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10 Best Dog Sleeping Bag Reviews Camping, Travel [2021]

Having camping trips with your furry friend is fun. But it can be more enjoyable when you are well prepared for all of your dog’s needs. While your pet may have a fur coat that can keep him warm, he may appreciate it if you offer a dog sleeping bag.

dog sleeping bag

Quality sleep is essential for your pet. Sometimes, sickness and aggressiveness are consequences of lack of enough sleep. Thus, if you plan an outdoor adventure or a camping trip, it is good to consider a dog sleeping bag.

Here are the best dog sleeping bags

We have researched different options for puppy sleeping bags and narrowed them down to 10 products that can enhance the comfort and safety of your pet. In this article, you’ll find a review and the pros and cons of each product, which will guide your buying decision. If you have an idea of the sleeping bag you need, you can click on the quick link of the product from here:

  1. Vegapop Blue Dog Sleeping Bag-best overall
  2. Lifeunion Dog Sleeping Bag-The most insulated sleeping bag
  3. Noblecamper 2-in-1 Dog Bed and Sleeping Bag-the most versatile
  4. Alcott Adventure Sleeping Bag-The cheapest sleeping bag for dogs
  5. CHEERHUNTING Dog Sleeping Bag-best for large dogs
  6. RUFFWEAR, Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag-best value for money
  7. DOGHELIOS ‘Trail-Barker’ Multi-Surface Travel Camper Sleeper Pet Dog Bed-easiest to use
  8. Hurtta Outback Dreamer Dog Sleeping Bag
  9. Outrav Dog Sleeping Bag – Camping Dog Bed-the most durable
  10. KZ Dotnz Waterproof Warm Dog Sleeping Bag

dog inside a dog sleeping bag

A top-rated puppy sleeping bag is essential to keep your four-legged companion warm and prevent him from getting sick. But shopping for the best sleeping bag for dog can be overwhelming. There are various sleeping bags for dogs, which makes it challenging to choose the right one.

5 tips for choosing the best dog sleeping bag

Take your dog’s measurements

Like humans, dogs turn and adjust to find the best sleeping position. A dog sleeping pad backpacking that will allow your dog to have some extra space to move around is essential for comfort and quality sleep. The last thing a pet owner wants to do is buy a smaller product than the dog. So, it is good to have the correct measurements. With a tape measure, you can get the actual measurements of your furry friend from its nose to the tail.

Also, the extra space of the sleeping bag depends on the sleeping habit of your furry friend. So, it is good to study him before making a purchasing decision. If your pet loves sleeping while curled up, you can go for a small sleeping bag, but if he sleeps sprawled, you can consider a bigger sleeping bag.

Understand the weather condition of your destination

Will you be traveling in cold environments? Or are you planning to camp during the rainy season? At times, it can be challenging to judge how cold it can be at night, even if it’s during the summer season. That’s why it is good to check the weather rating of your product. Just because a sleeping bag has a thick outer shell doesn’t mean it’s perfect for zero conditions.

Ensure that the dog sleeping bag bed has thermal insulation features or some heating elements to keep your furry friend warm at night.

Go for a dog sleeping bag with plenty of padding

The uncomfortable sleeping bag can make your dog bark or keep on climbing onto the product in the middle of the night. If you want to increase comfort and improve your dog’s health, pay attention to the product’s materials. Go for one with nice padding and soft materials to set up your dog with the cushioning it needs.

Some sleeping bags are only one inch or two inches thick. When your dog uses it for a few months, it is likely to get worn out. Sleeping bags such as the Ozark trail dog sleeping bag is padded at the bottom and edges to enhance the dog’s comfort and durability of the product.

Think about ease of maintenance

Imagine how your dog would smell like if you didn’t wash the sleeping bag? How would your product be if the dog’s hair gets stuck into the sleeping bag? Luckily, some of the best dog sleeping bags have materials that allow hair to slide off after you shake it.

Also, some are machine washable. Every pet owner wishes to have a sleeping bag that is easy to clean. It should have a removable cover so that you can take it off and pop it in your washing machine.

Check whether the sleeping bag has weather resistance features

Weather can change suddenly. Hence, choosing a sleeping bag that will keep your dog cool and dry is vital in preparation for the camping trip. Getting a product that has waterproof and water resistance features can go a long way.

dog sleeping in a dog sleeping bag

Also, the closure system plays a crucial role in preventing water and wind from entering the sleeping bag. Thus, it is good to pay attention to the feel and quality of the zip closure.

