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26 Best Family Dog Breeds for Happy Life [2023]

Dogs play an important role in every family; they are known as the best companions that man can ever have. Dogs just tend to make life a better place to live. However, not all dogs may fit in this category, since the world has many unique and different breeds. Every family looks forward to getting a great companion and a perfect dog that will always offer the perfect protection and make them enjoy their daily life as a family. The following is a list of the best family dog breeds, the perfect family dogs that every family should admire. They are smart, playful, energetic, entertaining, and warm.

best family dog breeds

Best family dog breeds: Small Dogs

If you’re seeking a small dog breed to enjoy, you’ll be pleased to know that there are many small dog breeds to choose from. The following is a list of some of the finest small dogs for a family and the greatest perfect ones that every family can enjoy. They are cute, energetic, playful, warm, and entertaining.

1. Jack Russell Terriers

jack russel Best Family Dog Breeds

Jack Russell Terriers are known as one of the best family dog breeds. happiest dogs a family can own. They were seen as hunting dogs for a long period of time but, today, they are the best companions for a family. They are creative and good at interacting with each family member. Jack Russell Terriers are full of love and offer great company. You will also realize that they are highly featured in movies. They are daring and perfect when it comes to hunting too. This dog takes the lead in the list of the best dogs for a happy family.

2. Dachshunds 

dachshund Best Family Dog Breeds

Dachshunds were reproduced to chase badgers, while their small-scale partners were reared to chase rabbits. This breed loves to nestle and give warmth. This breed shows up as though they got stuck in Willy Wonka’s laffy taffy machine (they weren’t), yet they were reproduced to be like this so that they would have the capacity to pursue vermin into tunneled gaps. Not only do Dachshunds arrive in a mixture of coat lengths and compositions, they additionally come in numerous hues including blended hues. With this breed, you can be fastidious with the shading that you’d like. A lovable small dog breed, you’ll enjoy their company. This makes them one of the best family dog breeds.

3. Papillon

Papillon Best Family Dog Breeds

Papillon is a French word meaning butterfly, and it’s not shocking that this breed was named after the flawlessly symmetrical animal. One variety of this breed is known for their extensive, bristly, triangular ears that sit on top of their head. When thoroughly upright and looking at you, they may look a bit like a butterfly. The other variety has floppy ears like that of a spaniel, in spite of the fact that this type isn’t called a Papillon, but instead a Phalene. They have various shading blends and examples so you can have almost any shading you need on this cute breed. This breed is quite agile, as they can bounce up to around two to four feet noticeably all around and are amazingly quick in spite of their little size. In addition, Papillion is also a very loyal breed.

4. Poodles

poodle Best Family Dog Breeds

The Poodle is a small breed of dog that is very cute and creative. This is one of the best family dog breeds that every family member will fall in love with. They enjoy spending time indoors as well as outdoors and they are super smart and generally have a happy attitude.

5. Pomeranians

Pom sitting down

You will enjoy the company of this type of dog, as they are cute and interactive. They are well-mannered and disciplined and they love to interact with people; children and adults tend to equally like them. Poms are some of the best dogs in the world that will always ensure that you enjoy a better life. It’s almost as if they know that they have a direct influence on the happiness levels of the home.

6. Shih Tzus

shih tzu sitting panting isolated white

Shih Tzus are known as very happy-go-lucky dogs. They are related to the wolf family and they are very smart. They look a little bit like lions and they are creative in making sure that you are always occupied. They will play around and demonstrate some of the humorous, silly, and rib-cracking moves and dances as they jump and run around.

These are some of the best dogs for a family. If you feel it’s time to get a family dog, take some time to check out these best family dog breeds. They enjoy the company of people and love to give and receive attention from everyone. The more you learn about the different breeds, the more likely you are to find the perfect one for you and your family. It might take a little time, but it’s worth the effort. Take good care of your dog and be sure that you offer him or her your unconditional love because that is exactly what they are going to offer you.

7. French Bulldogs

french bulldog on couch


This small dog breed lives for around twelve years, giving you and your children many years to enjoy. They’re a bit eccentric-looking with lazy countenances, large triangle ears, and long tongues. They are quite adorable. They make an awesome breed for flats in light of the fact that they require much activity. Some superstars love French Bulldogs, like Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Victoria Beckham. They’re incredibly versatile animals that come in a variety of colors.

