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Best Dog Pool Ramp: 7 Reviews [2022] Be Safe

Surviving the hottest summer is not easy. But if you have a pool, you can cool your body. Dogs also love swimming during this season. But how will you ensure that the dog enjoys the swimming activities without problems? How about the safety of your pet while swimming? A dog pool ramp offers a good solution in ensuring that the dog can get in and out of the pool.

dog pool ramp

Despite the belief that dogs are great swimmers, it’s estimated that thousands of pets drown every year. If you want to ensure the safety of your pets, investing in a swimming pool dog ramp is a good idea. Even great swimmers like golden retrievers or the mixes like Goldadors will tire eventually if they can’t find a way out of the pool.

It will protect your furry in case it falls in the pool when you are not around. With the dog pool ramp, your dog can get out of the pool without any help.

But, choosing the right dog ramp for the pool is not easy. Many platforms in the market promise effectiveness. But there are essential features to consider when making purchases.

The Best Dog Pool Ramps

We gathered a lot of information to find the best pet pool ramp for dogs. The most important part is obviously your pet’s safety. However, as with other dog products, there are many pros and cons to consider. You will find everything below. But if you want to go directly to products you can use the links here:

  1. Skamper Ramp Super
  2. WaterDog Adventure Gear Dog Ladder for Swimming Pool
  3. PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp
  4. KHTS6310 Dog Pool Exit Ramp
  5. Paws Aboard PoolPup Steps
  6. Petstep Pool Bundle
  7. PetSTEP HalfSTEP Pet Ramp

dog pool ramps

4 Features to Consider When Purchasing a Dog Pool Ramp


Your dog ramp will hold a wet dog. And if it is a giant breed, that’s a lot of weight to carry. That’s why it is essential to consider a ramp with high-quality materials. Flimsy pool ramps for dogs can break and create instability when in use. This situation can make the dog reluctant to use it.

So, why don’t you enhance the swimming experience of your furry friend? A non-slip platform is a good solution? One with built-in grip aids is a good solution since it will prevent slipping.

Remember, the ramp stays in the water for many hours or several days. Thus, it should be resistant to corrosion. One with stainless steel metal parts is vital to prevent rusting.

Lightweight and Foldable

Chances are, you are not going to use the dog pool ramp all year round. Having the option to remove it from the swimming pool is a great feature. In this case, choosing a lightweight dog pool ramp is a good idea.

How about going on a vacation with your furry friend? A lightweight and foldable pool ramp is easy to carry. Thus, your dog will enjoy swimming in every destination.

But, it is good to consider the weight of your dog before making purchases. Some dog breeds are lightweight, while others exceed the limits. For this reason, it is good to go for a platform that can handle your dog’s weight to prevent flexing.

Size of the Ramp

A huge dog ramp for a swimming pool can dominate your pool. It can lessen the space used for swimming. That’s why it is good to measure the dimensions of your pool to be sure that the ramp will fit. If you have issues with space in the pool, a removable ramp can be a good option.

Apart from this, the ramp should not be too big or too small for your dog. It should be big enough for your furry friend to walk on comfortable. In this case, it is good to measure your dog’s dimension and buy a product based on that.

Easy To Assemble

Some ramps are difficult to assemble, while others are easy. Most of the portable dog pool ramps are versatile and have no issues when it comes to fixing. But the permanent dog pool ramps need time and effort.

Also, the ease of assembling the ramp depends on your pool. Do you own an above-ground pool? Then, a portable ramp that is easy to assemble is a good option. But if you have an in-ground pool, you can go for a permanent ramp.

dog walking on a dog pool ramp

Frequently Asked Questions about Dog Ramps

Your furry companion can swim naturally. Most of the strong dogs can jump into the pool and make an easy exit.

How about pets without swimming skills? Or those with poor vision? They can find it challenging to step into the pool’s exit, leading to panic or drowning.

The good thing is that the pet ramp will prevent drowning by allowing your dog to have a way out of the swimming pool.

But, many pet owners are not sure whether a dog pool ramp is a safe platform to use. You may have a lot of questions.

How do I make a pool ramp for my dog?

