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10 Best Dog Bike Trailer [2023 Buyer’s Guide]

Getting a dog bike trailer is one thing you should have on your bucket list as an active dog parent who loves being outside a lot.

Besides treating your dog with enjoyable rides, having a dog bike trailer will help strengthen the bond between you and your dog. Choosing the best bike trailer for your dog will determine whether all your adventures will be smooth or one that your dog won’t wish to experience again.

dog bike trailer

So, what should you look for when you want to buy a bike trailer for your dog? Continue reading to learn more on that and later you will see our selection of the best dog bike trailers you can choose.

Best Dog Bike Trailer Reviews

Next, we’ll look at dog bike trailers you can use to take your pup on longer hikes. What features should you look for and when deciding on a specific model. Here are the links directly to the products or you can dig in and read the reviews below:

Dog bike trailer Product weight Max capacity
Petsafe happy ride aluminum dog bike trailer 25 lbs 110 lbs
Aosom bike trailer cargo cart for dogs and pets 30 lbs 66 lbs
Supine 2in1 medium pet dog bike trailer bicycle 29 lbs 66 lbs
Booyah small dog pet bike bicycle trailer 23 lbs 20 lbs
Anour 2 in1 pet bicycle trailer and jogger travel carrier 35 lbs 90 lbs
Lucky dog-red pull behind dog bicycle trailer pet carrier 38 lbs 85 lbs
Esright dog bicycle trailer 29 lbs 66 lbs
Aosom Elite II 2 in 1 pet dog bike trailer 33 lbs 66 lbs
Schwinn rascal bike pet trailer for small and large dogs 25 lbs 50 lbs
Rage Powersports pet bicycle trailer 43 lbs 85 lbs

dog riding a bike trailer

Key Details to Consider When Purchasing a Pet Bicycle Trailer

When you want to purchase the best dog bike trailer, you should consider some key trail features if you want your dog to feel comfortable and secure—starting with the first one.

Construction of the Bicycle Trailer

The construction of the dog bike trailer should be one key aspect you need to check. Look for one that is sturdy enough to hold your dog’s weight. Again, look for a trailer made of quality materials that will not last for a season but one that you can use for many years. You can opt for a dog trailer made of steel frames as it is strong. However, be wary as this dog bike trailer will be heavy to pull. Also, check one with a durable fabric material that will withstand your dog’s weight and other environmental conditions.

At all costs, avoid dog bike trailers made of plastic frames as they easily break down.

The Capacity

What is the weight capacity of this dog bike trailer? Is it enough to hold your 110 lbs. dog? Carrying capacity is one key aspect you need to check. Of course, you don’t need one that will collapse or tip over when your dog is inside.

Also, consider the interior dimensions of this dog bike trailer. Is this trailer too tight that it will clamp your dog? Inner dimensions are an important feature you need to consider when purchasing a bike trailer for your dog.

The Hitch

You will often need a hitch to connect the trailer to your bike. So when looking for the best dog bike trailer, look for one that has an easy-to-hook hitch or universal bike hitch. Also, for extra security, you can look for a trailer with a secondary strap that will secure your hitch if it breaks off, especially when maneuvering through sharp corners.

Handling and Maneuverability

Look for a stable bike trailer with a low center of gravity, as it is much easier to handle and maneuver. In addition, you should look for a stable dog bike trailer that you can easily evade potholes or other obstacles without throwing you off balance.


This dog bike trailer will spend most of its time inside the garage than on the road. So with that, you need to check how you will store this bike trailer for dogs in between uses.

If you don’t have much space, you will need a collapsible pet bicycle trailer that you can store easily in a small space.

The Entry of This Dog Bike Trailer

Some of these dog bike trailers have doors fixed on the front, top, and side. Always consider one that will be convenient for you when you want to load your dog inside. And one of the best options is looking for a dog trailer with a front entry.


Although it will not be of much concern on the color or style of trailer you opt for, you can look for one with a remarkable style or coloring. However, when it comes to such a factor, none is right or wrong. All you need to do is ensure the style or type of dog trailer you settle on is comfortable for your dog.

1. Petsafe Happy Ride Aluminum Dog Bike Trailer

petsafe happy ride aluminum dog bike trailer durable frame easy to connect and disconnect to bicycles includes three storage pouches and tether collapsible to store medium and large sizesLet your sick or old dog enjoy all adventures on this dog bike trailer for pets made by a pet company. This bike trailer comes in two sizes, a medium trailer capable of carrying a dog under 50 pounds. The next one is the large trailer with a weight limit of 110 pounds.

