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10 Heated dog house [2023] Keep your dog warm

If your dog prefers staying outside, you can make it more comfortable for him by getting the best heated dog house you find out there in the market.

best heated dog house

With that, a heated dog house for winter should ensure your pet is warm and comfortable. Most of the heated dog houses available have quality insulation to keep your pet warm. At the same time, others have self-regulating heaters to keep your dog warm. Additionally, a good dog house should be safe and cost-effective. Moreover, this house should be spacious, allowing your dog to stand, coil, or sit.

With that, here are our top heated dog houses you can get for your pet. In a hurry? Here are our top three choices.

1. Editor’s choice: ASL solutions deluxe insulated dog palace with floor heater

  • Dog palace with floor heater
  • Every panel has 2-4 inches of real foam insulation
  • The floor is insulated and 4″ raised

2. First Runner Up: ASL Solutions D.P. Hunter Dog House with Floor Heater

  • Made of weather and rust-resistant material
  • Features a removable floor heater
  • Has a drain hole and slanted floor for easy cleaning

3. Second Runner Up: Pawznpaths Dog House For Large Dogs

  • Can accommodate dogs up to 80 pounds
  • Made with Deluxe 600D PVC
  • Easy to set up
  1. Petmate Precision Pet Weather-Resistant Log Cabin Dog House
  2. Suncast Outdoor Dog House
  3. Petmate Indigo Dog House
  4. ZJDU Outdoor Wooden Pet Kennel
  5. Ferplast Dog Kennel
  6. EcoFLEX Rustic Lodge Style Dog House
  7. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Tent Outdoor Heated Pet Shelter for Dogs and Cats

dog inside the dog house

10 Best Heated Dog Houses to Keep Your Dog Warm

1. Editor’s Choice: ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater

asl solutions deluxe insulated dog palace with floor heaterASL solutions present this heated dog house with a heated floor to keep your pet warm and cozy during those cold winter months.

After getting this dog house, you can now tuck in under your beddings, knowing your dog is not at all being affected by the freezing temperatures.

And the 2.4 inches of real foam insulation in each panel regulates temperatures in summer and cold winters.

Consequently, the self-closing well-insulated door blocks the external cold air, which may freeze your dog.

The 4 inches raised floor that you see here keeps your fur baby’s beddings away from the cold ground.

A minute but rather important feature here is the electrical cord hole here. With that, you can fix a lamp inside if the already present mechanisms are not keeping your pet warm.


  • Made of molded plastic
  • Raised from the ground
  • Well insulated all over


  • Expensive

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2. First Runner Up: ASL Solutions D.P. Hunter Dog House with Floor Heater

asl solutions dp hunter dog house with floor heaterASL solutions brand stamp its authority again in this list of our best outdoor heated dog houses. After assembly, this dog house has exterior dimensions and interior dimensions of 17’’H×19’’W×25″ L.

A key point out is the material constituting this dog house. The inner inside is constructed from LLDPC resin which is super strong and UV-8 Protected. In contrast, the outer material consists of foam which is weather and rust-resistant.

Next, the floor of this heated dog house is raised 5.5 inches from the ground keeping your dog’s beddings warm and dry even with the biting cold outside.

The included floor heater keeps your dog more comfortable when the temperatures start plummeting.

Cleaning this heated dog house is a breeze all because of the drain hole and the sloped floor. All that is needed is to hose down and let the water run out of the house effortlessly.


  • Raised floor for extra comfort
  • Constructed from tough material


  • Not that easy to assemble

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3. Second Runner Up: Pawznpaths Dog House for Large Dogs

pawznpaths dog houses for large dogs indoor outdoor plastic shelter for big dogs made with deluxe 600d pvc waterproof insulated sturdy easy to assemble and clean cozy xxl dog houseWhen temperatures plummet, your large dogs should sleep in spacious and well-comfortable insulated, heated large dog houses. And one such insulated dog house is like this one from PAWZNPATHS. This outdoor shelter is made of Deluxe 600 D PVC material, which is tough and water-resistant.

Noteworthy, this heated dog house is 45.6’’l× 30.9’’w× 32.1’’h/28.2″, making it one of the best large dog houses for dogs up to 80 pounds.

