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What’s a Pineranian Dog? [2023]

Are you mesmerized by the personality of the spunky little pineranian dog?

pineranian dog

Whether you came across the little guy in a dog park near you…


This is an image of a Pineranian dog from the UK, you can find more pictures on Instagram fadetopurps.

Your friend who recently adopted a pineranian has sung the praise of their pineranian dog in front of you…

One thing is sure: You can’t stop thinking about adopting a goofy pineranian. Right?

Here we’ll divulge everything you need to know about a pineranian dog that will help you make the final decision. Let’s first learn more about the pineranian dog breed before going into further detail about pineranian information.

What is a Pineranian dog?

dogs strolling on the park

The Pineranian is a designer dog that comes into existence by cross-breeding the Miniature Pinscher and the Pomeranian Breed.

In short: Miniature Pinscher + Pomeranian = Pineranian

They are toy-sized dogs and a rare breed to find. But their cute appearance and their amazing personalities make them a favorite amongst dog lovers.

We can also call these adorable dogs Pin Poms. Cool, right?

(Thanks to the sassy name of the parent breeds!)

History of the Pineranian Dog Breed

Pineranian dogs have not been in our company for long as they are not a pure breed. So, we’ll have to look at the history of their parent breeds to find the traces of how pineranian dog came into our lives.

Let’s take a look at how pineranian dogs descended from their ancestors.

Miniature Pinscher

The origin of the “King of toys” Miniature Pinscher is in Germany. Don’t confuse Doberman Pinscher with Miniature Pinscher. Despite being similar in looks and having almost the same name, Miniature Pinschers are NOT related to Doberman Pinschers. Instead, this is a breed unto itself.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), many historians believe that Miniature Pinschers combine German Pinscher, Dachshund, and Greyhound and are centuries old. In 1925, the first Min Pin, as they fondly call them, was registered with AKC.


The Pomeranian breed of dog is one of the most popular in the world. (Pomeranian )

They were first introduced as sheepdogs and companion dogs.  They originally belonged to Pomerania – An area of Northeastern Europe that is now a part of Western Germany. So they got their name from Pomerania.

Initially, they were larger as they were bred down from their bigger cousins – Powerful spitz-type sled dogs. But as the size was much larger for a companion dog, they were bred to be smaller.

They earned huge fame when the daughter of Queen Charlotte and King George III, Queen Victoria, had started breeding them.

Finally, the American Kennel Club accepted them in 1888. (Breeds by Year Recognized)

According to the AKC’s ranking of Most Popular Breeds of 2018, they are the 23rd most popular breed in America.

Pineranian Dog Appearance

Pineranians are cute dogs with a Pinscher twist on a Pomeranian. Here’s a detailed overview of the breed.

Size, Height, and Weight of a Pineranian Dog

As Pineranian came into this world by mating two designer dogs, you can expect their weight to be no more than 5-10 lbs (or less than 14 lbs) when fully grown. But there is no set rule to define an ideal body weight of a mixed breed dog.

In one litter, you’ll find a mix of small and large pups. Whether your puppy takes on the lower or, the higher weight on the scale, it totally will depend on the parent they have taken most of their characteristics from.

Below is a breakdown of the size and weight of a Pin Pom to give you a better idea.

Height (Male): 8-12 inches

Height (Female): 8-10 inches

Weight: 5-10lbs (<14lbs)

Coat and Color

Pineranian dogs are a mix of two breeds. So, there is no doubt that they own their characteristics from their parent breeds. Pin Poms have a softer coat that has the typical marking of a Miniature Pinscher. With their abundant but fluffy, short to medium-length coats, they come in a variety of colors.

You might find white, chocolate, and black pineranian more often. However, below are some additional colors in which you might find a pineranian.