Moreover, this trailer has a well-sized sunroof that comes in handy if you want your dog to enjoy the fresh air and still enjoy the sceneries outside. Furthermore, this bike trailer’s front door has a waterproof layer that will protect your dog against all-weather elements.

For extra security and to keep your dog in place, there is a safety rope that you can use to attach to your dog’s harness. When tethered inside, you will be comfortable knowing that your dog is safe inside when you hit the road together.

If you want to carry your dog’s poop bag, treats, or other accessories, this dog bike trailer has an answer for that. It has three perfectly sized pockets when you want to store any accessory you may need during your rides with your dog (water bottles, dog wipes, treats, etc.).

The dog bike trailer has an extra-wide wheelbase that ensures a lower center of gravity, all-important for stability on the road with your dog.

Highlight: most reviewers are happy with how this trailer has a sturdy floor.


  • The trailer has a washable cushion that gives your dog extra comfort
  • Wide wheelbase for stability
  • Three pockets on the side for storing dog’s accessories
  • Easy to connect on your bike
  • Ventilated window for air circulation


  • Only convenient for bicycles with Shimano gear set

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2. Aosom Bike Trailer Cargo Cart for Dogs and Pets

aosom bike trailer cargo cart for dogs and pets with 3 entrances large wheels for off road mesh screenIf your dog gets old, and he can’t keep pace with you when riding your bike in the park, it doesn’t mean you have to stop all bike riding adventures forever. You can get a dog bike trailer like the Aosom bike trailer cargo cart for dogs and pets and let your dog enjoy all adventures like he used to do when he was strong and full of energy.

This dog bike trailer has three doors fixed on the top, side, and front for easier entry.

Consequently, this bike trailer has two 20 degrees wear-resistant and explosion-proof Eva wheels that are good on any road. So whether it’s on a gravel road, grass yard, or any uneven road, these wheels will give your dog a smooth bike ride with no hitch.

When it comes to ventilation and air circulation, this bike trailer for dogs has two windows on the side important in preventing the trailer from becoming stuffy and unbearable for the dog.

Inside, there is a D ring that you can attach to your dog’s harness or leash; such comes a long way in keeping the dog safe and secure.

You can fix a flag behind this dog bike trailer, ensuring it’s visible to other motorists. And also, the wheels have well-visible reflectors that bring the chances of colliding with other motorists to zero. If you have limited storage space, you can collapse this dog bike trailer frame for compact storage. And all this is topped up with the quick-release wheels.


  • The large wheels are wear-resistant and perfect in a variety of roads
  • Strong and durable
  • Well spacious


  • The D ring sometimes snaps out

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3. Supine 2in1 Medium Pet Dog Bike Trailer Bicycle

sepnine 2 in1 medium pet dog bike trailer bicycle carrier and stroller jogger 10201 blueKeep your dog comfortable and happy inside this dog bike trailer that is not only spacious but well-built.

With two points of entry, one on the front and another on the rear end, it’s often easy to load and offload your dog out of this dog bike trailer. Next, the rear and front door, and lastly, the two meshed windows ensure maximum airflow inside the trailer.

Additionally, this dog bike trailer features a movable cushion well placed inside to enhance the much-needed comfort for your dog.

As one of the great features of this dog bike trailer, you can easily transform it into a stroller and slowly jog with your dog as it watches the sceneries outside. Afterward, you can attach it to your bike and have a smooth ride back home.

This dog bike trailer has a safety flag attached to the rear end, enhancing visibility.

Highlight: pet parents are happy that this trailer for dogs is easier to assemble and spacious.


  • Strong and durable
  • Well ventilated
  • Visible as it has reflectors and a small flag behind
  • Transparent windows that allow your dog to enjoy the scenes outside


  • This cart is long, and it can be troublesome when maneuvering around a corner

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4. Booyah Small Dog Pet Bike Bicycle Trailer

Your small dog who loves to join you in every bike riding adventure should never be left behind when you have this small dog bike trailer. Smaller dogs like french bulldogs, chihuahuas, and others may have problems keeping up with humans on long hikes and bike rides..

Fbooyah small dog pet bike bicycle trailer pet trailer greenitted with a three-layer sunroof, closed /mesh screen/ open, now your small dog can enjoy the breeze of the wind as you cycle around the park. Moreover, your dog will remain protected even when the weather outside is unfavorable. Although here, we don’t advocate for riding your bike in bad weather.