With its spacious interior, your dog can easily stand and turn around with ease.

This dog house also comes with complete materials, predrilled holes, and a guide manual—with that, the setting up process is much easier.

This extra-large heated outdoor dog house is well insulated to keep your pet warmer during cold weather. This insulation is also crucial in keeping the house cooler when the mercury rises. Thus this is not a dog house you will dispose of when summer sets in.


  • This large dog house is spacious and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble heated dog house
  • Consist of waterproof material
  • Elevated flooring
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Not a great dog house for destructive dogs

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4. Petmate Precision Pet Weather-Resistant Log Cabin Dog House

precision pet log cabinPetmate is famous for its high-quality pet products. And one of their pet products is this Petmate Precision Pet Weather-Resistant Log Cabin Dog House.

You can get the small, medium, large, or extra-large heated dog house per your preference.

So what’s makes this dog house superior? This outdoor shelter consists of solid wood and stainless steel frames, ensuring it’s durable and strong.

The weatherproof material and proper insulation keep the cold air out, ensuring your dog is warm even when the temperatures out there are sub-zero.

This heated dog house also features adjustable feet, which keeps it well stable on any surface.

This well-crafted dog house has a raised floor which improves air circulation all over your dog house. Moreover, this elevation is crucial as it keeps your dog’s beddings dry.

Other notable features of this insulated dog house are sealed protective coating and slanted floor, making cleaning easier. Lastly, the pest and rust-resistant features are worth mentioning.

Overall most dog parents are happy with how it’s easy to assemble this heated dog house. However, other dog parents say the floor here is weak.


  • Available in four sizes
  • Made of strong frames
  • Dog house features adjustable feet
  • Sealed protective coating


  • The floor is too weak

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5. Suncast Outdoor Dog House

suncast outdoor dog house with door water resistant and attractive for small to large sized dogs easy to assemble perfect for backyardsThe Suncast Outdoor Dog House is an easy-to-setup insulated, heated dog house perfect for pets up to 70 pounds. This dog house consists of heavy-duty resin that is quite durable and sturdy, enhancing its longevity. This dog house also features a vinyl door for easier entry and exit. Still, the door here blocks the cold air from outside.

The crowned floor here is also removable, important when you want to clean this dog’s cabin thoroughly.

Overall most dog parents like the general structure of this dog house. Whereas other dog parents like the pocket-friendly price of this heated and cooled dog house.


  • Constructed with a heavy-duty resin material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Removable floor for easy cleaning
  • Reasonably priced


  • Weak floor

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6. Petmate Indigo Dog House

petmate indigo dog house all weather protection taupe black 3 sizes availableKeeping your dog warm during winter is your duty, and a great way to do so is to get a well-insulated dog house. And one such type of dog house that keeps pets warm and cozy is this Petmate Indigo Dog House.

This dog house which resembles an igloo is made of heavy-duty material providing insulation in summer and winter.

The dimensions here are 43.8’’× 34’’×25.8″, perfect for pets up to 50 pounds. The dome design of this well-insulated dog house enhances its stability even in high winds.

The entrance here is also strategically placed to shield your pet from all-weather elements more severe during winter.

Furthermore, the floor here is raised to keep your dog’s beddings away from absorbing the ground’s cold temperatures. Also, the fixed side moats drain all water, effectively keeping your pet dry throughout.

This heated dog house also features microban antimicrobial product protection, which helps prevent the growth of stains and odor-causing bacteria.

So what do reviewers like or dislike about this plastic dog house? Overall most dog parents like the construction of this insulated dog house. Some dog parents say this Petmate indigo dog house way of packaging or shipping is not as great as it came broken.


  • Perfect for dogs weighing 25-175 pounds
  • Has microban antimicrobial product protection
  • Easy to customize


  • Ventilation on top may bring in cold air during winter

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7. ZJDU Outdoor Wooden Pet Kennel

zjdu outdoor wooden pet kennel wood pet cat room shelterwood outdoor insulated weatherproof dog houseseasy to clean waterproof leak proof comfortable dog housel largeImprove the living environment of your furry friend by getting a quality insulted dog house like this ZJDU Outdoor Wooden Pet Kennel.

