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12 indoor dog tent choices for [2023]

Your dog has resigned to sleep in your bed every night, taking up half the mattress almost every time. Wouldn’t it be great if he had a comfortable space of his very own? Why don’t you give an indoor dog tent a try? Give your loved ones their little escapes, so they don’t rely on yours!

indoor dog tent

In my experience to keep an eye on the surroundings. Make sure the flaps of your indoor dog tent won’t completely close. Or you can experiment with your dog to see if she likes closed flaps. Find the way that pest suits your dog.

For your quick reference, we have collected the links to the reviewed products here. You can go directly to products if you know what you need. However, if you need to think it through take a look at the reviews and read more about making your dog’s life secure and comfortable.

  1. PetnPurr Pet Teepee indoor dog tent
  2. Little Dove Pet Teepee
  3. PETMAKER Cozy Cottage House
  4. Zampa Portable Foldable Pet Playpen
  5. Pet Tent Soft Bed
  6. Miss Meow Cat Dog Tent
  7. Portable Indoor Pet House
  8. Arkmiido Dog Teepee
  9. 101mart Premium Soft-Sided Collapsible Pet Crate
  10. Dog House Soft Indoor
  11. ChYoung Winter Warm indoor dog tent
  12. ANPPEX Igloo Dog House

What is an Indoor Dog Tent?

In most traditional cases, a dog tent is either a kind of camping tent or shelter created for your furry little one! They are often straightforward to set up and very convenient for both dog and handler.

Whether you’re camping trip outdoors or staying at home, your dog tent provides shelter and privacy for your pup. A vast indoor dog tent is easy to set up and clean. It provides cushion, support and enhances your pup’s environment!

Traditional Pyramid Style Tent

Think of a traditional camping-style canvas tent you might set up in the woods when hiking or camping. These are usually washable, durable, and sometimes waterproof. If accompanied by some grounded ‘stakes,’ they can endure harsh winds (though your dog might not like those conditions).

House Shaped Indoor Dog Tent

Many pet parents love the ‘house shape’ concept but don’t want something heavy and cumbersome, like an actual dog house, inside their living room. The material used to create an indoor dog house is usually comfortable and straightforward to install.

Pyramid Style Cotton  Indoor Dog Tent

Though they usually don’t cost much more than the other dog homes listed here, these offer a more ‘upscale’ appearance. They are (but not always) made of cotton and designed to look like a native American-style tepee.

Indoor/Outdoor Travel Crate Style

Imagine a beehive-shaped or luggage-shaped carrying case. It what you could find here, generally made from a nylon-type fabric.

The ‘Play Pen’ Style 

These dog indoor dog tents are usually much more extensive, allowing your dog much more room to move around while affording the safety of limited confinement. You might think of a dog kennel that helps a dog room move around, yet not enough to run away or get into trouble.

Do Dogs Like Indoor Dog Tent type beds?

If an indoor dog tent bed is relatable to a kind of den, your dog could grow to love it! Your pet’s dog tent could be more valuable to your dog than your bedroom is to you. The depth of your training will determine how much your dog ends up valuing his tent bed.

Dogs like to be comfortable, and more importantly, dogs want to feel safe and secure! This strong instinct stretches back hundreds of thousands of years to the first wolves who always needed to ensure their safety while continually competing with other predators. Dens are easily guarded, provide shelter, and are enclosed on three sides.

While some indoor dog tents are pop-up canvas or composed of open netting, others are also (like many below) both comfortable and enclosed on three sides. Even though your home already offers shelter from the outdoor elements, your pup’s own little personal enclosure provides the sensation of warmth and protection.

dog sitting inside the dog tent

Comfortable & Therapeutic

Any animal likes to feel comfortable. When you provide a soft base inside your dog’s indoor pop-up tent, the therapeutic cushioning offered can further support aching bones and joints.

Like a Home Away from Home

The best dog tents will be almost like caves themselves, offering an opening but closed on three sides. It gives your dog a sense of privacy, safety, and security. To maintain that sense of privacy, try not to play or bother your pet while he is in his getaway.

Comfort is important! Not only will it be easier to convince your pup to use his new escape if he feels good inside it, but the added cushioning is also significant support for joints. The training is even easier if your pet enjoys the comfort of his new mini-home.