  • Brindle
  • Sable
  • Merle
  • Red
  • Fawn
  • Cream
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Yellow
  • Pinto
  • Brown

The mixed dogs can be really different. The hair on the chest of Pin Poms is longer and creates a mane-like look. Moreover, your Pin Pom may have blue or brown eyes with a black or brown nose on their tiny head.  Plus, they have a cute fluffy tail to wag behind their smaller feet.

Pineranians have floppy ears, and their muzzle is short to medium.

Do Pineranians shed?

Pineranians are hybrid dogs, so it’s not easy to predict how much your pineranian dog will shed. But we can assume that pineranians are minimal shedders based on the characteristics of their parent breed.

Miniature Pinschers don’t shed at all. On the other hand, Pomeranians shed moderately. Pomeranians also don’t flake off their skin in the form of dander. Lucky for pineranian parents, they also wouldn’t shed much of their hair to keep their parents’ legacy.

Are Pineranians Hypoallergenic?

According to AKC, “No dog is completely hypoallergenic; people with allergies can live happily with low-shedding dogs.” As ancestors of pineranians don’t shed much of their hair, pineranians have also inherited low shedding habits.

As a result, pineranians are suitable for people who suffer from allergies. However, to ensure better protection, you must have a quality vacuum and pet air purifier.

Pineranian Dog’s Temperament

dog laying on the ground

We can define pineranians’ temperament in two words: Funny and Loving.

Pin Poms are generally happy dogs. They get excited to be around people, BUT they’ll definitely need socialization to behave like good dogs.  Pin Poms are better companions for adults and homeowners who don’t have any other pets.

However, proper socialization makes them ideal for staying along with younger kids and other pets.

Pineranians are quick learners. Their owners are so devoted to them that they will do anything to bring a smile to their faces. Also, they expect the same devotion and attention from their owners. If not, they may suffer separation anxiety.

You’ll notice your pineranian dog to be shy among strangers. Introduce them properly to your guests or other pets. This will save you from potential accidents that might occur due to the bad behavior of your Pin Pom.

Common Health Problems of Pineranian Dogs

When you bring a pineranian dog home, you actually bring along a HUGE responsibility on your shoulders—the responsibility of keeping your pet happier and healthier.

Therefore, you need to know the potential health hazards associated with your dog-to-be.

Both the parent breeds of pineranians, Poms and Miniature Pinschers, were prone to health risks. Pineraninans also might inherit some of the health issues from their ancestors. Some of the health issues your Pin Pom might be susceptible to are:

  • Cataract
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Dry Eye
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Elbow Dysplasia
  • Heart Diseases

Pineranian Life Expectancy

Like other general traits, we’d assume the pineranian’s lifespan from the general life expectancy of its parent breeds.

According to Wikipedia, The life expectancy of a Pomeranian is 12-16 years. On the flip side, PetMD defines the average lifespan of the other parent dog, Miniature Pinscher, to be 12-14 years.

It can be safely determined that the general lifespan of a pineranian dog is 13-15 years. However, you can keep your pup living a healthier life for longer by taking great care of his dietary and exercise requirements.

Furthermore, you can take the following steps to help your pet live a good life:

  • First, take them for routine checkups.
  • Love them a lot.
  • Provide them with plenty of exercise opportunities.
  • Give them the attention they need.

Pineranian Dog Requirements

How much space does a Pineranian need?

Pineranians are toy-sized dogs. So, they possess a small stature that goes well with the small spaces.  They tend to bark a lot, though.

You can manage their barking tendencies with proper socialization and training.  Moreover, their small exercise needs make them a perfect choice for apartment dwellers.

Above all, they are suitable for all climates.

Feeding Requirements of Pineranians

If you choose to feed your dog with quality food, you can set a solid foundation for them to live a longer life. In addition, you can opt for dog foods that are particularly designed for toy dog breeds.

Another thing you can do is determine what parent breed your Pin Pom has received their characteristics from. And choose your dog food accordingly.

