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11 dog pool options for [2023 summer]

You know dogs can’t sweat? Dog pool is the answer!

dog pool

Is it hot in the summer where you live? Dog pool…

Read on to to find out what you need for your pet.

Are you looking for a way for your dog to cool down in the upcoming summer months and can’t figure out what dog pool will best suit your needs? Do you need something large or smaller to accommodate your little one? How durable do you need it to be? How durable does it have to be?

The best dog pool fits your pet and is easy to manage

We checked out more than a dozen different dog pool products and here are the ones you can choose from. Click on the name to go directly to the products or read on to get a mode detailed overview and make up your mind.

  1. Lunaoo Foldable Dog Pool
  2. Peteast Splash Sprinkler Pad for Dogs
  3. DEStar PVC Foldable Pet Swimming Pool
  4. MYPET North States Pool
  5. WIDELAND Octagonal Pet Dog Pool
  6. Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool
  7. 63″ x 12″/47″ X 12″ Foldable Dog Bath Pool
  8. Mcgrady1xm Collapsible Pet Dog Bath
  9. Kundu Round Heavy-Duty PVC Outdoor Pool/Bathing Tub – Portable & Foldable
  10. All for Paws Extra Large Dog Swimming Pool
  11. TNELTUEB Pet Swimming Pool for Large Dogs

dog playing on the pool

Easily Set Up

Back in the day, most pools were the equivalent of a plastic child’s toy. Then they became inflatable, but that would present problems due to puncture holes. Now the best dog swimming pools are durable with thick, built-in backing, PVC, and foldable plastic!


Can your new product stand up to the punishment your dog might give it? Are nails a problem? What about normal leakage? Can your children abuse their new watery adventure, right along with your pups?


This kind of goes hand in hand with durability. You want to invest in a product that will last for years, if not the lifetime of your dog! It will be even better if you can find a product guarantee or money-back offers.


How big is your pet, and how much does he/she weigh? You will want to be sure you have a dog bathe large enough to support your pet when he/she is fully grown but not too large. Drowning can become a hazard, especially with small/toy breeds.


Not all of the products listed here cost the same. Sometimes you are paying for the product, and sometimes it’s more the name itself that can be expensive. What is your budget?


If you’re not sure what to buy, reviews will definitely help you get what best fits you in all aspects.

Is it OK for Dogs to Swim in Pools?

For many dogs, the answer is usually a resounding yes- with limitations. It is OK for some dogs to swim in pools. There are always safety rules that go along with water. Let’s cover one of those rules!

First of all, all dogs should be supervised when in a dog pool deep enough to swim in the first place. Some breeds, like Labrador or Newfoundland, are fantastic swimmers and can easily outswim even the best human athletes, but accidents can still happen.

Those are exceptional breeds bred to swim, and they excel. In fact, those two are even used in human water rescue situations! Very few dogs can hope to match them.

On the other hand, not all dogs were intended to work around water. Some breeds should avoid anything above their heads!

If you think about a breed’s traditional purpose, it becomes evident that some will be drawn to the water. Certain breeds were born to swim because they were developed for water jobs. –American Kennel Club

Can All Dogs Swim?

Some dogs cannot swim well at all. Swimming doesn’t come naturally to all dog breeds and can even be pretty dangerous for some. For example, ‘brachycephalic’ (short-nosed) dog breeds, like English Bulldogs, Pugs, and many more, can easily drown if an owner is not careful.

Regardless of breed, all dogs should wear a life jacket when first learning to swim (AKC).

dog swimming on the pool

With their short legs, mutated upper respiratory systems, and barrel-like bodies, the act of treading water can be extremely hard for English Bulldogs and breeds like them. Remember to do some research if you are not quite sure about your dog.

These dogs can still enjoy the water but should avoid anything above their bellies without human supervision and preferably a flotation device. Because their upper respiratory systems are built differently than the average dog, it can also be hard for them to catch their breath.

Human owners should also be cautious with smaller breeds or toy breeds around dog pools.

The few breeds listed below tend to be fantastic swimmers! Of course, this is not a guarantee. Here, some of the worst swimmers are:

  • Basset Hound
  • Bulldog
  • Pug
  • French Bulldog
  • Dachshund
  • Pekingese
  • Boxer
  • Corgi
  • Bull Terrier
  • Shih-Tzu
  • Chow Chow
  • Shar-Pei

What is the Largest Dog pool?

The largest dog pool on our list is probably the Kundu Round Heavy-Duty PVC Outdoor Pool/Bathing Tub or our WIDELAND Octagonal Pet Dog Pool below with an extra-large 63’’ diameter. Most plastic dog pools designed for pets are not meant too big.