Suppose you do everything right and follow recommended training guidelines to the letter. In that case, your dog will retreat to their indoor dog house whenever he’s feeling overwhelmed, insecure, or just plain exhausted or fatigued. Rather than napping on your bed, the furry one will retreat to his or her very own escape!

Compare to a Crate

Think of an average dog crate, little more than a metal cage lined with soft, blanketing material just big enough for your pup to stand up and turn around in. As long as the handler introduced this dog crate correctly (crate training is trendy among pet owners), the dog will begin to think of it as a sort of den.

While it might not look like it to you, your dog will grow to love his crate (tent)! It will be his escape from the outside world, offering both comfort and protection. When he feels overwhelmed, he will go to his pet tent to get away from everything for a while.

Not only will it be a sort of ‘safe-haven getaway’ for your dog, but his dog tent bed will also be comfortable. What is stopping you from adding orthopedic support to the base is creating a medically supportive benefit on top of others?

The Gist

At first, your dog’s pop-up tent will seem strange and unfamiliar. You’ll need to introduce them to it, training your dog to like it. The principle is beneficial and easy for any trainer! The steps you’ll follow are the same as crate training a puppy.

Your Budget

When it comes to our dogs, we all want the absolute best! Sadly, the best isn’t always cheap. Consider the things essential to you, and ask yourself why one indoor dog tent is priced higher than another. What does this indoor dog house offer that one doesn’t? What material is it made of? Is it easily washable and durable, or will it fall apart with the smallest damage?

How to Get my Dog Used to a Tent?

At first, your pet’s indoor dog tent might seem a little confusing. Don’t worry! This is very natural and means your dog is cautious. You’ll have to give him time to become accustomed to his dog tent, just like you would a regular dog crate.

Step One: Set your pop-up dog tent in your bedroom, living room, or wherever your pup spends most of his time. Let your dog explore the tent, and praise him for either going inside or around it! You can even feed your pup around his new dog tent bed or play fun games that involve his new ‘den’!

Step Two: Always be as enthusiastic as you can be around your dog’s new tent without pressuring your pup. To you, this unique dog bed seems like the fascinating thing you’ve ever seen, and you couldn’t be more impressed when your little one enters it! Your goal is to form positive associations with his new indoor dog tent.

Never use your dog tent as a punishment, or chastise your pup by ordering him to it. One of the most critical goals behind most forms of crate training, or indoor dog tent training, in this case, is to help your dog form positive associations with his new home.

family playing with the dog in the tent

How do I Fold a Dog Tent?

Folding a tent depends on the type of dog tent you have. Today’s pop-up dog tents are very similar to human pop-up tents and very simple to set up! On the flip side, they are designed to be very simple to take down and fold.

You might have a playpen-type dog tent, octagonal-shaped and often more extensive than the traditional tent. These are also designed to be taken down quickly, folded, or washed. If you are still at a loss, directions are always provided!

What if you have a plush pet tent? These are usually lined with suede or some other soft fabric type, sort of like a cat enclosure. There aren’t as many traditional tents as cozy little dog rooms. As you’ll see below, many of these are even collapsible, thus making them even more convenient.

How do I clean a dog tent?

This all depends on how the tent was made and out of what materials. Many traditional canvas-style dog playpens, dog play tent, or dog pop-up tents can be hosed down. Others, like some of the suede pet tents below, are machine washable.

Nearly all pet tents offered today are specifically designed to be very simple and easy to care for. Still, you must read the instructions that come along with your indoor pet tent to be sure!

Before you invest in your dog’s brand new indoor pet tent, consider how dirty your little one tends to become. Think about how easy or convenient cleaning the material will be. For example, cotton might not be a good fit for a continually running dog through the dirt and mud.

For the dirtiest, roughest dogs, it’s best to go with vinyl. Vinyl is a traditional tent material designed to get dirty or use nylon materials as an alternative. Linens or even cotton will last longer the fewer times they are damaged.

Spot Clean

Some products will advise you to only spot clean with a light brushing or damp cloth, depending on the material. You might see this with cotton materials.

Manually Wash

For example, when it comes to cotton canvas, consider hand washing with warm water (not hot) and soap. Cotton linen canvas can shrink when mashing washing with hot water. If you do machine wash, go with the gentle cycle and either tumble or air dry. Plant fabrics have a greater tendency to shrink, so following washing instructions with your product is vital.

