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26 Happiest Dog Breeds Big and Small [2022]

The dog population in the world is over one billion making them the most abundant species of the order Carnivora. Dogs are widely kept across the globe, mostly as home pets. They serve a variety of purposes, including work, ears, and eyes for physically disabled persons, protection, and search and rescue while others are used for sporting activities. The character traits of breeds vary a lot. Let’s take a look at the happiest dog breeds.

happiest dog breeds

It is believed that dogs were the first domesticated animals and they are termed as man’s best friend. This is due to the fact that humans and dogs from the best working relationship more than any other animals in the entire globe. Moreover, of all the animals, the dog is the most faithful and loyal creature, which is a virtue that humans most admire.

Dogs have been bred for thousands of years, either as an inbred from the same ancestral lines or mixing dogs from different lines. There are about 339 breeds of dogs in the world and these breeds are usually categorized under functional types, purposes, and appearances. The basics are hunting dogs, herding dogs, working dogs, guard dogs, companion dogs, among many other types of which we find the happiest dog breeds.

6 Happiest Dog Breeds from Medium to Large

1. Labrador Retriever

labrador retriever happiest dog breeds

This is a breed of dog that is mostly known for its sweet and loving disposition. They are athletic, joyful, high-spirited, and playful. They commonly come in the colors black, yellow, and chocolate and are generally a healthy breed. They are very active and their extremely playful nature makes the Labrador one of the happiest dog breeds. Labradors are loved due to their friendly personality and are the most popular breed of dog under ownership in various countries of the world such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United States. They also play well with other dogs. This type makes great service dogs and they are frequently trained to aid people with autism and people who are blind or have reduced function of sight. They also act as therapy dogs.

2. Golden Retriever

golden retriever happiest dog breeds

A golden retriever is a very happy breed of dog known for its loving nature. It has a friendly attitude towards everyone, including strangers. They are active and energetic sporting breeds and have a very passionate love of water; they will play in the water for a long time, unlike other dog breeds. Golden retrievers are very easy to train to a particular owner’s basic standards of obedience and functionality. They have an inner coat that offers them adequate warmth when they are outside and an outer coat that lies flat on their body and repels water. They are more suited for the countryside residency due to their roaming tendency. They are also an intelligent and devoted breed of dog enabling them to perform a variety of roles such as hearing for the deaf, guide dogs for the blind and visually impaired, hunting, and search and rescue. This breed is fond of play and requires ample exercise.

3. Bearded Collie

bearded collie happiest dog breeds

The Bearded Collie breed is often called the “Happy Herder” due to its bouncing personality which brings out their happy nature. They love people and attention and are charismatic with a great smile that depicts a lot of their personalities. They are medium-sized breed with a coat that spreads following the natural line of the body. The breed is very active and energetic although females are more outgoing than males.

4. American Staffordshire Terrier

american staffordshire terrier happiest dog breeds

The American Staffordshire Terrier is a happy, friendly, loving, and people-oriented breed of dog. They have a personality that is similar to that of a Labrador Retriever. It’s a confident and smart breed and comes in 18 colors with markings. American Staffordshire requires exercise and likes to be given a job to do. The breed is very jovial in nature and acts like a clown — mostly making their training comical. They are a breed of intelligent guardians and are loyal to a particular family unit.

5. Great Dane

happiest dog breeds great dane

The Great Dane is one of the tallest breeds of domestic dogs; it’s known for its enormous body and it’s among the happiest dog breeds. They have a very friendly nature and are known for seeking affection from their owners. The dog has a well-formed and smooth muscular body; its conformation is well balanced such that it does not appear clumsy. They come in 9 colors with markings and the breed does not need a lot of exercise as compared to other breeds of dogs. This dog likes to do what their owners do and are a great companion.

6. Collie

collie happiest dog breeds

The Collie is one of the happiest dog breeds that provide loyalty and love. They are very devoted family dogs and get along well with children. Collies are happy when out with their owner on a walk as well as when they are curled up at home and they are a breed that is highly intelligent and cautious. They require daily exercise and activities to keep up with their happy moods. They are categorized into a rough and smooth breed. There are of medium-size and can be found in 10 different colors with markings.

Apart from these dogs being quite happy they also offer companionship, loyalty, bravery, and a constant array of activities. Happy dogs are a natural talent for reducing stress, improving one’s social life, and offering safety and graceful aging. Happy dogs are man’s best friend.

20 Happiest Dog Breeds, Small Dogs

Most people see small dogs as one of two things, either they really happy and cute, or tiny with a Napoleon complex. Listed below are fifteen of the happiest, little dogs you can find. If you’re looking for a life-long companion that lives to see you smile, give one of these breeds a try.

1. American Cocker Spaniel

american cocker spaniel playing with dog toy

This breed is very loyal and affectionate to all members of the family. They are a great playmate for a young child because they’re very gentle and love to keep running around–just like children do. They’re a very intelligent breed and love to please their family and keep their owners happy. There could be a risk of genetic disorder that causes aggression in spaniels. This could put them among the worst dog breeds for families.

2. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier in white room

This small terrier holds onto its working roots in its lively and jovial personality. This breed is a bit of a tomboy regardless of whether you have a male or a female and they are very affectionate and playful. This breed will be more than happy with a daily walk so long as they get to spend time with their owner.

3. Bichon Frise

Bichon frise in brown room

This breed is well-known for its unbelievably happy and energetic temperament. Keeping this breed happy is not a difficult task as they don’t require a lot of exercise–despite their energy level. This breed is great for city-living for that reason and they love to give their owner affection.

4. Mini Pinscher

mini pinscher on grass field

This breed is one of the smaller breeds that is convinced it’s a bigger dog. They are fearless, proud, and fun-loving and are known for their enormous personalities. Affectionately called “min pins,” this breed is a great companion and is ideal for smaller homes like apartments or condominiums. They don’t require much exercise other than the daily walk and indoor playtime.

5. Cairn Terrier

cairn terrier in white room

Another terrier with a great temperament is the Cairn Terrier. Though they need to be supervised with children and other dogs, they are very happy and upbeat companions to have by your side. They love to please their owner and as working dogs, they give themselves jobs, unlike most working dogs.

6. Brussels Griffon

brussels griffon studio room

Brussels Griffons are one of the happiest dog breeds that like seeking attention from everyone in the room. They are charming dogs that gain the affection of every person they meet and they have a very active indoor personality and are a great size for apartment life. They thrive better with interaction and training. It’s a curious breed, highly intelligent, and sensitive to its surrounding.

7. Japanese Chin

Japanese chin in white room

The Japanese Chin is a great companion with a loving and charming temperament. This breed is known for it’s small stature and lively personality. To go along with their happy-go-lucky personality, they’re also a very healthy breed and incredibly playful.

8. Mini Schnauzer

mini schnauzer in dark room

This breed is great for people of all ages, from children to elderly people. They are very smart dogs with protective instincts so they also make a great watchdog. After they get to know a person they have a pleasant temperament and love to make their owner happy.

9. Corgi

corgi on park

Corgis are great companion dogs for adults and children alike. They are playful and energetic and make a great watchdog, although they can be very talkative and noisy when it comes to strangers.

10. Pug

pug in white room

Pugs are the kind of dogs that love everyone, even people they don’t know. If you have a lot of foot traffic in and out of your house, your Pug won’t mind a bit. They’re intelligent and love to play games but are also very affectionate and loving.

11. Schipperke

black schipperke laying on grass

This isn’t a very commonly known breed but they should be. The Schipperke is an excellent watchdog because they have great ears so nothing will get past them, but their temperament is not hostile. They are very energetic and play well with adults and children.

12. Shetland Sheepdog

tricolor shetland sheepdog

This breed is the ideal pet for children because they love to play and please. They tend to bond with all members of the family and they will play so long as you do. When you’re done playing, they are as well, and they’re ready to cuddle up with you.

13. Shih Tzu

shih tzu in white room

Though one of the happiest dog breeds this breed can be a bit difficult at times due to their high-maintenance personalities, they are very loyal and affectionate dogs. They love to cuddle and please their owners and welcome any affection you are willing to give. They are excellent watchdogs due to their talkativeness but they can also have a stubborn streak.

14. West Highland White Terrier

west highland white terrier sitting in studio room

This is one of the few breeds in the terrier family that gets along well with other dogs. They are very adaptable and, like most of the other dogs mentioned, love to please their owners. They are adaptable in the sense that if you like to go out and play, so do they, and if you like to stay in a cuddle-up, they do too.

15. Bulldog

bulldog laying down exhausted in white room

Their perception as a “sour-puss” is highly unfair to this breed. They are one of the most charming breeds out there and will do anything to see their owners smile. They love to cuddle up on the couch, which is not hard to believe due to their physicality but if you’re a cuddler then this is the perfect breed for you.

16. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

cavalier king charles spaniel in white room

This breed is highly affectionate, easy to take with you anywhere you would like to go, very easy to train, and due to their small size, they are great for apartment or city-living lifestyles. This breed loves to play and give affection but they also require a lot of attention and grooming.

17. Pomeranian

pomeranian on beach

Pomeranians are the eternal babies of the dog world. They are sweet and loving and although they are yappy, they can be one of the most affectionate dogs you can own. They love to play when they are puppies and as they age they get calmer and love to cuddle up with you on the couch. To say they are the epitome of a lap dog is a bit of an understatement. This breed will continue to make you smile and is loyal to multiple people but is likely to have favorites.

18. Maltese

maltese brown background

A Maltese is a very happy dog; it does not shed much which tends to make it suitable for people who happen to have allergies. They are gentle, very playful, and are usually very small, but exhibit bravery and charm a lot of people. They also crave attention and require exercise. They are white in color with markings, feisty watchdogs, and a good companions.

19. English Toy Spaniel

english toy spaniel yellow background

Apart from being one of the happiest dog breeds, the English Toy Spaniel is also gentle, loving, and playful. They are sweet family companions, intelligent, and love to play with children. They are best suited for people who reside in apartments because they are very well-behaved if trained. They are an alert and an intelligent breed and this breed thrives in a cool environment.