FAQs about camping with your dog

If you’re planning to take a camping trip with your dog, you probably have many questions about the types of gears to carry, how your dog will sleep, or how to protect the pet at night. It is good to have your dog along on the outdoor adventure. They make the best camping trips companion. We have researched 10 FAQs to enable you to have an exciting outdoor trip with your dog.

Do dogs need a sleeping bag?

Yes, a sleeping bag is essential to keep your dog warm and cozy. Exposing your pet to too much cold and rain can lead to health issues or even become a permanent problem. A sleeping bag will prevent any harm from coming to your pet. While a blanket can offer warmth and protection to your pet, a sleeping bag backpacking is the best option. They are well-insulated and have a closure system for easy access.

How do you make a sleeping bag for the puppy?

Some sleeping bags are costly, making it challenging for pet owners to purchase one for their furry friends. But the good thing is that you can make a sleeping bag by yourself.

Steps of making a sleeping bag for your puppy

  • Choose a material for your sleeping bag. You can go for a nylon fabric if you want a durable product.
  • Take your dog’s measurements
  • Cut the fabric and pay attention to the measurements of your dog
  • Sew the top and bottom and add a closure system
  • Add a lot of padding to enhance the comfort of your dog
  • Include a removable cover for easy cleaning
  • Ensure the sleeping bag is well ventilated for sufficient airflow

Making a sleeping bag for your dog is easy. But if you want to enhance the safety and comfort of your furry friend, purchasing one from the market is vital. Some brands, such as the rei dog sleeping bag, have all features that will fit your dog’s needs.

Does my dog need a sleeping bag for camping?

Your furry friend does not need a sleeping bag when camping. But he can benefit from it during the freezing conditions. The sleeping bag’s materials create a barrier between your dog and the cold ground.

Small dog breeds and those with short fur are more susceptible to freezing conditions. Also, if your pet is not used to outdoor adventures, it is good to purchase a sleeping bag for camping.

Where do dogs sleep when backpacking?

Dogs can sleep in a tent or a dog sleeping bag backpacking when tramping. All you need is to bring sleeping pads to make it more comfortable. Besides, the product’s entrance should unzip close to the ground for easy access. There are even heated tents for dogs that you can take with you for camping, however, they need an electric outlet.

Can dogs sleep in a car when camping?

Yes, dogs can sleep in the car when camping. But it would be best if you do not leave the dog unattended. Monitoring the dog will ensure that there are suitable temperatures in the car. While a vehicle can heat better than a sleeping bag, at times, it can get cold. When the temperatures are very low inside the car, the dog can become sick. That’s why a dog sleeping bag is essential, even if the dog is inside the vehicle.

What to do with dogs when camping?

Dog keeping itself warm in a dog sleeping bag

A camping trip is a perfect time to bond with your furry friend. So, a good campground where you can socialize and meet friends should be your priority. While taking long walks or participating in activities, train your pet some new skills.

Besides, you can engage in activities such as:

  • Relaxing outside
  • Having an outdoor meal
  • Visiting local parks
  • Exploring the beach
  • Boat ride or kayaking

Can you leave a dog in a tent?

Yes, you can leave your four-legged companion in a tent but make sure he is safe. Leaving your pet behind will give him time to rest while you perform other activities such as taking a shower.

Here are 5 ways for leaving your furry friend in a tent without issues

  • Ensure that the tent is well ventilated
  • Provide enough water
  • Keep someone near if you are going for a couple of hours
  • Make sure that your dog has a good health
  • If the weather is cold, allow the pet to sleep in a dog sleeping bag

Can you take your dog wild camping?

Yes, you can camp with your furry friend at any place as long as you are well prepared. The pet will enjoy the camping trip if you make him feel safe and comfortable.

Here are tips for wild camping with your dog

  • Evaluate the health of your pet
  • Pack a tent
  • Pack a sleeping bag. You can consider a Wilderdog sleeping bag if your dog is new to a sleeping bag or likes to burrow.
  • Carry enough food

Can dogs go camping?

dog in inside a tent with a dog sleeping bag

Yes, dogs can go camping. However, not all dogs can make the camping trip fun. If your pet is untrained, aggressive, sick, or barks constantly, he may not be a good choice for camping with. Nevertheless, you can train your dog and ensure proper treatment before the camping trip. Remember to carry camping gear such as a sleeping bag and a tent to enhance comfort in the freezing conditions. If your dog loves curling up, stretching out, or wanting to look outside, you can go for a Ruffwear sleeping bag. It is a compressible oval-shaped product with a half zipper to allow your pet to curl up inside.

