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11 Stylish Dog Purse Reviews for You [2023]

What should you look for in a great dog purse? You’re into fashion and style, but you can’t figure out how to best travel with your small dog. What dog purses can you carry that will augment your own unique elegance?

dog purse

We evaluated various dog purses for the best options and ended up with ten. You can read the reviews below with all pros and cons. If you already know what you need, click the links to products:

  1. PetsHome Dog Carrier
  2. PetsHome Foldable Tote Bag & Pet Carrier Purse
  3. DJANGO Waxed Canvas and Leather Dog Carrier Bag
  4. NOBLE DUCK Small Dog Carrier Purse with Pockets
  5. PetsHome Pet Travel Portable Bag
  6. Pet Gear R&R Carrier for Small Dogs and Cat
  7. Orukis Fashion Pet Carrier Dog Purse
  8. PetsHome Pet Travel Portable Bag Carrier for Cat and Small Dog
  9. CONNAISSIZE Dog Carrier Purse Pet Travel Bag
  10. PetsHome Pet Carrier with Shoulder Strap
  11. PetAmi Airline Approved Dog Purse Carrier

What is safe and most comfortable for your little one? When you look for the best dog carrier purse here’s what you want:

  • Durability: Your dog purse can’t fall apart on you, especially with your little one inside!
  • Safety: An attached leash is a must, preventing your pup from falling out on your travels!
  • Comfort: Look for soft bedding or added padding to enhance pet comfort.
  • Breathability: Make sure there are mesh windows/areas for added ventilation to get enough fresh air.
  • Waterproof: Outside of rain or the wash, you don’t want doggy accidents ruining your fashionable bag! Opt for water resistant fabric.
  • Style: If you’re looking to augment your look, there are many elegant options for you to choose from!
  • Airline approved: Even if your dog carrier claims to be airline approved, you always want to check with your travel agency first!

dog inside a dog purse

How do You Train a Dog to Ride in a Purse?

Riding in such an elevated position can seem unnatural for a dog. Without preparation, a dog carrier can be frightening at first for your little purse dog! So how do you prepare your little one to enjoy their new, comfy dog purse carrier?

Step One: Treats & Orientation

Before anything else, introduce your little one to this strange new carrier! Your first step is almost the same as the very first step involved in crate training a puppy. You’ll want to show your dog this new ‘device’ is safe and means good things!

Set your dog carrier on the floor. Allow your pet to sniff his new carrier. Praise your dog for walking around it! Offer treats and encouragement when your dog finally does decide to investigate the inside of your dog purse.

You can even use the ‘Lure & Reward’ training principle with dog purses here. This involves luring your dog to a certain destination with a treat reward and giving that reward once your dog is at the desired spot. The ‘Lure & Reward’ principle is very common in dog training!

You’ll lure your pup to the purse and reward the little guy once he climbs inside.

  • Associate treats praise and other rewards with the dog purse!
  • Always relate happy emotions with the dog purse!

Step Two: Gradual Desensitization

Now you can begin gradually moving your pet around short distances with your dog carrier. Being elevated off the ground might seem scary in the beginning, so you want to do this slowly. Always associate plenty of praise, happy emotions, and incorporate food rewards.

You’re showing your dog that this new purse carrier is safe and nothing to be feared!

You’ll slowly increase the distance or time carried in the purse over time. Desensitization is literally a method of treatment that gradually diminishes a negative response.

You’re allowing your pet to become comfortable with being carried around!

Step Three: Socialize

Let’s assume you might be navigating crowds or large gatherings, which is why you want to carry your pet in the first place. You’ll want to make sure your dog (or cat) is comfortable around large crowds or groups of strangers.

Introduce your pup to strangers you may pass! Associate rewards, treats, and praise with outings and other people. You want to teach your pup that other humans mean good things for him!

