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What is a Teacup Micro Bully? [2023]

What comes to mind when you hear Teacup Micro Bully, or have you ever heard of them? Having a Pocket Pitbull, as this new breed is sometimes referred to, has grown incredibly popular in recent years.

teacup micro bully

If you’re one of the many people who don’t understand what makes them unique, or if you just want to learn more about them, this blog is for you.

Shifting away from the old intentions for raising original pit bulls, we will offer you a very extensive explanation of the creation of Miniature Pitbulls. From their most notable characteristics to the type of conduct they exhibit and their common health issues.

Physical Characteristics of a Teacup Pit bull

the teacup micro bully

Pocket, Miniature, or teacup micro bullies are the names given to these bully puppies. Unfortunately, if you believe this implies this dog is small enough to fit in your hand, you’re mistaken. They only range in size from 12 to 16 inches (30 to 40 cm).

The Patterdale parent gives Micro bullies their tiny frame and stature.

Their Size

When it comes to a male Teacup micro bully, his height on all fours ranges from 43 to 51 cm. A Female Teacup micro bully ranges in height from 33 to 40 cm.

For their body weight, they can weigh anything from 11 to 22 pounds (5 to 10 kgs). These are, in reality, tiny to medium-sized canines.

teacup micro bully name

Notable Features

Pocket Pitbulls share many of the physical attributes of the American Pitbull Terrier, like their muscular body and heavy bone structure. Despite the fact that they are a mixed breed and may inherit physical characteristics from any parent.

They are shorter than their parents, but they have the same physical features and muscular physique that make them robust and tough.

A further distinguishing aspect is that they are significantly longer than they are tall. The teacup micro bully has the same robust wide head, jaws, and large neck as the American Pitbull.

But besides the intimidating features of a small Pitbull, these small dogs have a lovely and almost sorrowful gaze that shows how playful and endearing they are.

Their Heads

Nonetheless, they have a little more wedge-shaped cranium with a thinner nose. But they still have the typical blocky head of a Standard American Bully.

Their ears are typically located high on the head and can range in length from short to medium. They fall forwards or to the side when uncut.

Their eyes might be brown or amber in hue, and their nose could be blue, black, or brown.

The Dog’s Coat

Their coats are unquestionably one of their most striking physical characteristics. Pocket bullies have glossy, thick, and sleek fur that is only a few inches long.

They do need grooming care on a regular basis, but just a couple of times per year. Luckily, this practice is really straightforward.

Teacup Pitbull coat colors include white, tan, cream, black, brown, gray, brindle, and pied.

Genetics of a Teacup Micro Bully

The teacup micro bully is a hybrid dog or designer dog. This indicates it is a mix of two breeds: a purebred American Pitbull Terrier and a purebred Patterdale Terrier.

To get a sense of their parents’ qualities, we must first understand that an American Bully is a big breed. It averages between 35 and 60 pounds and is between 18 and 21 inches tall.

A Patterdale Terrier, on the other hand, is a compact dog that tips the scales between 11 and 13 pounds and is between 9 and 15 inches tall.

Therefore, it’s critical to note that pocket bullies get their tiny physique via their Patterdale parents. If they are taller than 12-16 inches, then they are just classified as a Pitbull mix.

As a result, they would not be recognized as a Pocket Pitbull since it is the same average size as other bully breeds.

Teacup Pit bulls are also thought to have acquired the PitBull’s “nanny dog” personality as well as the Patterdale Terrier’s liveliness. So, they have the perfect blend.

Teacup Pitbulls’ Common Health Issues

All dog breeds, including bully breeds, are susceptible to several health conditions. However, it’s also apparent that a few of these are more susceptible to certain ailments than others.

This might be attributable to health problems acquired from the parent dog breeds.

The following is a list of the most prevalent health issues that a Pocket Pitbull is prone to:

Vision Concerns

Pocket Pitbulls are susceptible to serious eye ailments. Cherry eye, corneal sores, dry eye, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, and cataracts are a few examples. If they do not obtain therapy in a timely manner, they could go blind.

As a result, we advise you get your Teacup Pitbull’s eyes examined at least yearly.

teacup micro bully eye

Thankfully, there are several antioxidant-rich foods and vegetables which can ensure your dog’s eyesight stays healthy. Kale, blueberries, broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, eggs, and cold-water fish are good examples.