To ensure this small dog bike trailer is visible, it has reflectors attached to the back and another on the side. With that, you can safely ride with your pet even in low-lighted areas, confident that you are visible to other motorists on the road.

The strong and sturdy 16 inches quick-release tires ensure you have smooth rides with your pet on any road.

Highlight: this is a trailer intended for small dogs as it has a maximum weight capacity of 20 pounds.


  • Well spacious for small dogs
  • Three-layer sunroof to keep your dog protected inside
  • Well visible even in dimly lighted areas


  • Often challenging to assemble this dog bike trailer

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5. Anour 2 In1 Pet Bicycle Trailer and Jogger Travel Carrier

anour 2 in1 pet bicycle trailer and jogger travel carrier suitable for big and medium dogs folding storage 20303lAnother top dog bike trailer is the Anour 2in1 pet bicycle trailer and jogger travel carrier. With internal dimensions of 32″ × 22″ × 26″, this trailer is spacious for your old dog, who loves keeping you company in all adventures. In addition, the windows of this trailer have been meshed to not only allow air circulation but also protect your dog from harsh winds, dust, and insects. Inside, you will find an adjustable safety leash that you can attach to your dog’s harness as it enjoys the views outside safely.

Furthermore, this dog bike trailer has two smooth and easy to control 20″ wheels that are good on and off the road.

Moreover, this pet bike trailer is easy to hook on the bicycle as you prepare to take a breeze with your dog along the seashores. And when not in use, this trailer is collapsible for easier fitting inside your car’s boot or in the garage.

Also, when not hitched on your bike, you can transform the trailer into a stroller, letting your dog enjoy all adventures.

Highlight: one of the best dog trailers with a weight limit of 90 pounds


  • Four side reflectors for extra visibility
  • Spacious for medium and large dog breed
  • Easy to connect on your bike
  • Well collapsible for storage


  • Expensive

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6. Lucky Dog-Red Pull Behind Dog Bicycle Trailer Pet Carrier

lucky dog red pull behind dog bicycle trailer pet carrierWith dimensions of 55.5×31×79.75, the lucky dog-red pull-behind bicycle trailer pet carrier is one of the best dog bicycle trailers suitable for medium to large dogs. Using this sturdy trailer, your dog, who always runs out of energy when you take him out on a leash, will now enjoy all rides when resting inside the trailer. With a large sunroof, your dog can peek its head out and enjoy every view outside with no difficulty.

Again the sunroof, in combination with the meshed windows, enhance plenty of airflow inside this trailer.

When loading your dog inside this dog bike trailer, you can either use the front or rear end door without the need to break your back.

Furthermore, you can also roll down the clean plastic cover in the front door when there’s rain.

Additionally, this pet bicycle trailer comes with a bright orange flag fixed at the back, which helps other motorists see the trailer. Still, the reflectors located on the front and back of this trailer make it visible when you ride your bike in low lighted areas.

When not in use, you can easily fold this bicycle trailer for compact storage.

Highlight: Dog parents are happy with how this trailer is cheap compared to other many dog bike trailers with the same features


  • Pneumatic wheels to make all rides smooth
  • Easy to set up
  • Mesh windows and sunroof allow airflow
  • Bright red flag for visibility


  • Sometimes it can be hard to inflate the tires back

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7. Esright Dog Bicycle Trailer

esright dog bicycle trailer pet bike trailer ride fun carrier jogging kit for small and medium dogsKeep your dog safe and comfortable when you ride your bike by purchasing this dog bike trailer from Esright. Made of steel frames and with a water-resistant 600d oxford cloth, the Esright dog bicycle trailer is a durable trailer to serve you for a long time.

Furthermore, this dog bike trailer features a spacious front door allowing you to load your pet easily. Again, with the large transparent front door, you are assured you can easily turn back and see the whereabouts of your dog. Additionally, the transparent front door also gives your dog a chance to explore the outside world with ease.

Also, this front entrance has a zippered mesh screen layer which not only protects your dog from harsh winds and insects but also allows free flow of air.

Also, to protect your dog from harsh rain, you can roll over the rain guard cover, which this company offers separately.

Two lights are fixed on the front and back for visibility in low-lighted areas. And also, the flag behind enhances the visibility of this trailer.

Lastly, after finishing all your adventures, this sturdy trailer is easy to disassemble for compact storage.

Highlight: most pet parents are concerned that the base of this dog trailer is a bit hard, which can be uncomfortable for your dog.