Machine Washable

Normally, indoor dog tents that are machine washable clean best with cold water on the gentle cycle. It’s always essential to read disassembly and washing instructions when handling a standing fabric object, like a tent. In some cases, over-washing or washing too frequently can damage the product over time.

When to Air Dry?

Plant-based non-synthetic materials, like cotton, tend to shrink when cooled then rapidly heated, such as machine washing. This can be great for clothing that is too big but can make many of the ‘teepee’ type indoor dog tent products below unusable.

Man standing and holding the tent in front of his dog

Product Reviews

petnpurr pet teepee tent with super plushy self warming cushion small dog bed and puppy house

1. PetnPurr Pet Teepee indoor dog tent

Are you looking for the absolute perfect escape for your little one? Not only is it unique and attractive, this indoor pet tent truly provides the best kind of quiet getaway! While the other tents are wide open on one end, this truly gives the sensation of exactly what those wild wolves so many years ago would look for in a den (but smaller).


  • high-quality materials
  • sets up in minutes
  • Great for all small breeds or animals
  • thick, plush fabric cushion
  • muted, earth tones
  • contemporary design


  • Designed for small dogs or toy breeds under 16 lbs

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3. Little Dolittle dove pet teepee dogpuppy cat bed portable pet tents houses for dogpuppy cat beige colorve Pet Teepee

Are you looking for a pop-up indoor dog tent that actually looks like a tent? Add some decor to your home with this beautiful piece of artwork while offering your pup a nice, cozy little getaway! Out of all of our products listed here, the Little Dove Pet Teepee is probably the most aesthetically pleasing.

It is both effortless to put up and take down while being machine washable to boot!


  • 100% Durable Cotton Canvas; Pine Poles
  • Small size is best for pets up to 7kg/15lbs.
  • Unique native American design
  • Good air circulation


  • Cushion not included

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8. PETMAKER Cozy Cottage House

petmaker cozy cottage house shaped pet bed collectionThis indoor dog tent is offered in three colors. The little indoor dog house comprises a 100% polyester cover along with polyurethane foam filling. Designed for smaller breeds, this pet bed is simple, offering all your little one’s needs in comfort and security while adding just the right touch to home decor!

This cozy pet cottage’s floor base is removable, and the product itself offers simple shaping instructions for your little one.


  • 100% polyester cover
  • 100% Polyurethane Foam filling
  • Removable Sherpa pad
  • Spot clean


  • 35 pounds or less

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1. Zampa Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

zampa portable foldable pet playpen exercise pen kennel carrying case for larges dogs small puppies cats indooroutdoor use water resistantAre you looking for a larger playpen-type dog tent to allow your dogs to roam yet offer security at the same time? If so, this is the dog tent for you! The Zampa Portable Foldable Pet comes in four different colors. It is available in four different sizes, ensuring you can accommodate larger breeds or multiple dogs at once!


  • protected seams and reinforced corners
  • Water-resistant
  • spacious interior for large dogs
  • bottle holder from the outside and Exterior Side pockets
  • Mesh windows
  • 4 metal spikes for outdoor safety
  • Carrying case
  • Simple Assembly


  • Accurate images of use photoshopped; no way to estimate appearance in the home.

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2. Pet Tent Soft Bed

pet tent soft bed for dog and cat by best pet suppliesThis isn’t as much a traditional tent as your dog’s very own luxurious covered bedroom escape! Designed with soft suede lining, cozy and comfortable padding, this might as well be the ultimate dog pet tent! Offer your pet what he truly wants out of his ‘den’- privacy along with a feeling of security, all topped off by comfort.

It even comes with a matching cushion for the base!


  • faux suede, linen, or corduroy
  • seamlessly blend into any décor
  • privacy and creates an excellent sense of security
  • machine washable without stretching
  • 9 colors
  • 3 sizes


  • Warranty not offered

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4. Miss Meow Cat Dog Tent

miss meow cat dog tent triangle bed removable cushion cover two way conversionCheck out this beautiful, soft, and comfortable yet casual pet tent triangle bed! Unlike many pop-up tents, this is made of soft, warm cotton/fleece rather than canvas. If you’re looking for a minimalistic yet attractive (and comfortable) indoor covered pet bet, this tent is for you!

The colors revolve around white/light gray, fitting in with nearly any decor. You are offered a convenient zip-out pillow, which can be changed at any time! This tent bed even converts to a collapsible flatbed if needed, only adding to the convenience!


