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12 Heavy duty dog crate [2023] buyer’s guide

Is your large and strong dog becoming hard to contain inside any standard wire or plastic dog crate? Then perhaps opting for a heavy duty dog crate could be the solution for all of your troubles.

Heavy duty dog crates are made from strong iron, steel, or aluminum. These materials ensure aggressive, powerful dogs and chewers who are experts at escaping meet their match.

heavy duty dog crate

Besides keeping your dog safe and protected, these durable crates provide your dog with space where it can rest and relax.

Some of these dog crates are fitted with wheels important when moving this crate from one place to another.

So, which is the best heavy duty dog crate for your dog? Continue reading as we will analyze a number of these almost indestructible dog crates that are our top picks. Later, we will answer some questions regarding crate training.

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For this guide, we analyzed many crates and selected the best options. Here’s an overview of each product with pros and cons. If you have made your choice about the best crate, click to directly go to products.

Feature Heavy-duty dog crate
First choice pick SMONTER heavy duty dog crate strong metal pet kennel
Second choice AGESISI heavy duty dog crate strong metal dog cage dog kennel
Best premium option ProSelect empire dog cage
Most fashionable DEStar heavy-duty PE Rattan wicker pet dog cage crate
Most durable PUPZO heavy duty dog cage crate kennel with roof
Budget-friendly YML 36 inches 2 door heavy duty dog crate
Most spacious 43″ Foldable Double Door Heavy Duty Dog Cage
Best warrant Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage Kennel
Most lightweight Amazon Basic Heavy Duty Stackable Pet Kennel With Tray
Heaviest dog cage SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate Strong Metal Pet Kennel Playpen

dog sitting on a dog bed inside a crate

Why Do You Need To Use Heavy Duty Dog Crates?

Heavy duty crates of the right size and still made from quality materials are handy for any dog parent. In addition, these crates are a perfect fit for powerful and aggressive dogs who break out easily from other types of crates.

These heavy-duty dog crates are well made to bar chewing dogs from gnawing the metal bars. Furthermore, some airlines advise pet parents who travel with their dogs to have quality and sturdy crates. And one of the best alternatives is metal heavy duty dog crates.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate

Below are some factors you should never assume when opting for the right dog crate. Noteworthy, a crate is not a prison for your dog. Always have your dog’s interest in heart and never use a crate to punish your dog at all. While at that, at maximum, never put your adult dog inside a heavy duty dog crate for more than 3-4 hours. (*)

So what are these factors?

The Size

When choosing the best heavy duty dog crate, ensure it’s of the correct size. Thus, look for a dog crate spacious enough for your dog to stand, sit, and stretch. Always avoid a crate that will clamp your dog tight inside. Also, avoid a huge crate that may drive your dog to potty on one side and sleep on the other.

The Material

Plastic crates will be perfect for a calm dogs who are not aggressive. However, you will be in for a rude shock if you cage your powerful and anxious dog in a crate made from thin sheets of plastics. All you will find is a mangled cage.

With that, opt for escape proof dog crates made with strong metals like steel or iron, which will be tough to break or chew.

Also, a minute detail you need to check is whether the cage is resistant to rust and corrosion. You will need a crate that is resistant to environmental elements.

Heavy Duty Dog Crate with Wheels

Some of these dog crates live up to their name; they are heavy! With that, when moving them from one place to another, you will need an extra hand to do so. However, all that can become easier if you consider a dog cage fitted with wheels.

With such wheels, you can move this dog crate from one point to another without scratching the floor surface, and still, you will have made your work easier.

You can also lock these wheels, stabilizing the crate even after a rigorous shake from your aggressive dog.

dog inside a crate

Crate with Removable Trays

Cleaning your pup’s crate doesn’t have to be a cumbersome task for you or any of your family members. Hence, consider a dog crate fitted with a removable underneath pan which will correct your dog’s fur, food, or poop.

With the removable tray, it will be easier to clean the crate without disturbing your dog.


How is the ventilation of this heavy duty dog cage crate you’ve opted to purchase?  Is it a dungeon with no ventilation?

For comfort and safety, consider a dog cage that is well ventilated. The more your dog stays in a poorly ventilated place, the more it’s exposed to many diseases.