Once the pool is large enough for a large or giant breed to swim, it becomes something meant for humans. This would also add an element of risk, and dogs simply do not need something that large to cool off. Dog pools should be sized for the breed and not cover their backs, so the dog can always touch the bottom.

When it comes to size, circumference/ diameter is usually looked at more than actual depth.

What Type of Pool is Best for Dogs?

The best type of dog pool you will find will not be too deep because there is always a drowning hazard with depth. The best dog pools will be durable enough to stand up to your pet’s (hopefully trimmed) nails, which excludes anything you will need to inflate. The material used will be easy to clean and lightweight yet durable.

Thankfully, that covers most of the options listed down below! After considering the general advice above, think about your breed and what he will be using it for.

Is your pup an avid swimmer, or does he just like “to get his feet wet?” Is he a double-coated or northern breed? Do you have the skills necessary to train your pet to enjoy the water in the first place? Many dogs will automatically shy away from this foreign ‘tub’ off the bat and might need some gentle encouragement.

As a rule, try to avoid pools with liners or pools built for humans. These can be extremely expensive, and you might be out a lot of money if your pup’s nails tear a hole in the liner.

How to Prevent your Dog from Drowning in Your Backyard Pool?

For your first rule of thumb, do not try to convince brachycephalic breeds to try and swim! Your Pug, for example, can easily drown if the unexpected were to happen. These short-nosed dog breeds can often have a lot of trouble catching their breath, which could present drastic challenges where water is involved.

Long-term breathing difficulties and an inability to cool down normally are commonly seen in extremely brachycephalic dogs. This breathing disorder is called brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome, or BOAS, and is a progressive, lifelong disorder that can impair a dog’s ability to exercise, play, eat and sleep (Packer, Rowena. DVM).

Always be alert!

dog walking on the pool

If your outside pool is large enough to potentially cause a drowning hazard, you want to be on constant watch. Never let your furry friend out of your sight! Some other suggestions include:

  • Make sure your pup has an exit strategy just in case things were to go south.
  • If necessary, prevent access to the water in your pool.
  • Be sure your pool is equipped with an alarm to alert you to any problems.
  • Teach your pup to swim (when you are with him) or provide floatation devices.
  • Surround your pool by a fence.

Moreover, be sure to do your research. Is your breed meant to be around water at all? Does she or he even want to swim, or does water frighten the animal?

What Dog Breeds Enjoy Water the Most?

If you were to purchase a swimming pool for your dog, are there any breeds that would take to it right off the bat? The answer to that question is a resounding yes- usually. Certain breeds were specifically conceived to work around the water, and they tend to enjoy it much more than anything else!

The dog breeds below were specifically bred to work around or in water. Some are simple working breeds, and some are hunting dogs or game retrievers (like the Poodle or golden retriever). Of course, this isn’t guaranteed by any means, but the dog breeds that are likely to enjoy their new swimming pool are:

  • Labrador Retrievers
  • Chesapeake Bay Retrievers
  • American Water Spaniels
  • Curly-Coated Retrievers
  • English Setter
  • German Shorthaired Pointer
  • Irish Water Spaniel
  • Newfoundland
  • Portuguese Water Dog
  • Standard Poodle

How to Get a Dog Accustomed to Pools?

What if you go ahead and buy your pup his/her new gift, and the furry one does not like the water? Can you ever surpass this obstacle?

Step One: Associate Happiness

You want to make your pet feel a sense of ‘fun and exhilaration’ around his new toy! The absolute last thing you want is for your dog to associate water with fear or punishment.

Use a cheerful voice every time your pet comes around his new watery toy! Offer treats as an incentive. Act like your pet wading is the absolute most impressive thing you have ever seen!

Step Two: Reward

This step can actually go hand in hand with the first. Offer rewards every time your pet touches the water or steps inside his new pet pool! Give your furry friend an incentive to want to play in the water! By offering food rewards, your pool orientation training will go so much quicker.

Step Three: Desensitize

Though this is a slightly more advanced training principle, we often do it without even noticing. Don’t try to immerse your dog in a pool filled to the brim with water all at once. Take it slowly, filling the pool a little at a time. In fact, you should not begin with any water at all, just letting the pup familiarize himself with the material.

Sometimes our dogs need to move slowly and adjust to this new change. Some might not enjoy getting wet at first, and that is natural. Others (like most Retrievers) will probably love it immediately!

Importance of a Place to Cool Down

Heat-related injuries can be a real danger for dogs during the hot summer months, especially if they live in a tropical or subtropical area of the world. Not only can these pools offer fun and enjoyment, but they can also go a long way to promoting safety outdoors!

