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Dog Dryer: 10 Best Products [2021] for Grooming Needs

Good body grooming helps your puppy friends feel and look their best. Bathing your dog is one of the critical requirements for a dog and part of home grooming. But how do you dry your furry friend after a bath? The common options among many pet parents are a towel or a dog dryer.

best dog dryer

The best dog dryer is safe for the dog and will make the process easier and faster, hence more effective than towels. Just like humans, dogs need drying immediately after a bath to feel comfortable. So, the faster you do it, the better for your loyal buddy.

Top 10 Best Dog Dryer Products

Many effective dog dryers are out there in the market, making it hard to decide on the best one to purchase. However, that won’t be much of a challenge anymore. Here is a clear review of the ten best dog dryers available in the market. We also have a quick guide to help you make the right buying decision. If you’ve already identified the perfect dog dryer to buy for your pup, you can go straight to this link.

  1. SHELANDY Stepless Adjustable Speed Dog Dryer
  2. Shernbao High-Velocity Dog Grooming Hair Force Dryer-SHD 2600P
  3. SHELANDY Professional Pet Blaster Dog Grooming Dryer
  4. Building Block LT-L Stepless High-Velocity Dog Grooming Dryer
  5. Mihealpet Quiet Dog Dryer
  6. iPettie Ionic High-Velocity Pet Hair Dryer
  7. Free Paws 4HP Adjustable Dog Dryer
  8. Mxmoonant 1800W Dog Grooming Dryer
  9. Grocerwell 3.8HP Adjustable Speed Dog Dryer
  10. Shernbao Dog Dryer High-Velocity SMD-06P

dog being groomed using a hairdryer

Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Dog Dryer for Your Dog

There are several features to look out for in the best dog dryer. But first, how often are you going to use it and where? Are you buying it for the occasional home purpose? Will you be using it in your pet grooming salon? It’s also advisable that you know the type of dog breeds you’ll be using your dog dryer on.

Whatever the case, here are things to consider when shopping for the best dog dryer for your furry friend.

Is It Durable?

You wouldn’t want to change your blow dryer frequently. That’s why you must ensure that you’re investing your money in something worth it. The dog dryer you buy needs to stay in good shape for the longest period possible. So, how do you check for durability?

You should first look for the materials used in making the dog dryer machine. Can they hold up to your usage? Metallic-based ones, for instance, will rust and become ineffective with time. Plastic-bodied dog dryers are not also durable, so you should avoid them. Instead, opt for the rust-controlled steel shell types.

Two more things that will also assist in checking durability are the types of energy used and impact resistance. Compared to battery-powered dog grooming dryers, electric dog dryers have high durability. Will the plastic-bodied dog dryers stand the impact if dropped down? They may not be able to bear it, the more reasons you should avoid them.

Your Storage

There are different types of dog dryers, including handheld, cage, standalone, and mounted. Each of these dog blow dryers comes in various forms and shapes, which requires unique storability needs.

Handheld dog blow dryers are the same size as human blow dryers, meaning that you can store them anywhere in the house, even inside drawers. The only downside of these handheld types is that they’re suitable only for smaller pips. On the other hand, if you’re a dog groomer or breeder, then you’ll find cage dryers ideal since you can use them to dry many dogs partially as they await stand drying. They, however, require a bigger space to set your grooming cage where you’ll mount them.

Stand dryers are the best overall because they’re more powerful than the rest and easier to store. You only need to spare a corner in your grooming salon or house for them. Also, the stand dog blow dryers rate highly on both durability and efficiency.

High or Low Air Flow?

A suitable blow dryer should produce enough airflow to dry your dog’s fur, leaving the skin in good shape. Remember, dogs’ skin is more sensitive compared to human skin, so you should only use the correct machines on them.