Like most dog houses we’ve reviewed in this section, this dog house has no heat source. However, you can install a heat source like a heat lamp or heated pad.

Most importantly, this dog house roof features a waterproof asphalt shingle which is rainproof and corrosion-resistant.  Also, it’s a great heat preservation material that ensures no heat is lost during those cold nights when your pet is inside.

The frame here is high-quality Chinese fir which overall makes this heated dog house strong and durable.

Consequently, this kennel is coated with water-based paint, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic to your dog.

The interior of this kennel is well spacious in which your pet can curl up, sleep and play without restriction. In here, you can also add more blankets to not only keep your dog warm but also cozy.


  • Available in two size
  • Removable floor for easy cleaning
  • Waterproof solid Chinese fir


  • Costly

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8. Ferplast Dog Kennel

ferplast dog kennelAnother inclusion in our list of the top heated dog houses is this Ferplast Dog Kennel. This heated dog house with a welcoming shape has dimensions of 28.74’’L×23.23’’W×20.87’’H suitable for your small furry friend. This dog house is well insulated to keep your pet warmer when the mercury drops.

Moreover, the floor here is raised to keep your pet away from the cold ground.

Assembling this insulated dog house is easy as no tools are needed. After setting it up, your dog can now enjoy sleeping in a well-ventilated place even when the temperatures out there are unbearable.

When going through most Amazon reviews, there is quite a mix of reactions from dog parents. Some love the overall design. Others like how it’s easy to set up this plastic dog house.

The major complaint among most pet parents is the poor quality material used. Two or three pet parents say their dogs destroyed this plastic dog house.


  • Consist of antishock & U.V ray resistant tough plastic
  • Built-in ventilation and drainage system
  • Raised floors to keep pet beddings dry


  • Too brittle

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9. EcoFLEX Rustic Lodge Style Dog House

ecoflex rustic lodge style dog houseEcoFLEX Rustic Lodge Style Dog House is an insulated dog house that utilizes your dog’s heat to keep it warm when temperatures plummet.

First, this heated dog house is made of ecoFLEX material, which is tough and non-toxic. This ecoFLEX is a proprietary material consisting of reclaimed wood and plastic.

To improve the aesthetics of your backyard, you can apply colorful paint to this dog house. Moreover, you can also apply a dark color all over the house. Dark colors are great in retaining heat, overall making the dog house warm.

Noteworthy, this heated dog house is available in 3 sizes. Medium is perfect for dogs up to 40 pounds, large for dogs up to 140 pounds, and jumbo, available for dogs up to 200 pounds.

Worth noting, this dog house comes with no door, which puts off some pet parents. The great thing is that one can buy one separately.

So what do most dog parents say about this heated dog house? Some pet parents like the overall construction here. However, some pet parents still find this dog house flimsily made. Whereas other pet parents how they struggled to set up this heated dog house.


  • Made with ecoFLEX material, which is eco-friendly and durable
  • Well insulated
  • Available in 3 sizes


  • Hard to assemble this dog house

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Honorable Mention: The Best Heated Dog House For Not So Cold Winters

Here is a quality dog house that we know may be suitable for dogs who reside in not-so-cold places.

Moreover, this dog house may be a great portable option for you who likes traveling a lot.

10. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Tent Outdoor Heated Pet Shelter for Dogs and Cats

kh pet products thermo tent outdoor heated pet shelter for dogs cats1If you are looking for a pocket-friendly heated outdoor dog house, then here is a great alternative. For winter, this heated dog tent features a 20watt orthopedic-style heated floor that keeps your pet warmer when temperatures drop. Moreover, this floor can be removed when the temperatures start becoming favorable for your dog.

The fleece cover here is machine washable, so don’t be troubled if it gets severely stained by your dog’s urine.

The tent, tent poles, and tent pole connectors are easy to set up for everyone.

Going through most reviews on Amazon, most dog parents like the design of this heated dog house. Others boast of how they fixed it easily, even though they are not DIY gurus.