Accessibility of the Door Latches

Have a dog crate that has accessible latches for you but not for your dog. While at that, look for a metal dog crate with well-fastened locks and latches not easy for your dog to manipulate.

The 10 Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates

1. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate Strong Metal Pet Kennel

smonter heavy duty dog crate strong metal pet kennel playpen with two prevent escape lock large dogs cage with wheelsThe SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate Strong Metal Pet Kennel is one of the best heavy-duty dog crates.

Made of steel, this indestructible dog crate will withstand your powerful chewer’s scratching or chewing. This dog crate will prevent your Houdini dog from escaping.

The heavy duty steel frame is well spaced, ensuring there’s a free flow of air inside the cage. Again, this dog crate has a double door design. The top door, which is easily accessible, will help you interact with your dog conveniently.

Consequently, the sturdy frames have been coated with a non-toxic finish which is safe even if your dog chews the sturdy metal frame from morning to evening.

Again, the four wheels on this dog’s cage will be convenient when you want to relocate your dog indoors or outdoors. For stability, two of the wheels are lockable.

Cleaning this crate has been made easier with the included removable tray. All you need is to pull the tray out, clean it and push it back in.

This 38′ indestructible crate is well spacious for your dog, ensuring comfort for your medium or large dog breed.


  • You can fold the crate down for storage
  • The 360 degrees rotating wheels help move the crate from one place to another.
  • The steel frame has a non-toxic finish safe for dog chewers
  • Easy to install and clean this escape proof dog crates cage.
  • Double doors


  • Paints chip off easily- which some dog parents are not happy about
  • Some hinges easily snap out

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2. Haige Pet Your Pet Nanny Heavy Duty Dog Crate Cage Kennel

haige pet your pet nanny heavy duty dog crate cage kennel playpen large strong metal for large dogs cats with two prevent escape lock and four lockable wheelsRestrain your dog from breaking out or becoming destructive by using the Haige pet your nanny dog crate. With overall dimensions of 40.6″ L × 29.5″ W × 37.5″ H, this heavy duty dog crate captures a den’s setup as it is spacious and comfortable.

Strong dogs who love breaking out will find it hard to open this dog crate as it is well fitted with two safety buckles on the door. Furthermore, the dog cage is made of steel that is strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant. Like the previous dog crate, moving this heavy duty dog crate is not a challenge as it is fitted with 360˚ rotating four lockable wheels.

Moreover, the surface of this dog crate has been furnished with non-toxic paint, which will not cause any harm to your notorious chewing dog.

Underneath is a removable steel tray that you need to pull out for this dog crate’s easy cleaning sessions.


  • This dog crate has three years warrant
  • Easy to assemble
  • Four lockable wheels for easier relocation
  • Made of strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant steel
  • Added safety buckles for security


  • The door hinges are not that sturdy

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3. YML 36 Inches 2 Door Heavy Duty Dog Crate

yml 36 inch 2 door heavy duty dog crate blackThe best heavy duty dog crate should be well ventilated, spacious, and sturdy; such attributes are what this dog crate from the YML group offers. This dog cage is made of strong metals that are well spaced to allow airflow and still resist your dog’s battering.

Fitted with a free divider/spacer and having dimensions 36 × 23 × 26, this dog crate will be suitable for your dog, down from puppyhood to adulthood.

Two doors are fixed on the front and the side, allowing you to access your dog with ease.

Unlike most chew proof dog crates, this cage has no bottom wire grate; however, it has a slide-out plastic tray that will help trash any of your dog’s droppings, fur, and dander.


  • No tools are required to fix this foldable heavy duty dog crate
  • It comes with a one free divider
  • Two doors fixed on the front and the side for accessibility
  • Well spacious suitable for a dog under 36 pounds

Highlight: Most pet parents love this cage’s price. Here is one of the reviews, “Love this, and for the price I got them was a great deal.”