If possible, place your pool near or underneath a shaded portion of your yard.

Dog Pool Product Reviews

Welcome to our product review section! We have taken the best in each area and listed it below for your browsing pleasure.

1. Lunaoo Foldable Dog Pool

lunaoo foldable dog pool portable kiddie pool for kids pvc bathing tub outdoor swimming pool for large small dogsOne of the best dog pools is not only constructed with some of the most durable industrial strength PVC material with 0.45cm thick high-density fiberboards built into the dog pool, but it also has several potential uses! You could have your very own sandbox, kiddie pool, fishpond to complement any greenhouse, and dog pool!

Built-in drains make emptying your brand-new pool for cleaning easy, and there is never any need for inflation. You can choose from three sizes, so your little Beagle can relax the same as any Labrador or Pointer!


  • Industrial strength PVC material
  • 45cm thick high-density fiberboards
  • Can be used as a dog pool, outdoor water pond, sandbox, kiddie pool
  • Built-in drains
  • 3 Sizes: S-32 x 8″, L–47 x 12″, XL–63 x 12″
  • These dog pools are easy to store


  • Earned 3.8 stars in ‘sturdiness

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2. Peteast Splash Sprinkler Pad for Dogs

peteast splash sprinkler pad for dogs kids dog bath pool thickened durable bathing tub pet summer outdoor water toysThough this isn’t quite a ‘pool,’ it offers a unique experience all the same! Your Splash Sprinkler Pad offers a chance for your pup to cool off and play without any of the potential risks associated with pools. Your kids can also use this, and it is very easy to set up or store during those cold winter months.

If you don’t want to go for a pool but would rather have a ‘sprinkler setup,’ this is for you!


  • Can adjust spray by adjusting water pressure
  • Suitable for other pets as well
  • Environmentally-friendly PVC material
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Foldable, easy to transport, easy to store


  • Trim dog’s nails before use
  • These dog pools are not as durable/susceptible to leakage

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3. DEStar PVC Foldable Pet Swimming Pool

destar pvc foldable pet swimming pool outdoor bathtub with protective lining for dogs and kiddiesWhile easy to store and portable, this foldable dog pool is tough and never requires any inflation! A built-in wood board ensures your pool won’t ever collapse on you, and the floor material offers a non-skid surface.

Your foldable dog pool can be used for pets or children or simply just as an outdoor decoration. Over seven hundred ratings give it 4.5 stars!


  • Thick PVC
  • Built-in 0.18” thick high-strength compression wood board
  • 3 ft. long by 11.8 in high


  • Trim dog’s nails before use
  • Susceptible to tearing

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4. MYPET North States Pool

mypet north states pool portable foldable extra large pet bath pet swimming pool shampoo caddy leash retainer clip and carrying bag included no tools necessaryMade from durable, waterproof material and offering a convenient pop-up design, this pet pool is different from the others on this list because it is composed of a more fabric design (95% Polyester/5% PVC). There is even a built-in shampoo caddy and leash clip! Moreover, you’ll find convenient watertight drainage.


  • Simple storage & transport
  • 95% Polyester/5% PVC
  • Built-in shampoo caddy and leash clip!
  • Built-in water drainage for quicker cleanup


  • These dog pools come with no frame built into the material

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5. WIDELAND Octagonal Pet Dog Pool

wideland octagonal pet dog pool slip resistant kiddie pool for kids protable pvc plastic puppy bathing tub grooming shower wading bath pool outdoor swimming pool for small medium large dogs petAvailable in a whopping 5 sizes. It is made from an anti-scratch PVC material with 6 mm heavyweight vinyl. This dog pool might just be one of the most durable dog pools on this list!

Your octagonal dog pool is easy to fill, and you’ll never have to worry about collapse. The environmental material your pet pool is made from has been Fully tested with EN71. As far as size goes, this is suitable for pets 60 lbs. – 240 lbs.!


  • Available in 5 sizes
  • anti-scratch PVC material
  • 6 mm heavyweight vinyl
  • Non-slip bottom
  • These dog pools are suitable for pets 60 lbs.- 240 lbs.


  • Only 8 edges/sides

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6. Alvantor Pet Swimming Pool

alvantor pet swimming pool dog bathing tub kiddie pools cat puppy shower spa foldable portable indoor outdoor pond ball pit patent pendingHighly dense yet soft Oxford fabric with a powerful PVC backing makes up this unique portable dog pool. The spring steel frame provides extra stability, while layer construction helps prevent tearing. Believe it or not, your new pet bath is only 7.5 pounds! Measuring 63″x12″ deep, you can also convert this product to a pond, decoration, or even a sandbox!