  • Consist of a 20-watt heated floor pad
  • Machine washable fleece cover
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not perfect for destructive dogs

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siberian husky puppies winter heated dog house

How Much Does A Heated Dog House Cost?

Most heated dog houses cost between 60 and 500 dollars. More often, low-priced heated dog houses have basic features.

As the price goes higher, you get high-quality heated dog houses with superior features. These heated dog houses have high-quality materials. For example, heated dog houses ranging from 250$-400$ are made of thick vinyl or heavy-duty fabric.

The more expensive is the heated dog house, the more features you will get, which are hard to find in low-priced heated dog houses.

However, don’t go for a highly-priced heated dog house because you think it’s of higher quality. Some manufacturers will place a high price on low-quality heated dog houses in pursuit of profit.

Consider one that will give you great value for your money. Sometimes you can get a great product for a low price.

What Is A Good Heat Source?

One way to keep your pup warm and comfortable in the dog house is by adding a heat source. So which one is the best heat source to keep your dog warm?

First, there are key things you need to factor in when looking for a good heat source. First, consider the size of the house, your dog breed, your dog’s health status, and your location.

Most importantly, you should check for a heat source that can spread heat all over the house without overheating your dog.

Also, safety is crucial. A good heat source should be made of dog-friendly material that won’t cause any harm.

Are Heated Dog Houses Safe?

A heated dog house will help keep your pup warm during winter weather. However, are these heated dog houses safe?

You will find, most high-quality heated dog houses prioritize your dog’s safety. The electrical cords are well kept away from your dog. And if there is any heat source, it’s self-regulating.

Danger will only come if you get poorly made heated dog houses with unregulated heat sources. Also, the initial assembly of this dog house is crucial.

dog wearing clothes

Will A Heat Lamp Keep My Dogs Warm?

When temperatures drop, one way to keep your pup warm is by getting a heat lamp. These heat lamps come in various sizes and have varying potential.

So, how good are these heat lamps? And do they keep a dog warm? Yes, a heat lamp can help keep your pup warm. What you all need to consider is the wattage of this lamp. For a small kennel, it would be best if you opt for a small heat lamp. Such a lamp will disperse heat all over without overheating your dog.

If you have a larger kennel, a big lamp with high wattage will be enough to keep your pet warm.

Safety is crucial. Always keep the lamp in a place your dog cannot access it and get burnt.

It’s also good you look for a heat lamp with a shield—this prevents the dog from rubbing itself against the lamp, which can be hazardous.

Can You Heat A Dog House With A Light Bulb?

Light bulbs can play an important role in keeping your furry friend warm.  When looking for a light bulb to keep your pup warm, check the wattage. Some light bulbs have as high as 350 watts which can be too hot for your dog. For a small cubicle, a 150-watt bulb can suffice.

Worth noting, be wary of light bulbs. The reason is, some produce lots of light which can interfere with your dog’s sleep pattern.

The best option is to look for an infrared light bulb. As such, a bulb puts out heat without producing light. The only highlight here is that you have to keep monitoring the heat levels.

How Can I Make A Dog House Warmer During Winter?

Winter temperatures can be too harsh even for your double-coated dog. Thus immediate interventions are needed to keep your dog warm. So, how can you make a dog house warmer?

Retain the already present warmth

Here is how to do it

Insulate the Dog House

You can use carpets to seal the interior of your dog’s house. If you prefer a permanent solution, you can use a foil-faced insulator to create a cozy environment for your dog.

Elevate Your Dog’s House

Another way is by elevating your dog’s house. However, this is only applicable if the ground is colder than the air around. Thus it will be a decision you have to make and check what suits your dog. You know, sometimes elevating the house can enhance the inflow of cold air.

Use a Dog Door

A dog door will prevent cold air from getting inside.

Adding heat

Use a Heat Lamp

a good heat lamp will help keep your dog warm when temperatures start dropping. Remember to prioritize your dog’s safety when looking for a good heat lamp. Don’t look for one that is too bright or produces more than enough warmth.

dog standing outside the dog house

Get a Heating Pad

Heating pads are also effective in keeping dogs warm. However, if your dog is quite destructive, then you may be forced to seek another alternative.