Unfortunately, many small breeds are never socialized, which is mostly why so many have earned the ‘ankle biter’ reputation around strangers. Socializing a dog should be a continuous, lifelong experience but is best begun during puppyhood.

human with a dog on a dog purse

What Not to Do

You never want to associate punishment with your dog purse, just like a dog crate or any dog carrier. This could cause your pet to fear the purse! Only ever associate positive emotions with your pet carrier.

Try to keep your own emotions level and express confident, secure body language. Our dogs can read our body language often better than other humans can. They often judge a situation based on how we react, and a stressed owner could mean a stressed dog.

How Do I Turn My Purse into a Dog Carrier?

Do you have old dog purses you’re not using anymore, and you want to convert them to a useful dog carrier? Maybe you’ve found used handbags at thrift stores? Are you simply asking for a friend? Is it a new entrepreneurial dog purse designer idea you want to try out?

Whichever the reasoning may be, follow the simple steps below to convert your used purse into a dog carrier!

Step One

Select a large enough, a durable purse that will accommodate your dog comfortably. Several outside pockets add the ability to carry pet supplies without any hassle or fuss. Look for a bag with a large central pocket for your little one to rest comfortably.

Step Two

Completely empty out your purse. Make sure the interior of the purse is coated with a safe waterproofing solution. If they’re fabric, coat the outer material with the same solution. This way, your dog purse will be safe from any fluids or spills while the little one rests safely inside!

Be sure your coating has fully dried before continuing to the next step.

Step Three

Get a flat sheet of plastic canvas. Set your soon-to-be dog purse on top of your plastic canvas sheet. With a marker, trace an outline of the bottom of your purse on the canvas. Cut out the traced portion, ensuring it fits.

Measure, then cut a portion of quilted fabric. You’ll use this to fit over the top of your plastic sheet. Sew three of the plastic sides shut after turning the fabric inside out. Reverse your fabric right-side in, place your sheet of plastic inside, and sew this final side closed.

Step Four

You can remove any zipper tabs if they are in the way. Getting rid of this tab will prevent unwanted chewing in that area, or even worse- your dog’s fir winding up caught in the zipper!

Leaving the zipper there does allow the option to shut your purse if desired, so weigh the pros and cons. Which would be better for your situation?

dog inside a dog purse on a the ground

Can you Carry a Dog in a Tote Bag?

You could carry your dog in a tote bag if the tote bag was designed to be a dog carrier for animals. You’ll have to ensure there is enough room for your dog in the bag, and both are the correct size to safely carry around.

Can you close your tote bag with your dog in it? You can only close your bag if it was designed to offer breathable holes or mesh panels for your pet. Your dog will also need to be a smaller breed you’re able to easily support.

Does Chanel Make a Dog Purse?

Are you a fan of Chanel fashion & purses? If so, you might be looking for dog purses made by Chanel. You could check the online homepage here, but you might be hard-pressed to find anything designed for carrying pets.

We did find a Chanel-inspired dog purse that might be perfect for you! Why not take a look?

Can I carry my puppy in a purse?

You sure can carry your puppy in a purse! There are a few things you must be sure about first.

Puppies love to explore and might wiggle around! A fall, even from 4 feet, could severely injure or even kill a puppy. You’ll have to be extremely careful your puppy is secure! A clip or buckle secured to your pup’s harness should ensure the little one can’t wiggle free and isn’t strangled by a caller if he falls.

Make sure your purse is padded or secured tightly to your side. Young pups are delicate and easily injured. You don’t want your pup banging around in this purse!

It’s best to wait until your puppy is at least 16 weeks old and has finished their set of core DHPP vaccines before you bring the little one out in public around other animals. Young puppies are very vulnerable, and a case of Distemper or Parvo could easily prove fatal.

What Can I Use to Carry a Dog?

A dog purse, like the items listed below, offers a stylish method of carrying your small or toy breed dog out in public (for example Chihuahuas, Bichon Dogs, etc.). Show off your pup in style! This is a fantastic option for the busy pet owner constantly on the go.