Before buying the best dog dryer for your dog, ensure its airflow is adjustable because different parts of your pup require different airflow variations. Your dog needs to be comfortable with the dog dryer’s air output to enjoy this process. For instance, a dog’s neck and face have less fur compared to its body. This makes the skin around the face and neck more sensitive, so you require low airflow to dry. The body has thick fur, and for it to dry, you need to adjust the airflow setting to a slightly higher option.

dog being groomed

The Variable Speed Settings

Each breed and type of fur has its suitable single-speed dryer, so pick the right one for your dog. But if you own a pet grooming salon, select a blow dryer with variable speeds since you deal with different breeds, sizes, and coats.

This feature will help you adjust the speed of airflow depending on the dog’s coat type, breed, and size at the time. You also get to start slow as you keep your furry friend comfortable, then gradually increase speed for quicker drying. A dog with a thick coat will need a higher setting to dry fast. However, ensure that the dryer doesn’t produce a loud sound as you increase speed.

Pick the Non-Heated Air Types

Any auxiliary heat would burn your dog’s sensitive skin, which means that your hairdryer is unsafe for dogs. Dog grooming dryers’ motor warms the air just enough to use for your dog’s grooming purposes. If you can place your hands on one that has an in-built filter to control the heat coming out, pick it.

How Noisy Is It?

There’s not any completely quiet dog dryer out there. However, you should know that a very noisy dog dryer may scare your pet away. For this, you have to consider your dryer’s housing. A polymer housing, for instance, absorbs the noise produced while a metal casing dryer will amplify it.

You may go through the customer review section to see what other customers say about their quietness and choose the least noisy one. Also, check if the blow dryer machine has any noise technology used.

Maintenance Requirements

How easy is it to change or clean the dog dryer’s filters? Is it something that requires a professional? Ideally, you need a dryer that won’t require any tools to clean or replace filters.

You shouldn’t postpone maintenance on your pet dryer machine, so you don’t harm your dog with dirty air filters. If clogged or dirty, the air filters may not dry your pup as they should and may also emit dust particles to your dog’s skin, hence jeopardizing its health.

1.   SHELANDY Stepless Adjustable Speed Dog Dryer

shelandy 3 2hp stepless adjustable speed pet hair force dryer dog grooming blower with heaterThe shelandy dog dryer is suitable for any home groomer looking for something portable and cost-effective. It features four nozzles of various sizes and shapes to make your dog’s drying process an entertaining activity. These four nozzles also produce different airflows to quickly dry your dog.

These four nozzles are all adjustable, depending on various factors, including breed, size, how wet the dog is, and the weather. Shelandy also didn’t compromise on noise reduction. There are four layers of noise reduction technology used in this dog grooming dryer. Additionally, it has two temperature control features, cold and warm, with a protector to ensure a safe room temperature air when using it.


  • It’s safe around your dog
  • It’s ideal for all types of coat
  • The shelandy dog dryer dries all coats effectively
  • It has multiple nozzles
  • It uses a noise reduction technology
  • Its airflow is adjustable depending on several factors


  • Only suitable for home grooming
  • It takes a lot of time to dry one dog

For its price and the excellent features it possesses, this is undoubtedly one of the best dog dryers available in the market. Its selling point is the nozzles it comes with.

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2. Shernbao High-Velocity Dog Grooming Hair Force Dryer-SHD 2600P

shernbao high velocity professional dog pet grooming hair drying force dryer blower 5 0hp super cyclone shd 2600pWith this high-velocity dog dryer, the drying process time reduces by 70%, regardless of your dog’s size. This dryer is an excellent model with a dual motor ideal for large breeds and during the winter season. With it, you can continue washing your dog even in the winter season.

Unlike most force dryers, this dryer provides a quiet drying environment. Therefore, if you have a dog that doesn’t like loud sounds, you should get this particular dryer for your dog’s grooming purposes. Its adjustable speed dial feature will help you control the noise levels until you reach one that your dog feels most comfortable with.

This high-velocity dog dryer also comes with two air filters and three different nozzles to control airflow.


  • Works excellently with large dogs
  • Ideal for winter seasons
  • Provides a quiet drying environment
  • It has an adjustable airspeed
  • Provides a 50% faster drying speed than other machines
  • It uses a heat resistant copper interior, making it safe and durable
  • It comes with three different nozzles, circular, flattened, and diffuse


  • Some groomers may find it too hot to use
  • Others say that it becomes less effective with time

If you have several large dogs, then this is the best dog dryer for you. You can use it both for home grooming and in your commercial grooming salon.