There are a lot of dog ramps available in the market. They come with a design that can save your time and effort for designing a perfect dog ramp by yourself. But, if you have budgetary constraints, you can use the DIY dog pool ramp.

Steps of making a dog pool ramp

    • Look for a foldable lawn chair. Consider one with aluminum to prevent damaging the pool. Also, the chair should be big enough to allow the dog to walk comfortably.
    • Add gripping materials to prevent the dog from slipping.
    • Place the chair into the pool and ensure that it doesn’t have sharp edges that can damage the pool.
    • Let the dog use the ramp

The DIY dog ramp is cheap and easy to make. But, if you want to ensure your furry companion’s safety, it is good to buy a high-quality dog ramp. Some DIY ramps are not sturdy and can break anytime. Also, some can damage the pool.

How do I get my dog into an above-ground pool?

Dogs love cooling themselves on hot summer days. But you couldn’t force them to get into the pool. How about if you own an above-ground pool?

The dog can easily get into the pool with the help of a dog ramp for above ground pool. This ramp is a dog-safe idea. It should be wide enough to let the dog walk on comfortably.

Can dogs swim in above-ground pools?

Yes, the dog can safely swim in above-ground pools. Remember, you might not always be there to supervise your dog when swimming. That’s why it is good to invest in a dog ramp.

This platform adds comfort to your dog and allows the pet to enjoy baths in the above-ground swimming pool. Still, the ramps are costly.

But the good thing is you can use the DIY dog ramp for above ground pool. Making a ramp does not require experience or costly expenses.

But is the DIY ramp pet safe? At times it is good to buy one from the market to ensure that your dog is safe.

How do I get my dog out of the pool?

Swimming with your dog during the summer season is a fun activity. But your dog can get at risk of drowning, especially if it doesn’t have swimming skills. Many pet owners assume that dogs know how to exit the swimming pools.

But some might lack swimming skills. That’s why it is good to teach the pet how to get out of the pool. Help them learn where the dog pool ramp is to use it anytime they want to exit.

dog pool ramps: dog playing on the pool

Is it bad to throw your dog in the pool?

Yes, this is a bad idea. Want proof? Next time you have a human friend over, push them into the pool and see what happens.

If you would like to introduce your furry friend to swimming? But how do you go about it? Do it slowly.

Many pet owners make the mistake of throwing the dog into the pool. You cannot throw the dog in the water and expect it to swim. If you want your dog to enjoy swimming, it is good to teach it how to get in and out of the pool.

Imagine throwing your dog into a pool? The pet might find it difficult to get out and can get into trouble. But if you introduce a dog water ramp, the pet will find it easy to exit and enter the pool.

What breeds of dogs can’t swim?

Many people assume all dogs can swim naturally. Though dogs indeed love playing in the water, this doesn’t mean that they can easily swim and move in the water.

Some dog breeds have large heads and small legs, making it challenging for them to swim. Some have facial structures that prevent them from keeping above the water. Some of the breeds that are unable to swim are,

Regardless of the breed of your dog, you can teach the dog how to swim. All you need are swimming gear to enhance comfort and prevent drowning.

A dog pool ramp is one of the things to consider when teaching your dog how to swim. It increases the confidence of the dog to move in and out of the pool.

Why does my dog keep jumping in the pool?

At times, the dog can keep jumping if they want to play with you in the water. You are the dog’s companion. Thus, if they see you around, they will start jumping as a way of communication.

However, sometimes they might jump for other reasons such as discomfort or lacking a way to exit.

An important pool safety element is ensuring that the pet can reach the dog water ramp when finding a way to exit. Lack of easy-to-use exit points can keep your dog jumping.

And when it gets tired, it might collapse in the water. For this reason, it is good to ensure that the dog ramp is easy to access.

Is it bad for a dog to swim every day?

Swimming every day is healthy for your dog. Freshwater cannot interfere with the dog’s skin. But when there are chemicals particles in the pool, swimming becomes an issue. Chlorine, salty water, and other chemicals can leave your furry friend looking dull.