8. Boston Terriers

boston terrier puppy sitting isolated white


A Boston terrier makes an excellent small dog. Generally mixed up for a French Bulldog, this current breed’s characterizing distinction is the state of its ears; French Bulldogs have a more extensive face, yet that is far less detectable than their ears that are adjusted, while the ears of a Boston Terrier are pointed. Regardless of them being reproduced for battling pooches, Boston Terriers are quite lovable and sometimes called “The American Man of his word” because of their jacket, which looks like a tuxedo, and their sweet and perky identity. The best family dog breeds should live long. This breed normally lived for around fifteen years and arrive in an assortment of shading blends.

9. Pekingese

pekingese on grassfield

This breed has been followed back a significant number of years to the Han administration in China and they have a delightfully delicate, straight coat and a little, pushed-in nose. In spite of their size, this breed is the nearest thing to a poser hereditary qualities. They are lovable and fun. This breed is likewise once in a while alluded to as “The Sleeve Puppy” because they were reared down in size so that they could be conveyed in their owner’s sleeve.

10. Lhasa Apso

lhasa apso sitting isolated white

This breed is shown a lot at dog shows, as it is a beautiful breed. This toy breed’s name originates from the capital of Tibet. This is one of the best family dog breeds, initially recognized in the United States around the mid-1930s, in spite of the fact that they were known in Canada since the mid-1920s. They have an exceptionally cheerful and fiery identity; however, they are likewise known not exactly wary and suspicious of individuals they don’t know or aren’t extremely acquainted with. They additionally have a keen gatekeeper impulse that implies they make an awesome family guard dog.

11. Skye Terriers

portrait white sky terrier gray background

This particularly short breed is known for its beautiful, long layer of hair and for being inconceivably stable in spite of size. They can weigh up to 25 pounds, however, they don’t typically become taller than around ten inches. They are to a significant degree faithful dogs, and they are fearless, defensive, and determined, making them one of the best family dog breeds. They’re initially from Scotland and can be found in a mixture of hues from a light cream to platinum to a profound dark. They began on the Isle of Skye from the bank of Scotland and were utilized as vermin-chasing canines.

12. Sussex Spaniels

Perceived in 1884 by the American Pet Hotel Club, this breed originated from Britain in the United Kingdom. They don’t typically have as much vitality or speed as different spaniels, yet they are thought to be a field and chasing canine. They have short legs and a long body like that of a Dachshund. They are sweet, lovable dogs who like to engage in play with their family members.

13. Havanese

havanese dog 8 months old standing against white background

Despite the fact that you can’t see their eyes exceptionally well, they can see quite well. They like to express themselves and cuddle with the family. Havanese dogs can live for up to fifteen years, making a lovely family pet.

Best family dog breeds: Large Dogs

Every family needs a dog, or is it every dog deserves a family? Regardless, opening your home to a dog is a huge responsibility.  When your family decides to choose a large breed there are many things to take into consideration.  Ask yourself and your family members:  Do you have the time it takes to care for a dog?  Is the breed you want family/children friendly? Are you looking for a watch/guard dog? Larger dogs require more room to run.  Plan on buying the 50 lb. bags of dog food more often, for they have a hearty appetite.

Now that the decision to own a large breed dog has been agreed upon, the tough choice is deciding which breed to own.  Listed below are of the top large breeds for your review.  Keep in mind every dog will have its own personality and disposition.

14. Dobermans

doberman pinscher funny emotional dog studio background

Dobermans are the types of dogs that will always make sure that all members of the family enjoy their company and they are very loyal. These types of dogs enjoy the company of people and they are very friendly. They like to interact and play with nearly everyone. They are good looking and very strong when it comes to playing. They will always keep your guests occupied and it’s easy for them to learn new tricks and maneuver carefully in the house.

15. German Shepherds

german shepherd sitting front white background

German Shepherds are one of the most loyal dogs in the world. They are also tough and fierce when it comes to offering the best protection. In fact, they are the most preferable choice for many police officers and other security firms. They move with speed and are very good at following orders and commands. They are some of the happiest dogs for a family and their presence makes all members enjoy their time together. You can even go to the beach, picnic, and other places with them and they will follow your commands and remain disciplined. They do require a lot of attention as puppies and do not like to be left alone for hours on end. They are intelligent, protective and like to be active. German Shepherds can live up to 12 years, and weigh as much as 80 pounds.

16. Rottweilers

rottweiler 1 year old sitting front white background

Rottweilers are a group of dogs which are seen as some of the strongest dogs in the world. They are powerful and very engaging. They treasure hygiene and are smart and good looking. These dogs are also the happiest ones to keep since they are good at obeying orders and making sure that their master is the boss at all times.

