog Harness is perfect for large dog breeds. It features padded chest and belly panels to enhance comfort and prevent friction which can cause injuries.

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4. Didog Escape-proof Dogs Harness – easiest to use

didog escape proof dogs harnesssoft breathable padded reflectiveadjustable no pull dog harness with lift handle double leash clips for medium large dogs walking hiking trainingDidog Escape-proof Dogs Harness is great because of its materials. It is made of canvas and air mesh fabric to ensure that your dog remains cool during hot weather. The inside of the harness is padded to enhance comfort during long walks and other outdoor activities.

Also, the materials are weatherproof to fit all weather-use. The no-pull design and reflective straps will protect you and the dog during nighttime walks.

This escape-proof dog harness can be a good choice for old and disabled dogs. It has a D-ring which is strong enough to raise large dogs.


  • It is made of water-resistant materials to keep your pet warm during wet conditions.
  • It is easy to put on.
  • The reflective straps are highly visible to enhance security at night
  • It is made of breathable materials to keep the pet cool during hot seasons


  • The handle is far back, making it less effective during emergencies

Buyers love this product because of its unique mesh design. It is breathable to keep your pet cool and comfortable during hot conditions. Also, they love how escape-proof this product is. It has five adjusting points and quick-release buckles, making it a good option for dog trainers.

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5. SCENEREAL Escape-proof Large Dog Harness – best value for money

scenereal escape proof large dog harness outdoor reflective adjustable vest with durable handle and leash ring for medium large dogs training walking hikingLarge dogs are strong, making it challenging to control them. But this harness from SCENEREAL is designed for different dog sizes. It has two leash attachment points for better control of your pet.

The padded handle is soft and durable, making it comfortable for your hand grabbing and controlling the dog. Besides, the chest and belly sections are padded to prevent friction-related issues.


  • The padded handle provides a better-balanced lifting
  • It features extra loops for carrying things such as dog’s snacks
  • It has a padded belly and chest panel for comfort


  • It lacks a front leash clip

SCENEREAL Escape-proof Large Dog Harness is a lightweight product that will not interfere with your pet’s movements even if you take long walks. It is made of polyester materials and soft pet-safe mesh, which is non-toxic.

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6. Mihachi Secure Dog Harness 

mihachi secure dog harness escape proof reflective dogs vest with lift handle for training outdoor adventuresMihachi Secure Dog Harness is made of a non-toxic polyester that is breathable to keep your dog cool during hot weather. Also, it is lightweight. Thus, you will be sure that the harness will not be a burden to your pet.

Besides, the material is chew-proof to prevent the dog from destroying the harness using the teeth. The padded upper belly straps enhance comfort. The five adjustable points will allow you to customize the harness for a snug fit.


  • It has breathable materials, making it a good choice for hot weather conditions.
  • It has plenty of padding to enhance comfort
  • The five adjustment points guarantee a snug fit


  • Only suitable for medium and large dogs

Mihachi Secure Dog Harness focuses on enhancing the comfort of your pup. It is lightweight and well-padded for stability and comfort. Also, the underneath consists of mesh materials that are breathable and comfortable to wear.

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7.  Tactical Dog Harness Vest with Handle, Military Dog Harness – most accurate results

tactical dog harness vest with handle military dog harness for large medium dogsno pull service dog vest with hook loop panelsadjustable dog vest harness for walking hiking trainingTactical Dog Harness Vest with Handle, Military Dog Harness is a long-lasting product designed for large dog breeds. It is made from durable 1000D nylon and enhanced with a polyurethane coating, making it a good option for use in different weather conditions.

This escape-proof dog harness comes with a military-style. It features four quick-release buckles, which makes it easy to remove and put on. Also, it has two straps and hoop and loop strips panels for easy attachment of pets and ID panels.