  • 300 density ripstop oxford fabric with PVC backing
  • Only 7.5 lbs.
  • 63”x12” deep


  • Cheaper design than others listed

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7. 63″ x 12″/47″ X 12″ Foldable Dog Bath Pool

foldable dog bath pool pet bathing tub dog swimming pool bathing tub for pets dogs cats kids two sizesReinforced edges and rigid PVC underneath a solid material set this pet pool apart from so many others! The bottom offers a unique anti-slip design while a simple drainage hole is built into the side for easy empty. It is even UV and cold resistant!


  • Swimming pool, bathtub, child’s toy
  • Easy to fold & store
  • 63″x 63″x 12″/160 x 160 x 30
  • Time resistant
  • UV & cold resistant


  • Do not fill beyond the maximum water level

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8. Mcgrady1xm Collapsible Pet Dog Bath

mcgrady1xm collapsible pet dog bath pool kiddie pool hard plastic foldable bathing tub pvc outdoor pools for dogs cat kidComplete with independent space for optimal hygiene and available at 80cm(31.5in) in diameter, 20cm(7.9in) in height, this plastic dog pond is colorful and attractive enough to be the cornerstone of any yard! Setup is easy, and draining couldn’t be simpler with a convenient built-in faucet.


  • 80cm(31.5in) in diameter, 20cm(7.9in) in height
  • Brightly colored
  • Simple drainage
  • These dog pools are easy Setup


  • Received 3.8-star rating for sturdiness

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9. Kundu Round Heavy-Duty PVC Outdoor Pool/Bathing Tub – Portable & Foldable

kundu round heavy duty pvc outdoor pool bathing tub portable foldableWith no need to inflate or scramble together countless parts, setup is easy! Industrial strength PVC provides an unshakable frame, which is also available in three sizes. Like many of the other pools here, you can double it as a kid pool or pond. It is so easy to store it doesn’t even need its own carrying case, and you can take it just about anywhere!


  • No need to inflate
  • High grade, industrial PVC
  • Foldable pool Easy to store
  • Available in three sizes
  • Easy to drain


  • Only 261 ratings

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10. All for Paws Extra Large Dog Swimming Pool

all for paws extra large dog swimming pool collapsible pet bathing tub anti slip uv test approved great for dogs and kidsAlso available in a large and small sizes, your pup’s new dog bath is among the largest here at an extra-large size of 63’’! The pool will begin inflating as you fill it with water, making the setup a cinch! Your All for Paws Extra Large Dog Swimming Pool folds easily and can travel anywhere you go!


  • Extra-large 63” swimming pool
  • Easy twist drainage cap
  • Easy to fold


  • Avoid any rocks or other sharp objects beneath

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11. TNELTUEB Pet Swimming Pool for Large Dogs

tneltueb pet swimming pool for large dogs collapsible dog pool with pet brush dog chew toy foldable kiddie pool plastic pet bathing tub outdoor swimming pool for kids and dogs catsThis collapsible pool comes complete with a creative brush toy explicitly designed for the pool itself! Built-in 5 mm high-strength and lightweight PE board will prevent any punctures while keeping your pool sturdy and upright. The simple design accommodates folding and convenient storage when not in use, while a professional look brings brightness to any yard or garden!


  • Easy storage, foldable pool design
  • 63 inches in diameter and 12 inches deep
  • Easy to drain
  • Multiple uses
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Eco friendly


  • 6 foldable rating

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What Size Pool Does My Dog Need?

If you are wondering what size of pool your dog needs, look no further! First, what size is your dog, and what size pool do you think would be appropriate for that breed/age? Remember, your dog should never actually have to ‘swim’ and should easily be able to leave the pool if needed.

So, you would want an exceedingly small pool for a small breed. In fact, a sprinkler setup may be better for either small breeds or small-medium brachycephalic (short-nosed) dogs (see list above). You would want a medium for a medium breed, large for a large breed, and as far as giant breeds go, very rarely will a pool designed for dogs be too large. You would be considering durability a factor there. The list below covers some suggestions, but it would be impossible to cover 200+ dog breeds, so use your best judgment.

  • Small: 32’’x8’’
  • Medium 47”x8-10
  • Large: 63’’x12’’
  • XL: 80’’x20’’

Let Your Pet Enjoy Summer!

Dog bathing pool designs could not (and never were) be better than they are today! No fenced-in backyard will be complete this summer without one of these fantastic products above. If that were not enough, your pup would absolutely love you for it!

dog seating on the pool

Now You are Ready for a Great Dog Pool!

Now you know what to look for in a dog pool. I hope you have a much better idea of the many options at your disposal. Get a dog pool for your pet. why not pick one up? Your furry friend will thank you!

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