If the pet is a frequent swimmer, he might end up having dry, flaky skin. But you can take care of your dog’s skin by applying a coat of pet conditioner to his skin before getting into the water.

How do I make my pool dog friendly?

Swimming is a fun activity for your furry friend. But it can be dangerous, especially when the dog is not able to navigate the pool. As a pet owner, it is vital to take precautions to ensure your dog’s safety in the swimming pool.

Ideas of making your pool dog friendly

  • Invest in a dog pool ramp

When a dog falls into the pool, it might panic and get tired when searching for a way to exit. This is a problem as your dog might drown. How about creating an easy method for the dog to find its way out? Since your furry friend cannot use the human pool ladder, it is good to install a dog water ramp. This platform creates an easy way for dogs to exit the pool.

  • Reduce the amount of chlorine in the swimming pool

High levels of chlorine can affect the dog’s nose, eyes, skin, and ears. Also, the dog is likely to drink the pool water, which can affect its digestion. That’s why it is good to reduce chlorine or avoid it.

  • Purchase a dog life preserver

Many pet owners believe that because their dogs are non-swimming breeds, they cannot take a dip in the pool. But any dog can go to the deepest level of the pool. If your pet has health issues or lacks swimming skills, it is good to invest in a dog life preserver. It helps the dog to be afloat and visible.

  • Invest in a dog safe pool liner

The dog’s claws can damage the pool liner. That’s why it is good to consider a protective pool liner, especially if you own above ground pool. Also, you can opt for a fiberglass pool. Fiberglass is difficult for the dog to damage.

Can my dog swim in a chlorine pool?

Yes, your dog can swim in a chlorine swimming pool. However, chlorine needs to be at normal levels to ensure your dog’s safety. Your furry friend has sensitive organs that are susceptible to the dangers of high levels of chlorine.

A good way of caring for your dog is by introducing non-chlorine chemicals into the swimming pool. If you must use chlorine, it is good to rinse the dog with fresh water to remove any excess chemicals.

It is good to note that dogs can drink chlorine water. Thus, it is vital to prohibit the drinking of pool water by adding another water source and encouraging them to drink.

How long can a dog be in a pool?

How long a dog can swim depends on its health and swimming skills. A beginner or a less competent dog can spend 10 minutes in the swimming pool. With time, the swimming fitness and dog’s stamina increase, and the pet can swim for approximately 30 minutes.

However, some dogs love spending more time in the water, which can cause health issues. Dogs get thirsty quickly. And the more they stay in the swimming pool, the more chances of consuming the pool’s water. Therefore, it is vital to allow your dog to swim for 10-30 minutes per session.

Can dog hair ruin a pool pump?

Yes, dog hair can destroy your pool pump. The dog hair clogs the filtration system, hindering the pool’s circulation system. This situation can lead to expensive repairs. However, if you maintain the filter system, the dog hair cannot ruin your pool pump.

In this case, it is good to clean the filter element regularly. Chlorinating your pool properly also helps to prevent clogging. You can ensure the safety of your filter system is by using a skimmer sock. This filter catches the dog’s hair before it gets into the system.

How do I get rid of dog hair in my pool?

Every pet owner loves to see their dog enjoy swimming during the summer season. But they encounter the issue of dogs leaving hair residues in the pool. Luckily, there are easy ways of getting rid of dog hair from your pool.

4 ways to get rid of dog hair from the pool

  • Use skimmer sock

The skimmer sock acts as an additional filter layer. It involves a fine-meshed material that prevents dog hair from clogging your pool’s circulation system.

  • De-shed your furry friend before it enters the swimming pool

Use a brush or a de-shedder to remove the loose dog fur. You can choose a de-shedder depending on the dog breed. Some breeds have long hair while others have short.

  • Use a hand vacuum

A vacuum with an interior filter can reach clumps of dog hair that might be at the bottom of the pool. With this, your filtration system will not have issues dealing with dog fur.

  • Invest in a swimming pool sweep

You can position a swimming pool sweet into the filtration system or at the bottom of your pool to prevent dog hair from floating on the pool surface. It is good to keep the sweep clean to ensure that it is functioning well.