Besides, not all camping sites are dog-friendly. Thus, be sure to research and understand the rules of your destination.

Although this article is about getting outdoors with your dog, you can use a sleeping bag for dog at home for comfort. Sometimes when dogs lose fat for medical reasons sleeping bags can help while you feed them dog food for gaining weight.

How do I secure my dog when camping?

Your furry friend can encounter challenges when camping. At times, the environment can be cold for the dog. Also, there is wildlife, which can scare your pet. So, how do you secure the dog?

  • Carry an emergency kit for the dog
  • Pack dog allergy medication
  • Carry a dog sleeping bag to keep your pet warm at night
  • Monitor your dog’s energy levels

10 reviews of the best dog sleeping bag for a camping trip

1. Vegapop Blue Dog Sleeping Bag-best overall

vegapop dog sleeping bag

Vegapop Blue Dog Sleeping bag is perfect for large and medium dogs. It measures 28 inches wide and 45 inches long. Besides, this product is lightweight, making it suitable for camping trips. You can pack it down to 14 by 7 inches to save space for storage.

Vegapop Blue Dog Sleeping bag comes with a design that enhances the comfort of your dog. It features a double-sided zipper to allow your dog to get in easily and sleep comfortably.

The outer layer is made of 100% waterproof polyester fiber, and the inner has fleece for comfort and extra softness.


  • It is machine washable
  • It has a versatile design
  • Perfect for different dog sizes
  • It is lightweight and easy to pack and store


  • The zipper is difficult to use when compared to other sleeping bags

Buyers feel that the large design is too big for their dogs and the medium design is too small. However, some found this helpful since the small sleeping bag

gets warm fast. Also, they can put a folded blanket in the large sleeping bag to enhance comfort.

Vegapop Blue Dog Sleeping has built-in cushions, so your pet can ease his weariness after hiking or other activities. Also, it is machine washable, meaning that you can keep it in clean condition all the time.

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2. Lifeunion Dog Sleeping Bag-The most insulated sleeping bag

lifeunion dog sleeping bag waterproof warm packable dog bed for travel camping hiking backpackingLifeunion Dog Sleeping Bag is a thick and well-insulated product, making it suitable for freezing environments. Its drawstring design ensures a good opening for your dog to enter with ease.

Besides, it is sturdy and consists of polyester outer and fleece inner, making it waterproof and comfortable for your furry friend. You can use this product for camping, backpacking, traveling, or at home.


  • It is a multi-functional sleeping bag
  • It is durable and waterproof
  • It offers a maximum amount of warmth for your pet
  • It is lightweight


  • It is not very compressible

Pet owners love this puppy sleeping bag because of its durability and safety features. The polyester lining and inner fleece make it a long-lasting product.

Lifeunion Dog Sleeping Bag comes with a lighter design, making it easy for your pet to use. Also, you can decide the amount of airflow you want your pet to get using the zip on one side or tail side.

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3. Noblecamper 2-in-1 Dog Bed and Sleeping Bag-the most versatile

noblecamper 2 in 1 dog bed and sleeping bagNoblecamper 2-in-1 Dog Bed and Sleeping Bag is a dual-function product. You can use it while traveling or at home. Also, if you have no idea whether to choose a dog bed or a sleeping bag, Noblecamper 2-in-1 Dog Bed and Sleeping Bag can be your solution. It doubles up as a sleeping bag and a dog bed. Thus, you will be sure to have the right camping gear in any situation.

This product is flexible and offers great insulation. It has bottom zippers, making it easy for the side of the dog bed to unfold and become a sleeping bag.

Apart from this, it has a water-resistant nylon design which is durable and quick to dry.


  • It dries quickly after washing
  • It is made of breathable and waterproof materials
  • It has a highly compressible design


  • It is heavy when compared to other sleeping bags

Some buyers feel that this product could be more insulated for the dog to survive the freezing conditions. Others view this product as a perfect sleeping bag for their dogs when in a hotel.

The shell of this dog sleeping bag camping is waterproof and durable to support the pet when sleeping. Also, it has three stake-out loops to secure it to the ground. This feature will also give you an option to hang it out to dry.

