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17 Secrets how to make my dog happy

Dogs bring pet owners tons of joy. So we decided to collect the answers to the question of how to make my dog happy. Have you ever looked at your dog and watched them sleeping? You see their paws twitch and they make noises in their sleep. Do you imagine your pet is dreaming of running and playing and having happy memories with you? How you care for your dog will ensure their happiness. Happy dogs are friendlier dogs according to a variety of studies. When all of your dog’s needs are met, you can be sure they are living a life that is happy and content.

how to make my dog happy

Reading a dog’s body language can be challenging. It is often even harder to decipher if dogs are truly happy in their homes. Learning how to bring joy to pets can be simple with just a few changes to how the dog is treated, trained, and pampered. Here are just a few of the simple strategies that have been proven to make a dog feel more secure, relaxed, and satisfied:

Here are the ways that you can make your dog happy!

17. Plan a Spa Day

Dog owners sometimes forget that their dogs have basic grooming needs just as humans do. That’s why some basic pampering, like regular brushing of their coats and cleaning of their ears and paws, is essential. A dog’s beauty treatment doesn’t have to cost a fortune or require much work. Set a routine that includes brushing (even for dogs with short coats), teeth cleaning, bath times, and nail trimming—all of which take just a few minutes. Your dog may even grow fond of these kind, loving moments.

how to make my dog happy spa

16. Stop and Smell the Roses

In our on-the-go culture, we often hurry our dogs along during their walk. Many owners feel that if their pets are not doing their business, they are too distracted or are being lazy. In fact, the opposite is true: sniffing and discovery serve as important ways for dogs to acclimate themselves to new environments, learn about past visitors, and find their territories. Instead of rushing through a walk, allow your dog to get the lay of the land through as many sniffs necessary. Hurrying them will only lead to frustration, especially when first training dogs how to walk properly on the leash.

15. Cool Off

Because dogs lack sweat glands (except in their paws), they are unable to shed body heat and become easily dehydrated. Instead of leaving a dog outside during especially hot months, allow him or her to find shade indoors for long hours. For dogs who need outdoor time, try going on longer walks before sunrise or after sunset. If possible, give your dog a cool bath or let your dog go swimming.

Always make sure there is plenty of shade outside for your dog in warmer weather.

14. Swim often

Swimming is a wonderful exercise for any dog and their owners. It is non-impact and it can help them with arthritis and stiff joints. There’s no such thing as a perfect dog owner. As a dog owner, you are constantly learning and evolving toward being the best pet owner you can be. Dogs really do enjoy the simpler things in life.

13. Itchy Skin

Take time out to treat your dog for fleas and to treat their skin when it is red and inflamed. Your vet can give you several options for the best skin and flea treatments available and your pet will love not having to scratch constantly.

12. Fresh Water

Always make sure your dog’s water bowl is clean and the water he drinks is fresh. In the same way you enjoy fresh drinking water so do your pets. It is better for them and will help them stay healthy.

how to make my dog happy water

11. Ear Cleanings

Spend some time with your vet to learn how to keep your dog’s ears clean and free of mites. This can help to prevent infections and to help ensure your dog won’t be affected by loss of hearing.

10. Treats

Another amazing way to keep your dog happy is through treats. You can use them when they obey commands or just because they were good. Treats before bedtime are a welcome event for any dog!

9. Microchip

If your dog becomes lost or stolen, a microchip can help you locate them quickly. If your dog is found by a vet or shelter they can use the microchip to contact you so make sure you always keep your information up to date. While it may seem easier to buy expensive equipment for your dogs, your time is actually what is most valuable to your dog.

8. Give Him a Job

Many breeds of dogs have been bred to help humans perform a task. Whether it is herding sheep, carrying items, or accompanying a hunter, these dogs’ actual purpose is to serve. Today, special packs are made for larger dogs to carry on their backs. You can also train a dog to fetch the newspaper, ring a bell when a visitor arrives, or alert you if there is an emergency. Dogs who are particularly adept at jobs can find work as service animals for those in need, work for police or military agencies, or even serve as therapy dogs.

7. Working Out

Play with your dog and get exercise with them outdoors. It will help both of you feel healthier and you can enjoy quality time together. Find a local dog run where your dog can exercise off-leash and socialize with other dogs.