17. Dalmatians

portrait young dalmatian dog city street white beautiful dotted dog walks copy space

These are some of the happiest and best dogs for a happy family. If you’re a runner, they are great for jogging with and will usually be able to keep up. They also offer the family members great company when you go out. Apart from this, they are seen as the best assistant firefighters and they will greatly help when the house is on fire.

18. Great Danes

two great dane dogs together sitting lying down panting cut out


Great Danes are big, beautiful, happy dogs and are quite popular around the world. They are usually large in size and very active. They enjoy outdoor, as well as indoor, activities. They are one of the happiest types of dogs and both children and adults easily fall in love with them.

19. Labradors

labrador retrieve

Labradors are the best choice when it comes to living a happy life with a dog. They are very good as guide dogs and smart companions. They are well-mannered, friendly, and easy to teach. Labs are very good when it comes to making sure that you do not get bored while at home as they love to play.

20. Border Collies

closeup shot panting border collie standing field

These are one of the smartest dog breeds out there and they are known to be able to hypnotize sheep with an intense stare. Border Collies are medium in size and great when it comes to playing around in the yard. They enjoy the company of people and are very creative in engaging all family members because they love attention.

21. Golden Retrievers

cute golden retriever

Look no further for a loving companion for your family. Golden Retrievers’ are known for their loyalty and friendliness. A Golden Retrievers’ life expectancy ranges from 10-15 years, making them a perfect part of a family with small children, as they will grow up together. Males can weigh in at 75 pounds, and stand 24’ tall.  Goldens love the outdoors, especially the water, and can also make a good hunting dog. This breed requires daily exercise and is known to be an excellent running partner out on the trails.

22. Bernese Mountain Dogs

bernese mountain dog lying bed home black brown shepherd dog

Considered to be a natural guard dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog is also known for the need for human interaction on a daily basis.  This breed requires a lot of attention and does not fare well spending long hours alone. Males can reach 110 pounds, while large females can weigh as much as 105 pounds. With a life span of 6-8 years, they can take up to 3 years to outgrow the puppy stage. With small kids, you might want to consider a dog with a longer life span.

23. Mastiffs

dog tibetan mastiff black background

If you truly want a ‘big’ dog, the Mastiff will fill that requirement.  Don’t let their size (males can weigh as much as 200 pounds) scare you. They are babies at heart and as a puppy, if brought into families with small children, will fit in well.  Mastiffs will require wide-open spaces, eat like a horse and make good guard dogs. This makes them some of the best family dog breeds when you have several people who can spend time with them. Exercise is important, but don’t expect to take the Mastiff for long walks or other strenuous activities.

24. Australian Shepherds

australian shepherd sitting front white background


One of the smaller ‘large’ breed dogs (males may weigh as much as 65 pounds), they are a very active breed who requires lots of attention, need rules and boundaries or they will be ruling your home. Australian Shepherds do not like to be left alone for long periods of time, require daily exercise, are protective of their family and home, and love attention. Not known as an attack dogs, they will let the household know if others come to the door. Although they should not be an outside dog, providing a fenced-in space for them to run is heaven for them.

25. Newfoundland 

newfoundland brown head dog looking around winter sunny day

Also known as the ‘Gentle Giant’ the Newfoundland is considered intelligent, laid back, and does extremely well with children.  Newfoundland’s enjoy being outside, love the water, and aren’t as active as other breeds. The life expectancy ranges from 8-10 years and weighs as much as 150 pounds when fully grown. For those families who also are cat lovers, the Newfoundland will soon become friends with the family feline.

26. St. Bernard

st bernard dog sitting looking camera against white background

The “Rescue Dog”, St. Bernard has a huge heart, is gentle and caring.  Puppies will need affection and lots of training from the very beginning.  They are mischievous and need to have boundaries, for their playfulness can be destructive. St. Bernard is a people-pleaser and one of the best family dog breeds, friendly towards strangers, and great with children. Due to their size (weighing anywhere from 110-140 pounds), they do require regular exercise, such as long walks, and a fenced-in area to roam in at their leisure.

Now you can select one of these best family dog breeds

The list above mentions 26 breeds of dogs, but there are numerous other breeds available. Find one that suits your family’s needs. Some require more attention, others need vigorous exercise daily, some make the perfect guard dogs or the perfect cuddle dog, and others wouldn’t hurt a flea.  Being a pet owner is a serious responsibility, for the entire family.  Aside from providing a safe home environment, daily feedings, training, and affection, a dog needs much more. From grooming to wellness checkups at your veterinarian, the choice to become a large/small breed dog owner should not be taken lightly. When you open your home and hearts to a dog, you will soon come to see the truth, “Dogs truly are man’s best friend.”

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