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4.  Alcott Adventure Sleeping Bag-The cheapest sleeping bag

alcott adventure sleeping bagAlcott Adventure Sleeping Bag is an affordable dog sleeping bag that comes in three sizes. So, it is advisable to take your dog’s measurements to choose the correct size. It is warm and well-padded on the inside to enhance comfort and secure the body of your pet. Thus, this product is a great choice if you will be camping on tough terrains.

Apart from this, it has a synthetic filling that offers perfect insulation. Also, it can roll up and fit in a storage bag easily.


  • It has a waterproof base
  • It is affordable
  • It is easy to clean


  • It weighs 1.33lbs, thus not suitable for backpacking

Buyers feel that this product should be a bit lighter. It becomes challenging to carry when hiking or traveling. But the way it rolls up makes it easy to fit in a convenient storage bag.

Alcott Adventure Sleeping Bag has a zip-up top. You can remove or add it depending on the weather condition. This makes it a perfect choice if you are camping in areas where the weather changes with time.

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5. CHEERHUNTING Dog Sleeping Bag-best for large dog breeds

cheerhunting dog sleeping bag waterproof travel large portable dog bed with storage bag for indoor outdoor warm camping hiking backpackingCHEERHUNTING Dog Sleeping Bag is a good option for medium to large dogs. You can open it completely or lay it flat on the ground for your larger pouch. It can handle pets of up to 90 pounds.

This puppy sleeping bag is made of insulated and waterproof materials. The polyester shell and fleece inner liner makes it comfortable and breathable for your dog to sleep in when camping. Apart from this, it features a Velcro tab that prevents the zip from opening accidentally.

Cleaning this product is easy. It is machine washable, and you can shake it to remove dirt.


  • It holds up well after repeated washings
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is quick to dry


  • It is heavy for backpacking

Buyers love the CHEERHUNTING sleeping bag because it is a great choice for large dogs. However, they feel that it would be good if it had a compression sack to shrink it to fit into the storage bag. Nevertheless, they view this product as a good solution for camping trips. It is well-insulated and consists of waterproof materials to keep your dog warm and comfortable. It has a polyester shell that is water-resistance and quick to clean and dry.

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6. RUFFWEAR, Highlands Dog Sleeping Bag-best value for money

ruffwear highlands dog sleeping bag water resistant portable dog bed for outdoor useRuffwear Highlands sleeping bag is an oval-shaped product that can be used with highland pads or as a standalone. This Ruffwear dog sleeping bag offers comfort and warmth for different dogs’ sizes. It can accommodate pets of up to 70 pounds.

Besides, it is lightweight and has a synthetic insulation layer to protect the dog from cold and soften the feel of hard ground. Its durable polyester makes it last for many adventures.


  • It features a sleeve bottom. Thus, you can add a sleeping pad to enhance comfort
  • It is made of durable materials
  • It weighs 12.7 ounces, making it easy to transport
  • You can clean it with a shake


  • It is not a perfect choice for small dogs

Pet owners feel that this sleeping bag for dogs is suitable for camping trips and backpacking. It features a compression sack to improve packability. Also, the half-length zipper reduces bulkiness.

Ruffwear highlands is a perfect dog sleeping bag if your pet is medium or large in size. It is insulated enough to keep your furry friend warm and comfortable. But if you want to enhance comfort, you can add a sleeping pad.

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7. DOGHELIOS ‘Trail-Barker’ Multi-Surface Travel Camper Sleeper Pet Dog Bed-easiest to use

doghelios trail barker multi surface water resistant travel camper sleeper pet dog bed mat wit blackshark technology one size red dark greyDOGHELIOS ‘Trail-Barker’ dog sleeping bag weighs 8 ounces and can accommodate medium size pets. It is easy to pack and transport, making it suitable for backpacking and traveling. Also, it has a nylon strap, making it easy to transport.

The blackShark technology makes this product waterproof and windproof. I will keep your dog cool and warm at the same time. It has a nylon fabric and a PU-coated polyester that makes it waterproof. The inner lining comes with a quilted film design, making this product windproof while retaining breathability.


  • It is a breathable, windproof, and waterproof product
  • It has a nylon carrying strap, making it easy to transport
  • The side zippers give room for connecting with other pet beds


  • It is only available in one size

Most buyers feel that DOGHELIOS ‘Trail-Barker’ sleeping bag is worth the money. It is durable and has thick insulation to keep your pet warm.