  • Has front and back rare safety lights
  • Durable -Made of steel frame and 600d oxford cloth
  • Spacious front door


  • Sometimes the hitch can unhook when maneuvering a sharp corner

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8. Aosom EliteII 2 in 1 Pet Dog Bike Trailer

aosom elite ii 2 in 1 pet dog bike trailer and stroller with suspension and storage pocketsLet your dog enjoy all the hiking and camping adventures while inside this 2 in 1 trailer. If not attached as a dog bike trailer, you can convert this pet trailer into a stroller in which you can jog around with your dog inside.

Again this bicycle trailer allows for easier entry as it has three spacious zippered entries located at the front.

This dog bike trailer has two 20″ rear wheels, and a 360 degrees swivel universal front wheel for smooth rides with your dog on any terrain.

Moreover, when you want to take a break, this pet bicycle trailer features an easy hand lock brake system, ensuring this trailer is stable.

With the large zipped front door, your dog has a chance to enjoy all sceneries as well as get a breeze throughout the journey. Furthermore,  to keep your dog secured inside, this trailer features a D ring in the interior which you can attach to your dog’s leash or harness. Such a feature is essential for dogs who love jumping up and down when excited or afraid.

For maximum visibility in low-lighted conditions, this dog bike trailer has reflectors on the wheels and a flag behind, appropriate for other motorists to take notice of you and your pet bicycle trailer.

Also, when your dog is inside this trailer and the conditions outside are unfavorable, you can roll down the separate rain cover to protect your dog from elements.

Lastly, storing this dog bike trailer is easy. This stroller can stand up on its front wheel to create a compact design, thus occupying a small space. Alternatively, you can deflate these quick-release wheels into a flat design enabling you to store this bike trailer for dogs in a small space in your car or garage.

Highlight: reviewers are happy how this dog bike trailer has spacious interiors. However, one concern is its hand lock brake system which is not that firm


  • 2 in 1 design
  • Stable and strong – made of steel frame and oxford fabric
  • Three-wheel for extra stability and smooth rides
  • Quick-release wheels for easier storage


  • Some pet parents find it hard to connect this trailer to the bicycle.

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9. Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer for Small and Large Dogs

schwinn rascal bike pet trailer for small and large dogs folding frame carrier quick release wheels universal bicycle coupler adjustableMake every bike ride memorable for your dog when you opt for this spacious and comfortable small and large dog bike trailer with a weight capacity of 50 pounds. This pet trailer has a unique Schwinn universal coupler, making it easier to attach to any bicycle.

The design of this Schwinn dog bike trailer ensures there is efficient airflow. Consequently, to keep your dog in place and reduce the chances of him jumping out, this dog bike trailer has an adjustable safety leash attached on the inside.

For extra safety for you and your dog, you can attach a flag behind this trailer for maximum visibility when in low-lighted conditions.

Additionally, the two 16-inch wheels are easy to control for anyone. This ensures all adventures with your dog are safe.

Lastly, this dog bike trailer has quick-releasing wheels and a unique folding frame, all-important for compact storage during all those family camping tours or adventures.

All that said, with its spacious nature and unique design, the Schwann rascal trailer is one of the best dog bicycle trailers that will make your furry friend happy.

Highlight: dog parents are happy with how easy it is to store this dog bike trailer with its unique folding frame.


  • Schwinn rascal pet trailer can be attached to any bike
  • The cabin has an internal adjustable safety leash
  • Unique collapsing frames for compact storage


  • The front weather shield is not that strong

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10. Rage Powersports Pet Bicycle Trailer

pet bicycle trailerYour dog who’s on bed rest or at least old age has caught up with him will still need some outdoor strolls, and having this dog bike trailer will make all bike rides smooth for you. Well spacious and sturdy, this dog carrier will make your dog feel comfortable as he watches out through the meshed windows.

Also, the meshed windows don’t only give your dog a view of the outside, but also they allow free flow of air inside.

With the easy-to-hook hitch, all you need is hook this dog bike trailer in any 24″ or 28″ bike and hit the road.

When tired of pulling the trailer and you want to stroll around with your dog, you can detach it from your bike and reconfigure it into an easy-to-push stroller.

With its collapsible frame, you will never find an easier-to-fold and store dog bike trailer than this one from Rage Powersports.  With a weight capacity of 85 pounds, this is one of the best trailers suitable for your medium to large dog.