A dog backpack might be a better option for things like hiking or those outdoor scenic walks. These aren’t as stylish as the dog purse but are often more secure. Many conveniently zip closed completely, whereas not all dog carriers listed below do.

The dog luggage carrier usually comes with built-in or retractable wheels, perfect for navigating busy airports. These are often also designed to fit in carry-on travel compartments, so you can keep your little one with you. Always check pet policy with your travel agency!

What is the Best Dog Bag?

The best designer dog purse will depend upon your needs and your dog’s needs! What exactly are you using your pet carrier for? Why do you need a pet carrier at all?

Are you trying to navigate busy, populated cobblestone city streets with your small or toy breed? Toy-sized dogs don’t move very fast and are easily missed in a crowd. You’ll want dog purse carriers that make it easy to carry your dog, so either a dog purse or dog backpack are good options.

Are you out hiking in the wilderness with your little one? A comfortable yet secure dog backpack would be your obvious choice here. A purse would work but may not be the best idea on a hike, and you can’t use anything with wheels on such uneven ground.

Is it an airport you’re trying to navigate? This is where the ‘dog luggage carrier’ shines! Wheels are great for airport transport, and most dog carriers designed for airport travel are also designed to fit nicely on a plane.

There is no best dog carrier out there because this all depends on the unique needs of you and your little one.

dog inside a dog purse on the chair

What is the Most Comfortable Dog Purse?

Out of all of our dog purses listed below, the PetAmi Airline Approved Dog Purse Carrier is probably the most comfortable for your little one! This is because it comes with a soft, removable Sherpa bed.

Stability is also very important where comfort is concerned. Ask yourself if you’re able to walk steadily with a 10-15 lb. dog in your purse? Will the purse continuously rock or bounce against your torso? Will it remain stable?

Traveling in an elevated position is already unnatural and will take some adjustment for your little one. You want your pet to feel as stable as possible! A dog purse like the PetsHome Dog Carrier would also be stable and offer a comfortable ride.

10 Best Dog Purse for Your Dog

Now that you have a better idea of what to look for in a great dog purse let’s look at several wonderful dog purse carriers for you to consider!

1. PetsHome Dog Carrier

petshome dog carrier pet carrier dog purse foldable waterproof premium pu leather pet travel portable bag carrier for cat and small dog home outdoorIf you’re looking for a stylish pet carrier or dog purse to carry your little one on the go, they don’t get much better than this! The PetsHome Dog Carrier is made of premium PU Faux leather studded with gold hardware. It’s even waterproof in case your little guy has an accident!

This purse includes two soft resting pads for added comfort and a back pocket for your extra supplies. It’s one of the best dog carrier purses. There is even a fixed leash to make sure your small dog isn’t jostled loose and doesn’t fall!

The entire dog carrier comes in three pieces for easy assembly.


  • premium PU leather
  • studded with gold hardware
  • Waterproof material
  • breathable mesh for better ventilation and air circulation
  • fixed leash
  • Soft resting pad
  • Back storage pocket


  • Max load of 13 lbs.

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2. PetsHome Foldable Tote Bag & Pet Carrier Purse

petshome dog carrier pet carrier purse dog handbag foldable waterproof pet tote bag for cat and small dogAre you looking for a simple tote bag pet carrier? Not only is this dog purse 100% handmade, but it also offers three large air holes for great ventilation! A comfortable mat fits near the bottom of your purse, on top of a zippered opening.

Your tote bag is easily washable and simple to assemble. In fact, clear steps for assembling these dog purse carriers are included if you follow the link above! As with most products here, you’ll find an attached leash for safety insurances.


  • Available in black or pink
  • Faux Leather
  • 3 large air holes
  • Top zippered opening
  • Transport windows for great visibility
  • 100% handmade
  • Fixed leash for safety


  • Max weight 10 lbs.