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3. SHELANDY Professional Pet Blaster Dog Grooming Dryer

shelandy professional 4 2hp pet blaster dog grooming dryer blower with double motorsAre you looking for a powerful dog dryer that will dry your huge dog easily and quickly? This shelandy dog dryer should take all your worries away. It has everything you need in a suitable dog dryer.

Its twin motors make it powerful and ideal for pet grooming salons and huge dog grooming usage. Most dogs will easily get scared by the noise. But with this dog dryer, the manufacturing did an excellent job including the four levels of noise reduction, making it more silent than most machines. Don’t forget about its adjustable features for both airflow and temperature control. This is undoubtedly such a well-designed appliance.

Also, its longer hose makes it possible for you to move around so you can reach those hard spots on your dog.


  • It has two powerful motors
  • You can use it both at home for huge dogs and in a grooming salon
  • It’s quieter than most dog grooming dryers
  • It has a lengthy hose to access hard to reach spots
  • You can switch heat settings from cold to warm and vice versa


  • Other people find it expensive

Though expensive, you can hugely benefit from its unique features, so it’s well worth the money.

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4. Building Block LT-L Stepless High-Velocity Dog Grooming Dryer

dog dryer high velocity dog grooming dryer blower stepless adjustable speed pet hair dryer dog hair force dryer blower 3 8hp professional dog hair dryer noise reduction with heater for all breedsHere is another powerful dog dryer available in the market today. If you’re tired of waiting that long to dry your medium or big-sized dogs, then this high-velocity dog dryer is the deal. It will save you time drying them. With the upgraded motor used in this dryer, you can adjust the speed for each breed of dog you’re drying.

You may worry that this machine may scare your dogs away when starting and when adjusting speed. However, that won’t happen since the manufacturer applied both the low noise and patented soft-start techniques. These techniques will ensure your dog remains comfortable at the start and during the drying process.

Also, this dog grooming dryer is ideal in all seasons because of its heating feature. This means that you can switch from cold to warm within no time.


  • It uses two noise reduction techniques
  • It’s ideal for all breeds
  • You can use it in all seasons
  • It’s quiet yet powerful
  • Reduces the drying time, especially for larger dogs
  • It has a longer hose to enhance its flexibility
  • It has additional air filters


  • Some customers don’t find the hose long enough

Overall, this dog dryer is ideal for a couple of medium or larger dogs and will certainly reduce the time you wait for the dogs to dry.

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5. Mihealpet Quiet Dog Dryer

mihealpet dog dryer blower quiet with free pet hoodie for calmingpet hair force dryer dog grooming blower low noise with adjustable heater speed professional quick drying dryerThe motor of this dog dryer is so stable and powerful that it can reduce time by over 70% when drying larger dogs. This is all thanks to the stepless adjustable speed dial and powerful blow force. And if your dog is scared of noises, this machine comes with a free hoodie that you can wrap around the dog’s neck to calm down.

You also get to have free nozzles with a combing ability for your dear friend. With this feature, as you dry your dog’s thick fur, you can also comb it, so the dog feels all pampered and cute. Its thickened metal casing absorbs noise to ensure your dog doesn’t get scared or agitated by the loud noise produced during the drying process. This casing is also an excellent heat insulator.


  • It can make your dog’s fur appear brighter and softer
  • Its negative ion function protects the dog’s coat against damage
  • It comes with additional nozzles with a comb function
  • It doesn’t make a loud noise
  • Ideal for large dogs
  • It’s durable
  • Can reduce drying time by over 70%
  • You can use it in all seasons
  • It’s dust-resistant


  • The hose is not long enough

This dog grooming dryer machine cares for both the groomer and the dog’s hearing sensitivity and overall health. That’s why there’s a free earplug gift for the groomer and a pet hoodie for your dog in the dog dryer box.