A review of 7 best dog pool ramps for your pet’s safety and comfort

Selecting an appropriate dog ramp for a pool can make a difference in the safety of your furry friend. This review will allow you to compare ramps and select one that will fit your dog’s needs.

1.Skamper Ramp Super-best for small dogs

skamper ramp superSuper Skamper is a safety ramp designed for small dogs to enter and exit the pool. It is a simple plastic with two nylon ropes to allow you to attach it to the side of an in-ground pool. Installing it doesn’t need skills. It comes with strips, nuts, bolts, and instructions for easy fixing.

The good thing about this Skamper ramp is that it is strong and UV resistant. Also, it doesn’t have metal parts. Thus, it won’t discolor like most ramps when left for a long period during summer.

Skamper Ramp Super weighs 25lb, making it easy to carry. Apart from this, it has a lot of flex to allow the dog to get a good grip. It will also be easier to flip out of the water when not in use.


    • This dog pool ramp is lightweight and flexible
    • Easy to install
    • It is UV resistant. Hence, it won’t rust.
    • It takes less space to store


    • It is not a good option for above ground pools

Buyers feel that nylon rope is not a good option. They sometimes feel like replacing it with polypropylene rope since chlorine can degrade nylon items.

Since the Skamper Ramp Super floats, small dogs can climb on the top. But it can be a little unstable. How about the big dogs? The scamper ramp comes in 2 sizes to cater to the larger dogs.

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2. WaterDog Adventure Gear Dog Ladder for Swimming Pool-best value for money

waterdog adventure gear dog ladder for swimming poolWaterdog Adventure ladder offers safety for different dogs’ breeds and the pool. It is easy to mount on the pool deck. Thus, prevent the pool liner from damage.

Unlike other ramps for dogs, the WaterDog Adventure Gear Dog Ladder is well-designed. It features six pool steps which are 4 inches deep to allow your dog to feel comfortable while using the pool. The steps are bright yellow and have a non-slip design.

WaterDog Adventure Gear Dog Ladder features stainless steel hardware to prevent rust. So, it is a long-lasting device even when left in the pool for a long period. But, you can remove it from the pool since the pool stairs can easily flip away.

This ladder is lightweight and portable. It weighs 17lbs and can handle a dog of 130lbs weight. It is wide enough, making it a good option for most large dogs. Also, the step height is also suitable for small dogs to get in and out of the water quickly.


    • It has a durable construction
    • This dog pool ramp features non-slip steps that are suitable for most dogs’ breeds
    • It can accommodate even the big dogs
    • It has strong and stable pool stairs
    • It is easy to install. Thus, it does not damage the pool liner


    • It is heavier than most options

Some buyers feel that waterdog Adventure Gear Dog Ladder is a bit expensive. Others feel that it is not a good option for small swimming pools.

Although this platform is pricey, it is a good solution because of its quality and stability. If you own a small pool and need extra space, you can remove the ladder while it is time to swim. Later, you’ll take it back when it’s time for your dog to enjoy swimming.

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3. PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp-best for dog breeders

petstep original folding dog pool rampPetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp comes with a unique design. It features a non-slip rubberized surface to allow the dog to enter the pool without fear. Its plastic materials and size make it a good option for large pools

This dog ramp for the pool has a capacity of 500lbs. Thus, it can hold even the giant breeds. Its folding design makes it a good solution for most non-Vinyl pools.

The most exciting part about PetSTEP is that it does not have sandpaper texture tape. Some pet pool ramps with this feature can tear the dog’s feet. In other words, PetSTEP is perfect for protecting your dog.

Apart from this, PetSTEP has a soft rubber surface that gives the dog a good grip. Besides, you’ll have to buy a separate swimming pool legs kit when using PetSTEP. Otherwise, it may lose stability.


    • The dog pool ramp is easy to use
    • It features a rubberized surface for a perfect grip
    • It is portable
    • It is a multi-purpose platform
    • It is easy to fold for easy storage


    • You must buy a swimming pool extension to make the dog pool ramp perfect for pool use

Buyers feel that PetSTEP is a good option for moving between vans, cars, and boats. Although it has a heavy design, it is sometimes not stable in water.

PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp works well for different types of pools. But if you own a Vinyl pool, this dog pool ramp is not a good option since it can tear the lining. Most of the dog ramps do not accommodate the big dogs.

But this dog pool ramp offers an easy way for your dog to get in and out of the pool comfortably. It is a multi-purpose ramp since you can use it to get into the car, boat, or pool.

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4. KHTS6310 Dog Pool Exit Ramp-most pet-friendly

khts6310 dog pool exit rampKHTS6310 Dog Pool Exit Ramp is perfect for any water setting. Whether you own a regular in-ground pool or a pool with a deck, your dog will be able to get inside the water with this platform. It features yellow ridges, which are easy for your furry friend to notice.

KHTS6310 Dog Pool Exit Ramp is a great option for small dogs. But a good choice for older dogs. Many of the stair ramps are challenging for dogs with joint issues. But this ramp has an ergonomic design that fits all dogs.

The good thing about this swimming pool dog ramp is that it can’t damage the pool. Also, you can remove it, clean it, or store it easily.

KHTS6310 Dog Pool Exit Ramp is a UV-treated plastic ramp that is long-lasting. It has a hollow in its interior to allow it to float on water. Apart from this, it features a 100% polyurethane bladder to enhance durability.


    • It has great traction because of the fabric coated mesh
    • This dog pool ramp is easy to store
    • It is lightweight and portable


    • It only supports small dogs of up to 65lbs
    • It is narrow. Thus, it is not a good option for big dogs

Buyers feel that KHTS6310 Dog Pool Exit Ramp is a great platform for very small dogs. It fits nicely at the edge of the pool, and it is easy for the dogs to notice.

KHTS6310 Dog Pool Exit Ramp is sturdy and features a non-slip surface. Also, it is lightweight. Thus, you can install or remove it easily. The good part about this ramp is that it is weatherproof. It does not corrode or rust.

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5. Paws Aboard PoolPup Steps-most accurate results

paws aboard poolpup stepsPaws Aboard PoolPup Steps is a perfect solution for creating dog steps in pools. The good thing is that it does not damage the vinyl liners. It has an easy-to-install design, weighing 150lbs. Also, it has a ribbed design with a good grip to allow the dog to exit the pool without slipping.

The materials that make this dog ramp are ABS plastics that are chlorine and UV resistant. Thus, this ramp is more durable than others in the market. It does not have a hole. Hence, the paws of your furry companion will not get stuck.

Paws Aboard feature a solid set of stairs, making it comfortable than a floating ramp. Also, the stairs are discrete to allow small dogs and those with injured joints to get into the water easily.


  • It is stable than other dog ramps
  • It is easy to install
  • It is a good option for a variety of pools
  • It is perfect for senior dogs or pups that want to learn how to swim


  • The plastic screws are not durable

The buyers feel that the Paws Aboard PoolPup ramp has a great design. But the plastic screws become an issue. So, they end up purchasing stainless screws and bolts to make the ramp last longer.

Paws Aboard PoolPup is a multi-purpose ramp to use in your car, boat, or ramp. Thus, it is a good investment if you have a furry friend. This dog pool ramp is great because of its multiple-step choices. You can adjust the steps to match your dog’s size and fitness.

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6. Petstep Pool Bundle-most accurate results

petstep pool bundle khakiPetstep pool Bundle is a versatile and portable dog pool ramp. It is easy to attach to your swimming pool to allow your furry friend to get in and out without assistance. This ramp is made of fiberglass and composite plastic. Thus, it is corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and has good structural strength.

Also, it has a soft non-slip rubberized surface which offers great traction in wet and dry conditions. This situation makes it feel natural on the dog’s paws, thus enhancing the pet’s swimming experience.

Petstep Pool Bundle comes with two aircraft aluminum rubber legs and eight fiddle screws for easy and quick installation. The hollowed pool legs attach well to the ramp, creating a sturdy base for the dog as it gets in and out of the swimming pool.