Hip Dysplasia

This is one of the most prevalent medical conditions in a teacup micro bully. It is characterized by the rapid development of the hip joint. This causes the ball and socket of the hip joint to grind against one another.

This may be illustrated by your Pocket Pitbull’s hesitation to get up or down. Along with limping or other indications of discomfort.

It is frequently a hereditary ailment that manifests itself in their later years. As a result, you must keep your dog from becoming overweight by nourishing it properly. It is also important to keep them active with regular walks to keep them healthy.

There are other dog meals that enhance joint health that may be used for this reason. These include a variety of nutrients as well as significant quantities of omega-3 fatty acids.

In reality, this type of issue is controlled rather than repaired; nonetheless, surgery can be undertaken in severe cases.

Skin Diseases

If you observe your Pocket Pitbull sneezing, having runny eyes, itching itself, or having ear infections, it may have skin allergies. There are several factors that might cause these reactions.

These include pollen, food, fleas, cigar smoke, and perfume.

With that being said, it is not shocking that the best remedy for this is to identify and eradicate the source of the sensitivity. To do this, provide your Pocket Bully with fewer ingredient diets to help pin down whatever causes their allergy.

It is also advised that they be fed high-quality chow to minimize skin problems.

Another approach is to put the dog on a BARF diet (Bones and Raw Food or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food). Raw muscular flesh, bones, organic meats, veggies, and fruits are all included. This leads to a brighter coat and better skin for your Miniature Pitbull.


This is a thyroid condition in dogs that arises when the thyroid glands do not produce a hormone called thyroxine—this aids in regulating metabolism. As a consequence, the pocket bully might have a drop in hormone levels, and he or she may become deficient in critical nutrients. Hypothyroidism is a genetic condition so it is important to get veterinary advice for the best treatments.

Excess weight, a drab coat, loss of hair, loss of muscle mass, cold sensitivity, fatigue, or even sterility can all result from this illness.

As a result, it’s critical to feed your Teacup micro bully a varied diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Many veterinarians also recommend a grain-free diet.

You could include seaweed and fish in their diet since they contain Iodine, which is good for thyroid health.

Cardiovascular Issues

Pocket Bullies, like people, are prone to heart problems. This dog breed can get heartworm, valvular heart disorders, or myocardial illnesses, which damage the muscles of their heart.

Some indications include your Miniature Pitbull having difficulty breathing, getting exercise, showing signs of losing weight, poor appetite, or sleeping issues.

If your miniature Pitbull is overweight or obese, the risks of acquiring heart disease are obviously significantly higher. Therefore, remember that you must maintain your dog at a healthy weight.

It is a good idea to seek out veterinary advice to prevent weight gain and check for other related health problems.

Nobody can promise that your bully will always be healthy. Still, you should do some research to identify a reputable breeder who could verify that they have clearly taken great physical care of the Micro Pitbull. Ideally, they can show you some proof of their breeding program.

Feeding your Teacup Pitbull excellent quality food and maintaining them in great shape will protect them from developing health concerns. A healthy Teacup micro bully can have a long-life expectancy of around 11 to 13 years.

Teacup Micro Bully Personality

Miniature Pitbulls are born to parents that are viewed as violent and not always sociable, although this is a myth. Because if they are not abused and are well-handled, they can be quite loyal and sensitive dogs.

We should not consider Pocket Pitbulls to be hazardous pets.

Here is just a list of a few of their most notable characteristics so that you can get a sense of the personality of a Pocket Pitbull:

Because they are lively and kind, they make excellent friends for kids if properly trained and socialized.
teacup micro bully myth

They make ideal guard dogs since they have a strong protective nature as well as a strong feeling of devotion. All they want to do is protect their area and their family.

They have an outspoken persona that allows them to identify moods and show empathy to anybody.

They are also exceptionally clever dogs, making them simple to train.

Note that they are extremely sensitive to their owners and can detect both positive and bad emotions.

However, with proper teaching and compassionate training, they may make excellent family members since they possess the best qualities of both parents.

Exercise for a Teacup Micro Bully

Don’t misjudge this dog’s size because Micro Pitbulls are everything but laid-back or lazy companions. On the contrary, pocket Pit bulls are energetic, agile, and active.