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6. iPettie Ionic High-Velocity Pet Hair Dryer

ipettie ionic high velocity pet hair dryer 4 3hp stepless adjustable heating speed dog hair dryer dog hair blower cat dryer with lcd digital display touch control and 4 nozzlesThis high-velocity dog hair dryer provides everything you need for your dog’s grooming usage. It uses a negative-ion technology that doesn’t only get rid of static but also minimizes fizz to make your dog’s coat soft and cute.

Though most high-velocity machines are known for loud noise, things are a bit different with this high-velocity ionic dryer. It has an advanced structure that reduces noise and only makes what is acceptable for pet parents and dogs.

With its portable handle, you can take it anywhere in the house to avoid monotony. Also, its sturdy non-slip design will give you the desired peace of mind knowing that the dog can’t knock it over or move it.


  • It has adjustable five wind speeds
  • It will dry your dog faster and efficiently due to its powerful airflow
  • It’s easy to maintain due to its detachable rear filter
  • It’s potable
  • It has a long hose that can extend to 9inches
  • It has an in-built temperature settings control system, making it suitable for all seasons
  • It comes with multiple nozzles to satisfy all your dog’s coat drying demands
  • Produces acceptable noise


  • Though it makes an acceptable noise, some dogs may still get scared

Overall, this dog dryer is a good investment for home groomers and salon grooming owners. It works effectively on all breeds and different coats and dries dogs faster compared to most pet dryers.

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7. Free Paws 4HP Adjustable Dog Dryer

free paws pet dryer dog hair dryer 4 0hp stepless adjustable speed and temperature professional pet hair force dryer dog grooming blower with heater spring hose and 5 different nozzlesWith this free paws dog dryer, both you and your furry friend will always be looking forward to the drying time. Because of its high-power motor, the time you spend drying the dog is significantly reduced. And, with the five different nozzles, you can style your dog however you wish.

The dryer comes with a temperature control feature that is adjustable between 96 to 167 degrees. Even the heat airflow is flexible; depending on your dog’s coat type, size, and breed, its hose can extend to 7.9 inches.

Another factor most groomers look out for in a dog dryer is quietness. This dryer uses noise reduction technology to keep its sound below 62 decibels. That’s the same sound you make when having a conversation with someone seated next to you.


  • It has five different nozzles for different styling needs
  • Ideal for all breeds and different sizes of dogs since you can adjust airflow
  • You can use it in all coats since you’re able to control the temperature settings
  • Keeps noise below 62 decibels
  • It has a flexible hose that can extend to 7.9inches


  • The hose gets heated up
  • It is a bit expensive of other groomers

Overall, this dog dryer from free paws has everything you need to dry your dog perfectly and within the shortest possible time.

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8. Mxmoonant 1800W Dog Grooming Dryer

mxmoonant 1800w dog dryer pets hair dryer stepless speed temp adjustable dog cat hair dryer professional pet grooming blowerIf you’re a dog owner who doesn’t like visiting dog grooming salons, then you should get this dryer for your dog. Ideal for home grooming, this dog grooming dryer will leave your dog all dry and feeling nice by the time you finish. It has a noise reduction design to keep your dog comfortable throughout the drying process. Also, inside the pet dryer box, you’ll find a comb that comes as a gift for your dog so you can comb the long hair as it dries.

Other notable features about this god dryer include two nozzles, adjustable temperature control, and cotton filtration to prevent dust and other particles from reaching its powerful motor.


  • It has a leather handle making it easily portable
  • It comes with a flexible air duct to prevent heat from reaching your hands
  • There’s a heat dissipation feature to prevent this machine from overheating
  • It doesn’t produce a loud noise
  • Ideal for both small dogs and large breeds
  • It comes with a thickened cotton filter


  • Some dogs may get scared at the start

You don’t need to visit your local pet grooming salon to wash and dry your dog. This dryer is a good investment for home dog groomers.

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9. Grocerwell 3.8HP Adjustable Speed Dog Dryer

grocerwell dog hair blower 3 8hp stepless adjustable speed pet grooming dryer pet hair force dryer for small and large dogThis dryer is safe to use on your dog’s fur as it produces just the right power needed to dry even a wet dog. The motor produces high-velocity power but on a much safer range, so you shouldn’t worry about your dog’s sensitive skin getting burnt or its fur damaged.