The rubberized design of the feet on the pool legs prevents damaging the bottom of the pool. Apart from this, Petstep Pool Bundle fits all pools. Its non-slip grip design makes it a perfect choice for different pools and vehicles.

This ramp for pools is durable and portable. It weighs 18.5lbs and can hold up to 500 pounds. Therefore, it can be a good choice for small and giant dogs.


  • The rubber feet protect the pool liner
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It provides superior traction in all conditions
  • It features a unique soft rubberized surface to protect the dog’s paws
  • The composite plastic and fiberglass construction offers extreme durability


  • It is heavy than other dog ramps

Buyers feel that this ramp is perfect for pools, vehicles, or climbing up and down the stairs. Dogs can confidently use this dog pool ramp because of its textured surface and stability. If your dog has legs issues, this ramp for the swimming pool can be a good option. It reduces arthritis, pain, back strain and lowers the chances of injury because of the rubberized surface and the sturdy structure.

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7.PetSTEP HalfSTEP Pet Ramp-best value for money

petstep halfstep pet rampPetSTEP HalfSTEP Pet Ramp is designed to provide comfort to your furry friend as it gets in and out of the pool. It features a gentle slope to help the elderly or injured dog exit the pool with ease.

This dog ramp is made of fiber-reinforced plastic, making it a sturdy and durable platform. It stands out from other pet ramps because of its safety features. The non-slip ridged surface is soft to allow the dog to walk through the ramp confidently. Also, this feature helps the dog maintain a good grip and traction.

Besides, it does not have materials such as tape or sandpaper that can cause injuries to the dog’s feet or trap in odors.

There is a soft heavy-duty rubber, universal non-slip grip on each end of the ramp that makes it fit well on vehicles and edges. To open and close this ramp is easy. All you need is to unstrap the locking spring found at the end of the ramp.

This portable ramp is easy to carry and store. It weighs 11.5lbs and can hold up to 500lbs. Also, it does not require setup or maintenance. However, you can clean it with soap and water to prevent odor and infections.

Allow your dog to walk up a gentle incline instead of jumping or struggling to exit the pool. The base of PetSTEP HalfSTEP Pet Ramp maintains traction to secure it as the dog walks through it.


  • It is lightweight and portable
  • It is easy to clean with water and soap
  • It is safe for different dog breeds
  • It has superior traction to prevent sliding
  • It does not have sandpaper or carpet, making it feel soft on paws.


  • It has rubber feet on only one side

PetSTEP HalfSTEP Pet Ramp is safe and convenient to use. It prevents injuries to the dogs when getting in and out of the pool. Buyers love this dog pool ramp because it is easy to maintain. It is easy to wash and does not corrode. Above all, it can safely hold any weight.

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dog on a dog pool ramp

In conclusion, the best dog pool ramps are easy to install with non-slip surfaces. They are portable and can support pets of all sizes. Also, it is good to consider the materials to ensure that the dog water ramps won’t rust when left in the pool for an extended period.

A review of the best swimming pool dog ramps shows that each ramp has its advantages and disadvantages. This situation makes them suitable for different pools, dogs’ breeds, and purposes. Thus, it is good to understand your needs before making a purchasing decision.

The top pick, WaterDog Adventure Gear Dog Ladder for Swimming Pool, is sturdy, lightweight, and can hold different dogs’ breeds. The good this is that it is easy to install. Therefore, it will not damage your pool liner. It is a good choice for dogs with poor vision or injured legs because of the non-slip and comfortable steps.

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    Many people don’t think about the fact that this ramp can not only hold the weight of the dog but also it’s weight when he’s wet. It’s also very sad to hear that so many pets drown each year 🙁 Why aren’t people doing their research? Why do they just believe dogs (and other pets) can easily swim and don’t need any kind of help (like a good ramp)? Oh, and don’t get me started on people who throw their dogs in the pool? What are they thinking?

  2. Naomi H.

    For a small dog the Skamper ramp super is pretty great. My dog loves it and has been hanging in the pool a lot more often than he used to before I got the ramp. A good ramp does make a lot of difference. The only downside this has is you’ll eventually need to add polypropylene rope because nylon items are indeed degraded by chlorine in time.

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