If you want a wide surface for your dog, DOGHELIOS ‘Trail-Barker’ can be your solution. It has connectable zippers that will allow you to attach multiple dog beds.

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8. Hurtta Outback Dreamer Dog Sleeping Bag

andis proclip ag2 single speed detachable blade clipper professional animal groomingHurtta Outback Dreamer Dog Sleeping Bag is designed to handle a dog’s natural sleeping position. It has a round design to allow your furry friend to curl up easily. This product offers your furry friend a comfortable place to rest. It is breathable, water repellent, and has a heat-reflecting foil to provide warmth for your dog.

Apart from this, it is lightweight and easy to carry. It weighs 0.58 pounds, making it suitable for backpacking.


  • It has a heat reflective interior to keep your dog warm
  • It is water repellent
  • It comes along with a stuff sack for easy packing


  • It is not a good solution for restless dogs

Buyers feel that this small dog sleeping bag would be better with a zipper on the side. Its design makes it challenging for the dog to enter. Your furry friend has to walk inside and turn around before sitting down. But if you train your pet how to use it, Hurtta Outback Dreamer Dog Sleeping Bag is a good option for camping trips.

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9. Outrav Dog Sleeping Bag – Camping Dog Bed-the most durable sleeping bag

outrav dog sleeping bag camping dog bed extra durable waterproof dog sleeping bag bed packable dog bed for camping hiking cottage and beach portable dog bed with stuff sackOutrav Dog Sleeping Bag measures 36 inches in length and 26 inches in width, making it perfect for small and medium dogs. Although it might seem very large, it shrinks to 15″ by 5.5″ when packed correctly.

Its durable construction makes it perfect for different outdoor conditions. Also, it has weatherproof materials to ensure that your pet remains dry in a wet environment. The polyester shell fabric is durable enough to accommodate your adventures.


  • It can accommodate different dogs’ sizes
  • It is highly versatile
  • It is a good option for many activities such as hiking, camping, and traveling.
  • It comes with a stuff sack, which packs it tight


  • It is not perfect for giant dogs

Some buyers feel that this product is not a good idea for freezing weather. It has thin materials to handle very low temperatures.

Although it lacks thick materials, it has polyester shell fabric that is waterproof to keep your pet dry. Also, it is big. Thus, you can add more padding to increase warmth.

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10. KZ Dotnz Waterproof Warm Dog Sleeping Bag 

kz dotnz waterproof warm dog sleeping bag with comperssion bag camping portable pet sleeping bed cave for indoor outdoor warm camping hiking backpackingKZ Dotnz is a multi-functional product designed to keep your dog comfortable and warm during the cold season. It comes in two sizes, medium-size, which weighs 1lb, and large size weighs 1.45lb.

The interior surface of this dog sleeping bag is made of soft fleece fabric that keeps the dog warm. And the exterior consists of polyester that is durable and quick to dry. When this product gets stains or dirt, you can easily wash it with a damp cloth or washing machine, and it will dry quickly. Apart from this, the materials do not irritate the pet’s skin. Thus, your furry friend will feel comfortable when inside.


  • It comes with a waterproof design
  • It is pet friendly
  • It consists of a durable polyester interior that is easy to clean and quick to dry
  • The inside of the product is soft. Thus, it will make your dog feel comfortable even if you place it on a bumpy surface.


  • It is not super thick

Buyers love the cushioning and size of KZ Dotnz. It is roomy to allow your pet to stretch. Also, you can add a folded blanket to increase warmth if the temperatures are very low.

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Final verdict: best dog sleeping bags to ensure safety and comfort when camping

A good dog sleeping bag will insulate your dog from the cold ground. Also, you will relax knowing that your companion is sleeping safely in his own sleeping bag. At times, you might want to let the dog into your tent. But allowing him to sleep in your sleeping bag can cause health issues, such as allergies. That’s why it is good to invest in a high-quality sleeping bag for your pet.

If you want your dog to enjoy the camping trip, purchase a product based on your pet’s needs rather than the price.

There are super-snug dog sleeping bags camping on this list, but our top pick is Vegapop Blue Dog Sleeping Bag. This product is fully insulated, water-resistant, and versatile. Also, it is machine washable. With this, your pet is guaranteed to have a nice sleep on the next adventure.

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    I don’t need to use the zipper a lot so the Vegapop was the best option right. I just stuff my dog in there :)) as he’s not the brightest cookie and I need to “force” him in. Once he’s in and sees how warm it is, he doesn’t want to come out 🙂

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