For example, if your dog is more like a Miniature Pinscher, you can provide them with dog food specially made for Min Pins. Contrarily, if your dog appears to be more like a Pom, feed them a dog made for Pomeranian pups.

However, the feeding requirements of differently weighing pineranian puppies won’t be the same.

You can check the feeding guide provided by the dog food manufacturers and consult your vet to decide the right amount of food. But, it’s recommended to split your pooch’s meal into two to three portions.

If you are not careful about feeding your dog the right way, your dog might end up getting obese. Remember, obesity can attract multiple health issues.

Grooming Needs

The decisive factor of how much grooming your pineranian puppy needs is their coat.

Some Pineranians have a lot of hair on their body, others don’t. The hair length and density differs from one dog to another.

But the rule of thumb is:

The longer and thicker the coat, the more brushing your Pin Pom will need.

You can brush their beautiful fur generally every other day. You can use a slicker brush for this purpose. But you’ll have to do your job of brushing their fur thoroughly. Make sure that you don’t leave any tangles while brushing. When brushing them, be sure to pay special attention to their neck, chest, and tail areas.

Otherwise, their hair can get messy and shed in a larger amount.

Your Pin Pom can enjoy taking a shower with a mild shampoo once in a while (but not too often). However, too much shampooing and bathing can cause your Pineranians’ skin to dry out and produce dander.

Your Pineranian may get tear stains, especially the lighter-colored dogs. Use dog tear stain remover if it’s a cosmetic issue.

dog sitting on the grass

Training Pineranians

The unique combination of two designer dogs that are embodied in the pineranians makes them easy to train.

As mentioned earlier, pineranians do anything to please their owners. Their active, playful, and smart personalities make them a highly trainable dog breed. Plan an effective training strategy, and you’ll have a well-trained and well-behaving dog soon.

But, no dog training happens in a matter of a few minutes. You’ll surely have to be friends with patience. However, we recommend you start training your Pin Pom at an early stage. Don’t let their cute faces fool you. If you ignore the proper socialization and training needs of your doggie, you will regret your decision. Your hybrid designer dog breed will not miss the chance of turning into a stubborn, yappy, and aggressive dog.

Are Pineranians hard to train?

No way!!! Pineranians are smart dogs and are easy to train. They are agile and obedient and have fast learning abilities. They are good at learning tricks and also perform them well.

It’s because of their adeptness that they are used as therapy dogs.

Exercise Needs of Pineranian Dogs

Want to keep your Pineranian dog happy and active? You won’t have to do a lot of hard work. Thanks to their minimal activity requirements!

Pineranians are smaller dogs. You can fulfill most of their activity requirements while staying at home. But, taking them outside a couple of times a day is important to prevent boredom.

Just dedicate 15-30 minutes for your Pin Pom daily and take them for a walk around the block. If going for a walk daily doesn’t seem exciting, your other options are playing flyball or frisbee, going swimming, hiking, and playing catch.

Pin Poms also perform well in agility training and obedience courses.

Remember, if you don’t provide your Pineranian with enough activity opportunities, they might end up adopting some serious behavioral problems. Such as aggressiveness, excessive barking, and chewing.

What is the Price of a Pineranian Puppy?

Pineranian prices range between $1200 and $2500 or even more. The price depends on if one or both parents of the pineranian puppy have an impressive pedigree.

Pineranian puppies are rare, though.

It might not be easier for you to find a Pineranian puppy without spending long hours in research or without getting in touch with a reputable breeder.

pineranian puppy
This is an image of a Pineranian for the UK, you can find more pictures on Instagram fadetopurps.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Pineranian Dog

There are pros and cons to every dog breed. Have a look at some of the reasons why you should consider a pineranian dog as your fur baby. Also, the reasons why you should not get a pineranian?

Pros of a Pineranian Dog

So, when you first saw a Pom did you think that they had an overloaded cuteness packed in them? Well, if you did. You are not alone. Their beauty enchants everyone who comes across these amazing breeds.