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3. DJANGO Waxed Canvas and Leather Dog Carrier Bag

django dog carrier bagDJANGO’s waxed canvas and leather dog carrier bag is one of the most popular high quality and luxury dog purses on The waxed canvas exterior is very durable and resists dirt, water, and stains over time. The buttery genuine leather base, handles, and trim add additional sophistication to the modern dog purse design. Four spacious zipper pockets allow dog owners to secure all of their personal items and dog walking essentials.

The interior of the bag was also designed to maximize comfort. The strong and sturdy base is wrapped in a cozy and machine washable sherpa zipper sleeve. The silky and water-repellent interior lining of the bag is also incredibly comfortable for pups to rest against.


  • Premium waxed canvas body
  • Genuine leather details (handles, base, logo, trims)
  • Four spacious exterior and interior zipper pockets
  • Sturdy foot base wrapped in a cozy and machine washable sherpa zipper sleeve
  • Bag-to-harness dog tether
  • Top zipper closure


  • Front scoop is always open, allowing your dog to always have his or her head out. Some dog owners may prefer a bag that allows their dog to be fully enclosed at all times.

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4. NOBLE DUCK Small Dog Carrier Purse with Pockets

noble duck small dog carrier purse with pockets portable small dog soft sided carrier with adjustable safety tether versatile pet carrier toteYour Noble Duck Small Dog Carrier certainly offers a unique yet simplistic design! The material it is made from is durable and easy to clean. Your quality polyester cotton fabric includes stitched details on both seams, inside and out.

More importantly, you’ll find a convenient leash attachment for added safety of your small breed!


  • Attached dog leash
  • Added front zipper pocket
  • High durability polyester cotton canvas
  • Easy to Clean
  • Inner encrypted polyester fabric


  • Max pet weight- 12 lbs.

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5. PetsHome Pet Travel Portable Bag

petshome dog carrier purse pet carrier cat carrier waterproof premium leather pet travel portable bag carrier for cat and small dog home outdoor small blackYour pets are offered great protection with this cool, fashionable dog purse! You can literally take your pets anywhere with this great lightweight bag. Turn heads wherever you go!

A soft and comfortable interior will keep your little one resting comfortably. A fully zipped top along with three additional fastenings offer multiple opening options. The breathable mesh ensures good ventilation on both sides, while an attached leash provides extra security.


  • Faux Leather
  • Waterproof material
  • Full zipped top opening
  • Removable & washable soft mat
  • Fixed interior leash for added security
  • Resembles luggage carrier


  • Maximum load 13 lbs.

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6. Pet Gear R&R Carrier for Small Dogs and Cat

pet gear rr carrier for small dogs and catIf you’re looking for a simplistic pet carrier to get you from point A to point B, look at the R&R Carrier for Small Dogs! Whether it be simple errands or short vacation travel, your pet can relax in stylish dog carrier purses wherever you go!

Not only does this tote bag come in a variety of colors to match your style, but it also offers a removable fleece inner liner for easy cleaning. You’ll even find an additional top pocket for your pet accessories!


  • Zipper top
  • Top & side mesh windows
  • Removable inner fleece liner
  • Top storage pockets
  • Meets most airline regulations
  • Offered in a variety of colors
  • Airline approved with most airlines


  • Very simplistic product descriptions
  • Maximum weight capacity 10lbs.
  • No attached dog leash

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7. Orukis Fashion Pet Carrier Dog Purse

fashion pet carrier dog purse foldable dog cat leather tote handbag bag soft sided carriering for puppy and small dog portable travel tsa airline approvedThis small dog carrier purse comes with a unique new pattern design for you and a soft padded interior for your little one! The entire item is made from smooth, durable PU leather, while mesh windows are built into the sides.

Are you worried about safety? You’ll even get a built-in fixed leash! This is very important, preventing your pet from jumping out and injuring himself. A fall from that height can be very dangerous, especially for such a small animal!


  • Unique pattern design
  • Soft padded interior
  • Fixed leash for safety
  • Smooth PU leather
  • Middle sides are mesh design
  • Airline approved


  • Max pet weight up to 8 lbs.