Get a Heated Dog Bed

If mechanisms already present are not helping keep your pup warm, get a heated dog bed.

Some of the heated dog beds you find out there in the market require electricity, whereas others are self-warming.

If you have a destructive and nosy dog who likes chewing everything, a heated dog bed with power cords all over may not be the best alternative. A great choice for such a dog is a self-warming bed.

One of the best self-warming heated dog beds is this K&H PET PRODUCTS Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed. This thermostatically controlled bed features soft foam walls for maximum comfort.

Safety is not a concern as this heated dog bed has been tested and certified by MET Labs. Moreover, it exceeds USA/CA electrical safety standards.

Is it getting hot outside? Then no need to throw this heated dog bed, as you can easily remove the fixed 6-watt heater.

Overall, this is a heated dog bed that your dog will enjoy both in summer and winter weather as it’s super cozy. The only drawback is that this heated dog bed is not suitable for outdoor use.

Get a Dog House Heater

Some of the insulated dog houses we have reviewed in this section may find it hard to battle the cold winter weather. Instead of disposing of that insulated dog house, you can get a dog house heater.

One of the dog house heaters we can recommend is this Akoma Hound Heater dog house heater. So what makes this heater exceptional?

First, this heater features a replaceable 300 watts heating element that disperses heat up to 75 ft. What’s more special, the advanced Bluetooth technology enables you to monitor temperature right from your phone. With that, no need to get in your dog’s house every time.

Safety is prioritized here as this heater has a heavy-duty chew-proof cord. Lastly, corners here are rounded for added safety.

The only drawback is that this dog heater is quite expensive. However, with the in-place features, we think the price is justifiable.

Do Dogs Need Extra Blankets in winter?

A shawl or blanket can help keep your dog warm when temperatures drop below 40 Fahrenheit. Even though your dog’s double coat will help keep your dog warm, sometimes it may not be enough.

Thus your dog will appreciate it when you cover him with a blanket to conserve the already scarce warmth.

A blanket will help keep your dog warm and cozy when the temperatures out there are too low.

Is It OK To Keep a Dog Outside In Winter?

Many pet parents may wonder whether it’s OK to leave a dog out in the cold temperatures.  Some dog breeds like the Samoyed and the husky can tolerate cold temperatures. However, it’s different for other breeds.

Moreover, even the double-coated breeds sometimes find it hard to keep warm in cold winters.

Nevertheless, you can leave your dog out during winter. However, ensure the right interventions are in place to keep your dog warm.

The cold temperatures may also expose your dog to frostbite and hypothermia. All these are dangerous conditions that may be hard and expensive to reverse.

Alpo leaving your dog outside may be labeled as animal cruelty. For example, did you know since 2016, the FBI harshly judges animal cruelty just like felony cases like burglary, assault, and homicide?

With that, if you want to leave your dog outside, ensure he’s well fed. Put your dog in a heated dog house. Also, get a heater to keep your dog warm.

Lastly, ensure the dog’s house is well insulated.

How Cold Is Too Cold For A Dog To Sleep Outside?

dog in a balnket

Just like you, any dog can be affected by a drop in temperatures.

And just like many other pet parents, you may wonder how cold it’s too cold for a dog.

For most dogs, temperatures of around 60 Fahrenheit are considered safe. At this level, even your short-haired dog breed may be fine.

However, if the mercury starts hitting the 45 Fahrenheit mark, extra attention is needed. At this mark, you can let your dog inside a heated dog house. The more the temperatures start dropping below 30˚, the more it becomes fatal for your dog.

According to The tufts animal condition and care (TACC) system, when the temperatures hit below -12˚ Celsius or 10 Fahrenheit, they are considered unsafe for small and big dog breeds.

With such intolerable temperatures, it may be too cold for your dog to leave him out.

Final Thoughts: Time to Get the Best Heated Dog House

If you never knew the benefits of a heated dog house, we know by now you are informed. With the reviewed large and small heated dog houses, now it will be easier to make a great decision.

Choosing any of the reviewed options will help keep your dog warm and comfortable as the temperatures drop.

So, have you purchased any of the heated dog houses we have reviewed? Share your experience here in the comment box.

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