20. Italian Greyhound

italian greyhound puppy in white room

An Italian Greyhound is a doe-eyed, small breed of dog and is among the happiest dog breeds. It is sometimes called an “iggy.” The breed’s distinctive feature is their slender body and tucked-up abdomen. There are about 16 different colors associated with this breed. They are alert, sensitive, and playful and like giving a lot of kisses to their owners. They enjoy the company of people and make great companion dogs. They can run at top speed with a double suspension gallop and can achieve 25 miles per hour. They have a very strong advanced sense of sight.

9 Things Happiest Dog Breeds Teach Us About Happiness

dogs love to love happiest dog breeds

Dogs have been used in therapy because they are extremely positive and loving creatures. They affect our mood and help us remember to be affectionate. Here are some of the things that the happiest dog breeds teach us about happiness that we often miss without their excited and kind reminders.

1. Don’t Take Things Personal

Dogs don’t hold grudges very often. They are always so happy to see you, even if you forgot to feed them, haven’t walked them in days, or have been ignoring them. Dogs don’t even need you to show them love back, they are just going to throw love to everyone no matter how crabby those people may be. Now that is pretty commendable and can certainly be challenging. But if someone is having a rough day and you stay positive, it often can bring them out of their funk and they may thank you for brightening their day. When we help others feel happy, it’s definitely rewarding.

2. Treat Everyone Equally

Besides the really protective breeds, they really don’t discriminate against people and it keeps them happy. They love people just for being people. They don’t care what they look like or what job they have.

3. Be More Loving

Dogs favorite thing to do is to love. We often get so caught up in our lives that we forget to give hugs and show people how much we care about them. If we can be more warm-hearted towards people we can start to tap into that doggy bliss that seems to be an endless source of happiness. Even if a dog is sick, they will still be loving. They are remarkable selfless in so many respects. they follow you around and watch you and get so excited even if you’ve only been gone a short time. They show us what it’s like to brighten someone’s day by being nice, because they do it for us.

4. Take Time To Relax

Dogs don’t feel guilty when they nap. They have no problem falling asleep in front of people when they are tuckered out. People often push themselves because they feel obligated to be productive and don’t get nearly enough sleep to stay healthy.

5. Live In The Moment

What does it mean to live in the moment? Don’t live dreading the future because it may close you off to amazing possibilities. Imagine if a dog at the pound sat worried he would get a terribly mean owner or worrying about if he would be euthanized (sorry for the graphic example). He would not be chipper and adorable and would be less likely to be adopted by a family that falls in love with his charming personality right? The same goes for humans if we mull over past negative experiences or sit going over what could go wrong in the future, not only will we not enjoy the future, we

6. Stretch Everyday

What do dogs do when they first wake up? They stretch. Unless they are sick. They get the stiffness out of their spine, legs and joints and they stretch throughout the day. Dogs naturally do this because it keeps them healthy. Stretching exercises in yoga are named after dogs because we are mimicking what they do naturally. Downward facing dog helps your brain function and boosts your immune system. Upward facing dog is a great way to energize yourself and improve your posture. If we follow our dogs lead and stretch first thing in the morning we will find it easier to be positive throughout the day. Also it’s important to get up every 30 minutes at work to stretch and move around. Just as dogs are naturally active, movement is essential for our own happiness as well. Ever noticed how even the happiest dog breeds become moody or unhappy when they miss their walk? It’s the same with humans.

7. Don’t Worry About What People Think of You

Dogs really do let it all hang out. They don’t think about what color to dye their hair, worry if they are turning grey, or notice if they have a little dirt on their face. They are more concerned with being playful and being themselves. If we can be more comfortable in our own skin, with our natural beauty, we will exude more confidence and people will enjoy our company more.

8. Be Content With The Simple Things

Dogs are not materialistic. Give them a cheap toy or an old bone and they are content for days. They aren’t worried about their 401k or taking out a second mortgage for a vacation home and frankly, they are just as happy without those things. They live to be your companion and your friend. They love simple pleasures like snuggling, eating, and sleeping. They are so excited to see you because you are the highlight of their day. Let’s not forget how they enjoy a good game of frisbee, a dip in the ocean, or a run through the park. If we can learn to enjoy the simple things like dogs do, we’ll need less to be happy.

9. Show Loyalty

Dogs love to show you they care about you. They will follow you around and try to get close to you. They really just want to be your friend. They will protect you if someone threatens you and they will feel bad when they know they’ve disappointed you. Dogs love to be loyal and are very consistent creatures. They are not trying to climb the social ladder and use people for their connections to gain power or a better title. They simply show you their undying love and that is enough. That’s quite a different type of mindset and humans that act in a similar fashion, often experience a greater sense of satisfaction in their life.

When you work from a place of love and service, you will enjoy what you do. Dogs are always doing labors of love by listening to what we tell them and behaving. If we see our actions as labors of love, it gives us the motivation to overcome the sometimes mundane tasks at hand. If a dog were a human, they would probably love a blue-collar job because it would keep them busy and they would serve a purpose.

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