Also, pet parents were happy how this dog crate was strong [“Very sturdy. Very Strong. Very well made! Keeps my Pitbull comfortably in the crate when we are gone. I would recommend it to anyone with strong big dogs]


  • Most clients not happy that this dog crate has no bottom wire grate

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4. DEStar Heavy Duty Pe Rattan Wicker Pet Dog Cage Crate

destar heavy duty pe rattan wicker pet dog cage crate indoor outdoor puppy house shelter with removable tray and uv resistant coverAre you concerned about your house anesthetics and searching for a heavy duty dog crate cage that will blend with your house? The DEStar heavy-duty PE rattan wicker should be your number one choice. Made of PE wicker (an imitation of rattan) and still metal blended, this crate is strong and blends with furniture in your house.

The well-woven rattan on the side of this dog crate gives it a beautiful appearance whether placed on a well-kempt grass yard or when inside your house.

With dimensions of 35.8″ ×22.8″ × 25.2″, this dog crate is well spacious and sturdy enough to hold a dog weighing below 66 pounds.

Fitted are two big metal windows that allow unrestricted airflow and give your dog a chance to explore its surroundings with no hindrance.

Also, to shade your dog from harmful sunlight rays and rains, you can roll over a polyester cover that comes together with this cage.


  • Easy to install
  • It has a great design
  • Raised feet’s – essential in case there is flooding
  • Great innovation- metal blending and PE wicker


  • It has a powerful chemical smell which can be an issue to some dogs or pet parents

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5. AGESISI Heavy Duty Dog Crate Strong Metal Dog Cage Dog Kennel

agesisi heavy duty dog crate strong metal dog cage dog kennels for medium and large dogs pet playpen indoor outdoor with four wheels self locking latchesAGESISI heavy duty dog crate cage made from a sturdy steel frame is a top-quality cage that you can use indoors and outdoors.

Made with strong metal frames, this steel dog crate heavy duty is well sturdy enough to withstand your aggressive or chewing dog.

Furthermore, this dog crate has been fitted with self-locking gate latches that lock automatically after closing this crate for convenience and security.

Moreover, the AGESISI heavy duty metal dog crate has two doors that will help you interact with the dog while it’s inside the cage. Again, the metal frames are well spaced to allow airflow.

The top side has rounded corners instead of sharp corners, a pick-out attribute of this dog crate. Most dog crates with sharp edges can injure you, your dog, or your children.

For movement indoors or outdoors, this dog crate has 360˚ rotating wheels, which are well fitted for stability.


  • Rounded corners for dog’s safety
  • Self-locking gate; latches
  • Fixed with a removable plastic tray for easier cleaning
  • Well sized, convenient for outdoors or indoors
  • 360 rotating wheels important when moving this indestructible dog crate


  • Some pet parents complain that this cage came broken- often, the damage happened during transit.

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6. ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

proselect empire dog cageYour anxiety-laden and aggressive chewer needs a sturdy and well-made dog crate. The ProSelect is one of the best heavy duty dog crates that can withstand such a dog with its make. Made of 20 gauge steel and still reinforced with 0.5 diameter steel tubes, this chew proof dog crate is tough and strong enough to bar your dog from breaking out.

Extra welding is added in the weak points to add more reinforcement.

Underneath is a removable tray that will help you clean it and still dispose of any of your dog’s droppings.

If you want to move this metal heavy duty dog crate cage from one point to another, you can fix the wheels in place for convenience.

Additionally, this dog crate has dimensions of 41.25″ H× 42.25″ W×30.75″, well spacious for a dog weighing between 41-70 pounds.


  • Sturdy steel
  • Spacious
  • Easy to clean
  • Escape proof crate
  • The floor has metal frames with a spacing of 2.25 inches


  • Only available in one size – Large

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7. Amazon Basic Heavy Duty Stackable Pet Kennel with Tray

amazon basics heavy duty stackable pet kennel with trayAmazon heavy duty dog crate made from sturdy iron and polypropylene material is a top-quality dog crate perfect for aggressive small to medium-sized dog breeds.

This dog crate top opens easily, giving you an easier time to access your dog and the crate’s every corner while you are outside.

To prevent your escaping dog from fleeing, this dog crate’s door latches close smoothly. The dog proof crate has one spring opener that is easier to open and close.

Underneath is a durable tray that is easier to remove during all cleaning sessions. Additionally, this heavy duty dog crate has four lockable casters great for moving this crate indoors and outdoors.