A great way to keep your dog happy is to take them to the local dog park in your area and play a few games of Frisbee with them. Not only will they get plenty of exercise, but they will love engaging in a game with you.

6. Calm Down

Oftentimes, dogs’ emotional reactions mirror their owners’ behaviors. For example, a dog in a home full of hyperactive children will probably start to bark, run after the kids, or wander aimlessly through the chaos. To keep dogs calm, try to keep your environment peaceful. If tranquility isn’t an option, establish a safe space—a kennel, dog home, or designated room—for your dog to go when he or she feels the stress of it all.

5. Educate and Challenge

Just like people, dogs need educational stimulation. While the old saying says, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” the truth is that dogs of all ages can learn when a patient or creative owner is involved. However, don’t stop with simple obedience training. Dogs are natural learners, and without a new challenge, they become susceptible to slipping back into bad behaviors or ignoring their owners. Look for exciting new tricks to teach them on days in which they look or act bored. They will jump (perhaps literally) at the challenge.

how to make my dog happy teach

4. Socialize Correctly

Some dogs are just born to be social butterflies. Whether it is meeting other dogs or greeting a friendly new human face, these canines relish in the excitement and smells of an unfamiliar being. However, just because a dog shows the ability to adapt to a new person doesn’t mean that an owner should invite in just anybody. Before new meet and greets, learn how to properly introduce a dog to a new person.

However, not all dogs are social. Those who prefer to keep to themselves or need a bit more time to safely meet another person or dog are known as “yellow ribbon dogs.” To designate your animal as such, tie a yellow ribbon to your leash. Many dog owners will take this as a signal to not have their dogs (or themselves) approach without asking. In return, it will make your walks hassle and drama free.

3. Take a Trip

Like you, a dog can grow a bit stir crazy in the same home or environment. Even a trip in the car for a couple rounds around the block can be an exciting endeavor. Plan your trips wisely. Look for places where dogs will be secure to run freely (such as a gated dog park or beach). If taking a dog to a hotel, select a spot that the dog will not feel cooped up inside. For longer travel, be sure to select transportation that is safe and reliable for your pet, especially when choosing airlines, and always consult a veterinarian on safe travel guidelines. Wherever you go, bring something from home with you. Just like a child, a dog wants the security of familiarity, especially if s/he tends to be scared or frightened.

Car Rides

Take your dog for a ride in the car. Dogs enjoy being with you and hanging their head out the window and taking in the smells and the scenery. It also helps them feel more comfortable when you leave because they have left with you and returned home safe so they can relax knowing you will return home safe when you leave by yourself.

how to make my dog happy car

2. Be Their Security

A dog in a new environment will often feel the stress and neglect that comes from being bounced around from home to home or shelter to shelter. This may result in a lack of trust or an inability to foster relationships with new people. Instead of letting a dog be, build up their confidence by practicing coming and going before you leave them (and especially when introducing them to a crate or kennel), and reward them frequently for good behavior or for allowing you to be close to them. While it takes time, a dog that feels secure in who their family is and what their role is in the relationship is more likely to adjust faster and to let their owners in.

1. Talking Often

Some people may think it is silly, but you should always take time out to talk to your dog. He won’t understand the exact words you are using, but he will understand your warm and gentle tone. He will be happy for the attention.

A happy dog companionship doesn’t have to be a mystery. Bonding and building a relationship with your pet just takes a bit of patience and creativity. Putting in the work to find what truly makes a dog happy can help both pet and owner become satisfied.

Be a Friend

They don’t care how expensive their leash or favorite toy is. All they really want is to share your time and attention. They love days spending time outside and then relaxing on the couch together after getting some quality exercise and fresh air.

Dogs don’t have the ability to be materialistic. They adjust to their surroundings. When you are away at work, your dog wonders when they will see you again. The long for time with you and to feel your acceptance. The key to a truly happy dog is a full spectrum that not only involves the amount of time you spend with them, but also the care you give them.

Make sure your dog eats a proper diet and avoid giving them table scraps. Give them recognition often and praise them. When your voice is happy, they know they are doing something good and in return will be happy with you. You are your dog’s whole world and in turn they should always feel like they are equally important to you. Kind gestures and positive recognition will go a long way to a positive and happy relationship between you and your pet.

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