  • It has loops, hoops, straps, and quick-release buckles for easy attachments.
  • It has a lot of padding for comfort
  • It is perfect for dogs with a lot of weight
  • It works well in different weather conditions


  • The pockets may restrict the movement of the dog

Tactical Dog Harness Vest with Handle, Military Dog Harness is an adjustable product of OneTigris. It comes with a top handle and four adjustable systems for improved comfort and dog control.

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8. Auroth Tactical Dog Harness – best for medium dogs

Do you like taking night walks with your pet? Then, Auroth Tactical Dog Harness can be your option. It has reflective options that will ensure the visibility of your dog in low lighting conditions. Also, it has two metal leash attachment points for no pull control and casual jogging. The MOLLE straps will let you attach training gears and other items such as a dog bowl.

Auroth Tactic escape-proof dog harness is designed for medium dogs. It is available in grey color and measures 22”-33” around the chest and 16”-22” around the neck.

Besides, it is made of 900D nylon, which is suitable for all weather conditions. The padded inner will protect your dog’s skin, while the breathable air mesh will keep your pet cool.


  • It is more durable when compared to other harnesses
  • The MOLLE straps make it easy to attach training gears to the harness
  • It is weatherproof


  • The buckles are plastic. Thus, they are not durable

Buyers love Auroth Tactical Dog Harness because of its ease of use. It features two quick-release buckles and four and four adjustable straps to allow a snug fit. However, some buyers did not like the plastic buckles since they may break over time. They feel that it would be better if the buckles were metal.

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9. Auroth Tactical Dog Harness – best for large dog breeds 

auroth tactical dog harness for small medium large dogs no pull adjustable pet harness reflective k9 working training easy control pet vest military service dog harnessesAuroth Tactical Dog Harness is a good option for large dogs. It measures 26”-46” around the chest and 20”-31” around the neck. If your dog loves pulling, then this harness can be a good solution. It has plenty of padding and two heavy-duty leash rings, which can withstand the pulling force.

This harness is easy to fix and remove. Thanks to its two quick-release buckles and the four adjustable straps, which make it easy to fit.

Auroth Tactical Dog Harness is made of 900D nylon and reinforced with sturdy stitching, making it durable and waterproof.


  • It is completely escape-proof
  • It has strong back handles to give you maximum control over the dog
  • It has a lot of padding to prevent discomfort


  • It is heavy than other brands

Auroth Tactical Dog Harness is well-built and comes with a strong back handle that will allow you to control the dog’s movements. Also, it is durable and does not cause a lot of noise when the dog is walking.

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10.  PETAGE Tactical Dog Harness – easiest to use 

petage tactical service dog harness no pull reflective military dog harness with handle service dog vest for training adjustable working pet vest easyDurable and comfortable, with military styling, PETAGE Tactical Dog Harness is perfect for large dog breeds. It is made of 1050D nylon with a lot of padding to enhance comfort and durability.

This durable harness fits well and has added mesh to ensure that the dog’s skin remains cool during hot weather. For your dog’s safety, it has a rubber-padded handle and two V-rings to attach the leash.


  • It has a breathable air mesh to keep the dog ventilated and prevent slipping.
  • It is waterproof
  • The MOLLE system works well, giving you plenty of pockets and attachments


  • Some dog owners have sizing issues

PETAGE Tactical Dog Harness can be an everyday use product. It is lightweight and breathable. Thus, your furry friend will feel comfortable wearing it for long hours. You can use this harness for training, evening walks, and hiking trips.

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Final Verdict: Best Escape-proof Dog Harness for Your Escape Artist Pet

A dog will dive, pull, and wiggle to get something that looks interesting. This situation makes it challenging to have adventure trips with the dog. But there is a solution to keep your dog safe and prevent him from escaping.

A good escape-proof dog harness will ensure the safety and comfort of your dog. It should protect the chest, neck, and back from the stress that is caused by straining. Our top pick is RUFFWEAR Web Master Dog Harness. It combines comfort and safety features in one stylish design.

With this, your dog will have freedom of movement while ensuring that you have total control over your dog.

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