  • Spacious crate suitable for small to medium-sized dogs
  • Well-articulated manual for installation
  • A collapsible dog crate for compact storage.
  • One year warranty


  • The corners of this crate are sharp, which can be hazardous

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8. 43″ Foldable Double Door Heavy Duty Dog Cage

43 foldable double door heavy duty dog cageFed up with dog crates that are too small for your dog, and all you need is a spacious crate that will be comfortable for your dog? Then the 43″ foldable double heavy duty dog crate cage is the answer to your troubles.

Made of quality powder-coated galvanized pipe, this dog crate is not only strong but also durable.

Also, if you are not comfortable with pet cages you have to set up on your end, worry less as this crate comes when it’s set ready for use.

Underneath is a removable tray that will collect your dog’s waste for disposal. Moving this dog crate from one point to another, whether indoors or outside, is much easier as it has four lockable wheels.


  • Well spacious for medium to large dog
  • It can be folded for storage
  • Strong and durable


  • Costly

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9. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate Strong Metal Pet Kennel Playpen

smonter heavy duty dog crate strong metal pet kennel playpen with two prevent escape lockTired of plastic cages that are not only unreliable but also costly and easy to break? Then it’s right time you consider a heavy duty dog crate.

The SMONTER heavy duty dog crate fits the bill as one of the strongest, durable, spacious metal dog crates made out of reinforced steel. These steel frames have been strongly welded, easy to bar your dog from breaking out.

Fixed on the doors are patent heavy duty locks with safety buckles that keep this crate completely dog proof.

Also, the steel frames of this heavy duty dog crate cage have a multilayer hammer tone coating, necessary in preventing rust and corrosion. More so, the coating is safe and non-hazardous even for your chewing dog.

The dog cage has a tray that helps collect your dog’s excrement and dirt with ease.

When moving this heavy duty dog crate from one position to another, you can fix the 360˚ rotating casters. And for additional stability, you can remove these easy-to-fix wheels.


  • The reinforced steel make this cage strong and durable
  • Well spacious for medium to large dog breed
  • Encrypted thick steel pipes at the bottom for extra security
  • Patent locks with safety buckles for extra security
  • Well placed feeding door.


  • Not suitable for small dog breeds as their paws may get trapped on the floor’s metal bars.

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10. PUPZO Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate Kennel with Roof

pupzo heavy duty dog cage crate kennel carbon steel with four wheels strong metal for large dogs easy to installDo flimsy-made cages keep on frustrating you as your dog keeps breaking out? Then you need to opt for a sturdy dog cage like the PUPZO heavy duty dog cage crate.

This dog cage kennel is made of carbon steel which is strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant.

Additionally, this crate has a non-toxic finish surface which is not hazardous even for your crazy chewer.

This heavy duty dog crate has dual door latches that are easier to open and lock for extra security.

With dimension 42× 30 ×43, this heavy duty large dog crate is spacious and comfortable for large, strong, and aggressive dogs.

The 360 degrees rotating wheels fixed on this dog crate can help you move it from one position to another, and still, you can lock them for stability.


  • Removable tray making the cleaning process easier
  • Rust and corrosion resistant – thus okay whether indoors or outdoors
  • Easy to move around with the 360 degree rotating wheels
  • Dual door latches for extra security


  • The warrant is not that long- 90 days!

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What Are The Key Benefits Of Dog Crating?

Crate training your dog can have lots of benefits for you and your dog; here are some of the reasons you need to consider using a dog crate.

Safety for Your Dog

Like in the wild, dogs love living in a den or a place they can consider safe when they feel threatened or when they want to relax. And using a heavy duty crate is one way to mimic a dog’s den setup. When you want to give your dog more space and have access to an outside area then you might consider a portable dog fence instead of a crate.

Helps In Housetraining

A crate will help potty train your dog with ease. The reason being, dogs don’t love spoiling the place they sleep or spend most of the time. In addition, your dog will learn how to control its bladders and learn the appropriate place to dispose of its accidents.

Travelling made easier

Your dog should not distract you when you are driving; you know the repercussions. Thus a dog crate can be essential for you and your dog in such settings. With your dog caged, when traveling, safety is guaranteed.