Besides power, you also get four different nozzles in the dog dryer box to cover all the dog’s drying needs. In addition, it’s quieter than most pet dryers out there in the market, thanks to its low noise technology.


  • It’s quiet
  • With it, you can comfortably wash your dog in winter, thanks to its round nozzle
  • It comes with four different nozzles for various needs
  • Produces high-velocity airflow
  • It has an adjustable temperature setting control feature
  • Perfect for heavy coat dogs


  • It takes a long time to dry a single dog
  • You get to hold the dryer all the time

Most groomers find it affordable and ideal for dogs with thick curly coats. However, it will take you longer to dry a dog with long hair, hence consuming a lot of electricity.

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10. Shernbao Dog Dryer High-Velocity SMD-06P

shernbao dog dryer high velocity professional dog pet grooming force hair dryer blowerIf you’re looking for a lightweight, flexible, and hand dryer, then this should be your first choice. This Shernbao dog dryer performs better than most pet dryers of the same type out there as it can dry your dog 60% faster.

Topped with its adjustable airflow speed and temperature control features, it’s indeed safe to use on your furry friend. Its stable airflow will ensure your dog dries up faster with its fur intact. And, you can adjust its hose up to 8feet.


  • It’s easy to carry and operate
  • You get two temperature control settings
  • Airflow speed is adjustable
  • It comes with three different nozzles to cover the basic drying needs
  • It comes with a 4ft hose that you can extend to 8ft
  • Easy to store


  • Produces a loud noise when starting

Overall, this dog dryer is exactly what you need for a dog’s home grooming usage. It’s small in size yet powerful enough to remove excess water from thick coats and doesn’t require much storage.

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FAQs About Dog Dryers

Is it safe to use a hairdryer on a dog?

A hairdryer is not safe for dogs as most of them produce high heat that can burn your dog’s sensitive skin. Also, some hairdryers are not powerful enough to completely remove excess water from a dog’s fur.

What kind of dryers do dog groomers use?

There are different types of dryers dog groomers use, handheld, stand, cage, or mounted. As long as the dryer is well-designed for dogs, it becomes suitable for grooming.

Which is the best dog dryer?

The best pet dryer is safe for the dog and will make the process easier and faster. Other features also define the best dog dryer, including storability, adjustable airflow and temperature settings control, durability, quietness, etc.

How do dog groomers dry dogs?

Dog groomers mostly use cage dryers to dry dogs. For one, they’re convenient as you can partially dry one dog as you prepare others. Also, it helps when dealing with overly anxious dogs during a grooming session.

man blow drying his dog

What is a forced-air dryer?

A forced-air dryer uses a technology that can dry your dog’s inner and outer coats efficiently. This technology makes force dryers a perfect choice for all dog groomers.

Can I let my dog dry naturally?

Though it’s possible, natural air drying comes with a lot of consequences. It may cause fungus growth under your dog’s armpit. Also, the dog may suffer from an ear infection later.

Is a dog dryer worth it?

If you like bathing your dog frequently and in all seasons, and your dog is also long-coated, then a dog dryer should be a good investment. It will leave your dog all cute, clean, and happy, hence worth it.

How do I dry my dog after a bath?

First, you need to gradually introduce a dog dryer to your dog until the dog becomes comfortable around it. Then, ensure you start from a low setting, moving upwards. Keep its nozzles some distance away from your dog, and always keep it in motion to reach every wet spot.

Should you dry wet dogs?

Yes, drying wet pups is essential for their health. Your dog’s wet fur can cause fungus growth in armpits and paws.

Our Verdict

woman grooming her dog

Don’t use the natural air drying method on your dog when you can give your furry friend the best possible care and love using the best dog dryer. The best dog dryer will not only quicken the drying process, but it’s also safe and will leave your dog’s fur clean and shiny.

We hope that this simple guide makes it easy for you to select the most suitable dog dryer for your canine friend.

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