Highlight: most dog parents were happy with the structure of this dog bike trailer and how spacious it is. However, some dog parents want the manufacturers to include some cushions inside for extra comfort.


  • Versatile as you can reconfigure this trailer into a stroller or dog trailer with ease
  • Easy to assemble
  • Multiple windows for air circulation
  • Spacious front and rear door to allow for more effortless loading of your dog


  • Sometimes, the front wheel makes it hard to control this trailer when you want to use it as a stroller.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dog Bike Trailers Safe For Dogs?

Some factors can determine whether a bike trailer will be safe for your dog. To ensure maximum safety, leash your dog inside. Also, ensure you have bought the best bike trailer made from sturdy and quality materials.

Additionally, you need to be responsible when riding your bike. Remember, don’t be too fast when riding your bike in heavy traffic.

shitzu riding a bike

How Do You Secure A Dog In A Bike Trailer?

It will not take long for some dogs to accept getting inside a dog bike trailer. Conversely, it will be a great challenge to introduce a pet bicycle trailer to some dogs.

So how do you introduce a bike trailer and ensure your dog is well safe inside.

  • First, put the dog bike trailer in a place that is safe and open at this point, you can detach the wheels off the trailer.
  • Let the dog come near the trailer and let it explore it
  • To entice your dog, you can throw in some of his favorite toys or treats.
  • If the dog accepts getting inside, remember to praise and reward him.
  • At this point, don’t be in a rush to put your dog inside the trailer. Patience will be critical at this point.
  • When your dog is comfortable staying inside the trailer on the ground, take the next step. Attach the wheels and try pulling the trailer with your hands while observing your dog’s reaction.
  • Worth noting, don’t be in a rush as you want your dog to have a positive association with this dog carrier.
  • If everything seems to move smoothly, safely put a leash on your dog, then hook it on this trailer’s D-ring or straps. You can also put your dog’s favorite treats and toys inside.
  • At first, when hitting the road, don’t be too fast. And again, only do short cycling sessions.

Why You Need To Have a Dog Bike Trailer

1. You have an old dog who still loves hiking with you. Senior dogs may at times lack the energy to accompany you as they often become tired, or their bodies are too weak to walk for long. And such reasons should not deter you from taking your dog for hiking or cycling sessions when you have a dog bike trailer.

Having a dog bike trailer will help your old dog enjoy his golden years.

2. Your dog is suffering from joint issues, or he’s injured. Injured or dogs with joint problems will often have mobility issues, and they may find it hard to walk with you. To make walks easier for your dog, you can get a dog bike trailer for him to enjoy all the beautiful sceneries outside by only peeking his head out once in a while. Also, check out the dog foods that help with joint problems.

3. Your dog gets easily tired and cannot keep up with your pace. Sometimes your dog will lack the energy of accompanying you for long jogging sessions as it easily gets tired a lot. And one concern is for brachycephalic breeds who can develop breathing issues if they have to run long-distance. Another option for small and medium-sized dogs is a dog bike basket.

dog riding a bike trailer with his owner

Nevertheless, you can let your dog enjoy every bike riding session with you by getting one of the dog bike trailers highlighted in this article. Your dog can even peek its head out and catch a breeze, or when the weather is harsh outside, you can roll down the waterproof cover that most companies provide.

Are Dog Bike Trailers Hard To Push?

When you have a sturdy trailer and you fasten the hitch correctly, it will be easy to pull or push the trailer when on the trail. However, the materials of your trailer can determine how hard it will be for you to push or pull it. The trailers made of steel frames can become harder to pull for most individuals than trailers made of lighter frames like aluminum.

Do Dogs Enjoy Bike Trailers?

Dogs will enjoy bike rides on a bicycle trailer if they have associated this trailer with positive experiences. However, if your dog associates a trailer as a way of imprisoning him then he will not enjoy any of the bike riding sessions you have together.

If you find it hard to cycle your bike while holding your dog on a leash and the last thing you want is to leave your dog at home we have a solution. You need to purchase a dog bike trailer.

poodle riding a bike trailer

Have you ever used any of the pet bike trailers we have highlighted in this section? And how was the experience? Share your experience here down here in the comment section.

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  2. Bella

    The Booyah is perfect for small dogs! We’ve had it for over a year now and it still looks brand new. Granted, it was a bit harder than expected to connect it to the bike the first two or three times but you get the hang of it. It’s durable, safe, looks ok and if you put in a cushy blanket for longer/bumpier rides you’re all set.

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