Limits Damages

Crafty or notorious dogs are a risk to leave alone in the house for long. However, if you want to find your house messed up, your shoes torn, designer couch in tatters, leave such a dog freely in your house. Sometimes you can leave the crate open and fasten your dog to the crate with a leash for more movement area. However, make sure the dog would not get tangled with it.

However, all that can be controlled by leaving your dog inside a heavy duty dog crate for a few hours. To keep your dog occupied while away, you can leave it with a chew bone or an interactive toy.

dog lying inside the crate

Read about dog bike trailers for when you want to go for a longer trip outside.

What Is The Best Crate For A Dog With Separation Anxiety?

Dogs who can’t stay calm when you are away can display self-harming behaviors; thus, you will need to consider that when crate training them. With that, the best dog crate for dogs with separation anxiety should be heavy-duty, enough to resist your dog’s battering daily.

Such heavy duty crate should not have any open spaces which your dog can escape through.

Using a heavy duty dog crate combined with other measures like keeping your dog occupied and making the crate comfortable will come a long way in making your anxiety-laden dog calm.

Is it OK to put a blanket over your dog’s crate?

Like their cousins in the wild, dogs love living in dens where it’s secure and serene. And one way you can mimic such a den setup is by putting a blanket over your dog’s crate.

Dogs who are easily startled by their surroundings, either by people passing around, other animals passing by, can be kept calm by you placing a blanket over the crate.

While at that when using a blanket, use one that is breathable. This is especially crucial for brachycephalic breeds. Also, don’t put the covered crate near a fireplace.

Should I put the dog in a crate at night?

Is it appropriate to let your dog inside a dog crate? Well, if your dog is calm and not destructive, there is no harm in letting it roam freely in the house without crate training it.

However, if your dog is destructive and often anxious, crate training at night will be the right option.

Can A Dog Crate Be Too Big?

If you want to use a big dog crate, ensure you have a divider that will divide the empty part of the crate area. If you leave ample space inside the crate, your dog will be enticed to pee in a specific corner.

Above all, your dog crate should be spacious enough but not too big.

What Size Crate Does My Dog Need To Fly?

When flying with your canine companion, first visit or speak with the airline’s authorities and know which type of dog crates are acceptable.

Some airlines have different specifications and regulations on which is the right dog crate cage to use.

Afterward, look for a dog crate that is not so big nor too small for your dog. Always take your dog’s measurements before looking for a traveling dog crate. After taking the measurements, add about six inches to get the right dimensions of the crate to use for your dog to fly.

The best option for people who travel a lot would be a dog carrier that fits all your needs. For your car, for flying and some people even need motorcycle dog carriers.

dog sleeping inside the crate

As an emphasis, ensure the crate is safe, sturdy, and well-secured. If you have a strong and aggressive dog breed, look for a heavy duty crate that’s still in line with the airline’s regulations.

Crate training is one essential practice that every dog owner cannot escape. And getting the right size and make of a dog cage can determine whether all the crate training sessions will be smooth.

Additionally, when you have a strong and destructive dog, you will need an indestructible heavy duty dog crate to withstand all your dog’s battering daily.

Are you in such a scenario, and you are tired of poorly made ‘heavy duty dog cages’ that cannot withstand your dog’s aggressive nature? Worry less as the dog crates we have outlined above will be a perfect choice.

Additionally, you are better positioned to make a wise decision. As outlined, you can opt for our number one choice, SMONTER heavy duty dog crate strong metal pet kennel, as it is sturdy, spacious, and cheap. However, the other alternatives are good options as they have exceptional attributes as per our review.

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    Finding a heavy duty rate that’s not an eyesore seems to be an impossible touch. We had a lucite one that looked very nice but he would move along with it whenever he wanted out, it was a bit too lightweight for her. It looks like I have to make a compromise and go for a practical design that actually keeps him inside.

  2. Harry Wilcox

    Wow, these are expensive! We said no to crate training at first but the amount of damage our German Shepherd is capable of is out of this world. The trainer recommended the ProSelect one for its durability and ease in moving it around. Let’s hope it works, doggy day care is a no due to Paco’s anxiety. We really need to make this work.

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