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8. PetsHome Pet Travel Portable Bag Carrier for Cat and Small Dog

petshome dog carrier pet carrier dog purse foldable waterproof premium pu leather pet travel portable bag carrier for cat and small dog home and outdoorYour unique pet travel bag is made of premium leather durable material and studded gold hardware for maximum style! In addition to this, you’re able to choose from several different styles and colors for your dog carrier purses.

Are you worried about safety? Like most of the other products here, a fixed interior leash prevents your pup from falling loose! You’ll even find mesh openings and are offered several closure options.

Is comfort an issue for you? Two removable pads are included here to keep your little one comfy!


  • Available in 6 colors
  • PU leather and studded with gold hardware
  • Waterproof material inside
  • breathable mesh
  • Fixed inside leash
  • Removable interior padding
  • Airline approved


  • Maximum weight capacity 13 lbs.

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9. CONNAISSIZE Dog Carrier Purse Pet Travel Bag

dog carrier purse pet travel bag cat portable handbag pet travel carrying handbag handbag pet tote bag for small dog and catperfect for subway car and bus travel outdoor travel walking hikingIt’s made of Luxury PU leather and waterproof outside material. The Connaissize dog purse for small dogs is a simple option to compliment the right kind of pet owner’s stylish wardrobe! Removable inner pads make cleaning a breeze.

An inner hook strap is built into your purse for your pet’s added safety and security!


  • Hook strap safety connection
  • The outside material is waterproof
  • Removable inner pads
  • Luxury PU Leather


  • Only available in brown
  • Only hook closure
  • Max weight 10 lbs.

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10. PetsHome Pet Carrier with Shoulder Strap

petshome pet carrier purse dog carrier purse foldable waterproof premium leather pet travel bag carrier with shoulder strap for cat and small dog home outdoor small blackAre you looking for a great new dog purse carrier with a shoulder strap design? Or do you like the airport luggage look? Do you want multiple carrying methods?

A waterproof, Premium PU leather exterior offers plenty of style to your designer dog carrier purse! Thanks to the additional shoulder strap, this small dog purse would be fantastic for navigating those busy streets and airports. Plenty of mesh openings offer superb ventilation.

Don’t forget about the attached leash to keep your little one secure!


  • Available in 2 sizes & 2 colors
  • Premium PU leather exterior
  • Sturdy hard-sided construction
  • Comfortable soft-padded interior
  • Fixed leash for safety
  • Multiple mesh windows for ventilation
  • Foldable design for easy transport
  • Adjustable shoulder strap


  • No minimum weight given

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11. PetAmi Airline Approved Dog Purse Carrier

petami airline approved dog purse carrier soft sided pet carrier for small dog cat puppy kitten portable stylish pet travel handbag ventilated breathable mesh sherpa bedDo you value the comfort of your small breed? This unique extra small dog carrier purse takes comfort to a whole new level, coming complete with a soft Sherpa bed! It also provides an adjustable frame and extra bowl for those hunger stops.

They certainly don’t skimp out on safety with this dog carrier purse! A safety hook to prevent falling or slipping is included, along with safety buckles. A ventilated design offers plenty of airflow, along with a closable front portion.

There is even an extra pocket for carrying those essentials!


  • Ventilated design
  • Zipped cover flap
  • Sherpa bed inside
  • Water/snack bowl included
  • Safety hook/zipper buckles included
  • Adjustable frame
  • Versatile carrying strap


  • Maximum weight capacity 12 lbs.
  • Only available in pink

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Find Your Perfect Dog Purse Carrier!

Remember what qualities you’re really looking for in a pet carrier. What situations will you use it in? For what size will your dog grow to? And what works best for your own individual situation? Before you purchase, be sure you’ve found the absolute best carrier for your little one and your dog fits into the purse!

If comfort is what you want, our top pick is the PetAmi Airline Approved Dog Purse Carrier. Several of the options above also offer their own unique qualities!

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