Teacup bullies demand a considerable amount of time and attention, so be prepared to stay outside often.
teacup micro bully laid back

They prefer being outside and require at least one hour of vigorous activity every day, which is frequently divided into two or three shorter periods.

Besides the walks or runs in the park or around the neighborhood, these sporty creatures like agility training and enjoying sports like a competitive frisbee. Although some teacup micro bullies find swimming challenging, others enjoy it.

Keep in mind that Teacup Pitbulls are more prone to develop skin problems, so make sure to utilize sunblock designed for dog breeds to protect them from damaging ultraviolet rays.

It is important to understand that a Pocket Pitbull may become a terror if the tremendous loads of energy they have are not used. If they don’t have the chance to get their energy out, it could eventually convert into undesirable habits. However, suppose you devote part of your time to playing and training it. In that case, your Mini Pitbull will be engaged and satisfied, as well as healthy.

Teacup Micro Bully Price

You could expect to spend between $1,500 and $2,500 for a Pocket Bully. They certainly are not cheap!

Frankly, it is unusual for the cost of a non-pure breed dog to surpass the cost of its parents.

But, because Miniature Pitbulls have become so popular these days, it will be quite tricky to get one for a lower price due to their high popularity.

Another issue is that it is challenging to locate a breeder that specializes in breeding Pocket Bully puppies. Unfortunately, Pocket Bullies aren’t exactly in short supply in the industry.

This is a comparatively recent dog breed that, as you’ve seen, is pricey. But don’t fret too much because they don’t require much grooming to keep their hair smooth and tidy, so this is one thing you could save on down the road.

The Teacup Micro Bully – Frequently Asked Questions

How large does an adult Pocket Bully get?

As previously noted, Miniature Pitbulls get their stature via their Patterdale parent.

Teacup Pitbulls typically grow to be 12 to 16 inches (30-40 cm) tall on all fours. But if they get any taller, they are no longer classified as Miniature Pitbulls but instead as a standard bully mix.

Male Teacup Pitbulls range in height from 43 to 51 cm on all fours, while female Teacup Pitbulls range in height from 33 to 40 cm. The body weight of Pocket Pitbulls ranges from 11 and 22 pounds.

As previously said, they are tiny to medium-sized dogs. Therefore, if you want a Pitbull but cannot own a giant dog, a Miniature Pitbull is an excellent alternative due to its modest size in comparison to others.

How Expensive Is This Bully Breed?

A Pocket Pitbull costs between $1,500 and $2,500. You will almost certainly have to spend a high fee to obtain one of these famous pets. It may sound alarming, although there is a rationale behind this.

A Teacup Pitbull costs a lot more than its parents, the American Pit bull Terrier and the Patterdale Terrier, which cost around $500 to $700 apiece.

There has recently been a surge in demand for these dogs, and many people want them in their homes. However, there are not many breeders that specialize in breeding them. So, as a result, not that many of them are for sale.

There is just something amazing about seeing a new type of dog – it makes everyone want one!

What is the smallest breed of Pitbull?

Teacup Pitbulls are the smallest variety of bully breeds. However, it is true that their nickname, Pocket Pitbulls, does not accurately reflect their size. They simply are not tiny enough to fit into their owner’s pocket or as light as a feather.

But Teacup Pit bulls are still the smallest of all Pitbull breeds.

Although they appear like a standard American bully, this distinguishing size feature was acquired with their other parent type, the Patterdale Terrier. As a result, their dimensions are smaller than American Bullies, and their height ranges from 12 to 16 inches (30 to 40 cm).

A Pocket Bully is what kind of dog breed?

Teacup micro bullies are designer dogs, which signifies they are the offspring of a Patterdale Terrier and an American Bully. This dog breed is more like their American Pitbull Terrier parent than their Patterdale parent.

They resemble the American Bully, albeit just a little shorter.

To summarize, the Patterdale caused their small height along with a couple of their personal attributes. But, at the same time, the American Pitbull Terrier played an essential role in the general appearance and personality of these gentle dogs.

This is why Pocket Pitbulls are likely to be compassionate, brave, and clever.

Teacup Pit bulls are also recognized as athletic dogs that require at least one hour of daily physical activity and training, thanks to their high energy levels.

These adorable small dogs may be an excellent addition to any home. They are great family members. If you want to have a Teacup pitbull, make absolutely sure you have enough time and space for their energy and affection to provide to these wonderful canines.


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