  • Linen & Cotton Fabric
  • Convertible/Collapsible
  • Zip-out Pillow
  • Collapsible
  • Available in three sizes


  • Only available in a limited range of colors

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5. Portable Indoor Pet House

indoor pet house best supplies cream portablePerhaps you would like your indoor pet tent to look more as a traditional dog house? With this portable indoor pet house, you can have all of the benefits of that dog house (even the look!) without the solid wood construction. Add some comfort and unique style to your pet’s getaway!


  • high-quality poly fabric
  • soft poly-foam lining
  • seamlessly blend into any décor
  • machine washable
  • Available in six styles
  • easily disassembled


  • Only available in small size

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6. Arkmiido Darkmiido dog teepee bed cat tent portable pet dog tent indoor dog house puppy dog bed accessories for small dogs pet houses for puppy or cat with thick cushion and blackboardog Teepee

Are you looking for a beautiful indoor dog tent for your little one while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your own home? Not only does it offer a comfy yet private place for your little one to relax, but the teepee also enhances any room in your house! On top of all this, you have a small hanging chalkboard sign to write your pet’s name.


  • 100% Cotton Canvas
  • soft cushion
  • 1*Cotton Canvas tent + 5* Pine Wooden poles+ 1*Chalkboard + 1*Thick Cushion + 1*Cotton Rope
  • Easy assembly
  • materials are Odorless


  • pets under 33 pounds

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9. 101mart Premium Soft-Sided Collapsible Pet Crate

101mart premium soft sided collapsible pet crate portable pet kennel and tent for home and on the go heavy duty and water resistant perfect for indoor and outdoor useShaped like a pet carrier in the form of a pop-up dog tent, this one is unique for dogs of nearly any size! You can truly offer the camping experience for your pet with his or her new, heavy-duty traveling getaway!

Not only is this dog crate easy to clean, but there is also almost no assembly required. Your new, collapsible pet crate will literally set up in a matter of seconds.


  • Available in 3 sizes and 3 colors
  • No assembly or tools needed
  • Four ground stakes included for added stability
  • Not only for indoor use
  • durable materials


  • Cleaning instructions by hand
  • No tumble dry

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10. Dog House Soft Indoor

dog house soft indoor small medium large dog houses pets sponge material portable and great for transportation and short outingsIf you’re looking for an adorable indoor dog tent and a comfortable pet escape for your dog at the same time, look no further! Not only is this durable, but it is also available in a hard-to-find extra-large size for those giant breeds. Give your pup his own little world to escape to this season and a literal ‘home away from home’!


  • Comfortable fabric
  • Exquisite workmanship
  • Available in 4 sizes


  • Susceptible to messes

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11. ChYoung Winter Warm indoor dog tent

chyoung winter warm pet house bed soft british style portable foldable pet sleeping house indoor pet puppy indoor house with cushion for small medium dog cat animalsAre you looking for the ultimate indoor dog house? Unlike the others on this list, your ChYoung pet house offers a whole new, closed-off compartment for extra privacy! It is also machine washable without stretching.

The true benefit this dog house offers over the others here would have to be the added privacy for your little one!


  • Machine washable without stretching
  • High-quality poly fabric
  • Seamlessly blend into any décor
  • Soft poly-foam lining


  • Designed for small breeds

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12. ANPPEX Igloo Dog House

anppex igloo dog house portable cat igloo bed with removable cushion 2 in 1 washable cozy dog igloo bed cat cave foldable non slip warm for pets puppy kitten rabbitAre you looking for a durable indoor dog tent shaped like luggage and easily transportable? With this, you can either carry your little one by your side or offer a comfy, convenient small escape in any room of your house! You are even offered a removable cushion for easy cleaning!


  • Available in 5 colors
  • Machine washable
  • Non-slip bottom sofa
  • Convenient handle for easy transport


  • Only available in two sizes

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Offer Your Dog an Indoor Escape!

Forget the hard metal dog cage or plain plastic crate. Most pet owners spend several hundred, often even thousands, on their own beds, which are only part of their bedrooms. Why not invest less than a tenth of that into your little one’s indoor dog house or pop-up dog tent?

kids petting the dog

Make it quiet, cozy, warm, and comfortable! This should be a place your pup wants to spend time in!

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