The same goes for the other parent breed of the pineranians – Miniature Pinschers. They are tiny, adorable, and playful.

But, how about getting the beautiful fluff of Poms and the attractiveness of Min Pins in one small dog? That’d be awesome. Right?

That’s where you can think of adopting a pineranian puppy.

Below are the perks you enjoy being a pineranian parent.

  • They are loyal and affectionate.

If there’s one thing that Pin Poms love the most, that’s becoming the apple of your eye. Make them the center of your attention, and they will be the most loyal and loving dogs.

  • They are a GREAT people pleaser.

Whether you just want to put a smile on your face or need a belly-filled laugh, pineranians are the dogs that can bring a lot of happiness and joy into your life and those around you. Believe it or not, but pineranians are the real jokers!

  • They are designer breed dogs.

Pineranians are toy-sized dogs (as they are a mash-up of two toy breeds). Hence, they are the best bet for people who want to own a rare and cute pet because pineranians are both!

  • They are minimal shedders.

Do you want to bury your head in the soft coat of your dog but suffer from canine-induced allergy attacks? If so, pineranians are the dogs you can count on. They are very light shedders. So, you won’t have to clean fur from your carpets all the time, and they wouldn’t also keep you wheezing.

  • They can be a great gift for children who know how to deal with toy-sized dogs.
  • They are energetic little dogs.

Don’t underestimate the energies of pineranians from their small body size. Though they look small, they have higher energy levels. In addition, they enjoy hanging out with their owners and playing interactive games. You can get them a small herding ball for releasing energy.

  • Pineranians are remarkably healthy.

Unlike other mixed-breed dogs who not only come with a high price tag but cost you heavy vet bills, pineranians are healthy little dogs. Therefore, you’ll seldom have to worry about their health conditions. However, it’s always better to keep your eyes peeled for potential health risks.

  • They have a moderate need for activity.

Like every other toy breed, pineranians, too, have moderate needs for activity. Yes, they are energetic, but due to their small size, they get worn out soon. If you are going to be a busy dog parent, pineranians can be the best babies for you.

pineranian dog breed walking

Cons of Pineranian Dog

Now, let’s look at the cons of possessing a pineranian.

Can there be any disadvantages to owning an adorable dog, huh?

Well, there are NOT really any cons to being a Pin Pom parent, but you can’t just own a pineranian dog and get busy in life.

Because: Pineranians are prone to separation anxiety!

If you don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to your pup, you shouldn’t get a pineranian dog. Leaving Pin Poms alone for a long time can develop separation anxiety and make them miserable.

Is Pineranian a good family dog?

Well, pineranians are good family dogs, for sure. However, how good a pineranian goes along with your family depends on the type of family you have. If you are a family of a couple of adults, pineranians will easily get along with you and make a great family dog.

But, they might not be the best family dogs if you leave them alone with younger kids. In fact, they can be snappy if your younger kids tease them.

Socialize them appropriately, and they’ll fare well with the kids and other pets.

Are Pineranians good for first-time owners?

A pineranian would be a good fit for dog owners looking for a loyal and intelligent pooch. Whether you are a novice dog parent or a seasoned dog owner, they can fare well with you.

Clubs Recognizing Pineranian Dogs

The American Kennel Club (AKC) doesn’t recognize pineranian Dogs.

However, pineranians are recognized by several other organizations that are listed below:

  • American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC)
  • Designer Dogs Kennel Club (DDKC)
  • Designer Breed Registry (DBR)
  • Dog Registry of America (DRA)
  • International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR)

Now You’re Ready to Be a Pin Pom Parent, yay!

If you have read this far, you have accumulated enough knowledge about pineranian dogs to be able to add this super charismatic dog to your family. The Pin Pom is a real goofy pooch who keeps his playfulness alive till old age.

Start looking for Pineranian puppies for sale near you. Once you find one, you’ll get a BFF for life to snuggle and kiss.

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