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12 Best Retractable Dog Gate to Shut Off Areas [2023]

What exactly is a retractable dog gate, and what to consider when you get one? Pet owners (especially puppy owners) understand the need to close off areas of their homes better than most!

The other day I watched a Youtube video where the dog owner opened the front door to get a package. The dog started to chase the delivery guy. The owner started yelling “He doesn’t bite!” This is not OK! Some pet parents are not able to train their dogs to be calm. Some don’t have the time. Some others have excuses. The answer to all those problems is a retractable dog gate.

retractable dog gate

Retractable dog gates can help solve your various needs with pets. Whether you need to separate animals, close off an area of your home, set up an indoor or outdoor playpen, or simply offer an extension to your pet’s crate.

Which is the best retractable dog gate for you

For this review, we’ve analyzed retractable dog gate products and selected the best options. Here you can find an overview of each retractable dog gate with pros and cons. Above all, our number one pick was the Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide adjustable gate! Though it was designed for small humans, it works just as well for dogs. If you have made your choice, click directly to go to products.

  1. MYPET North States Paws 40″ Portable Pet Gate
  2. Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door
  3. Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate and Play Yard
  4. Ownpets Pet Gate Extra Wide
  5. OWNPETS Dog Screen Door, Inside Door Flap
  6. Arf Pets Free Standing Wood Dog Gate with Walk Through Door
  7. CAMTOA Magic Mesh Gate for Dogs
  8. IRIS Exercise 8 Panel Pet Playpen
  9. Toddleroo by North States Superyard 6 Panel Baby Play Yard/Barrier with Wall Mount Kit
  10. Vothco Extra Wide Baby Gate
  11. VATO White Transformable Playpen Panels
  12. TOOCA Dog Pen 16 Panels

dog sitting inside the Retractable Dog Gate

What is a Retractable Dog Gate?

The answer to this question is in the name! A retractable dog gate is a retractable gate you can set up in your home to prevent your pup from entering or leaving a certain room of the house. These gates are usually adjustable to the exact length you need, able to stretch from one wall to the other.

A retractable dog gate serves the same basic function as a retractable infant gate! They are both meant to keep the occupant confined to a certain area for safety reasons. Of course, you can use your pet gate for whichever other reason you choose!

What is the Best Retractable Dog Gate?

The answer here is there is no ‘best’ retractable dog gate! There is a best gate for your needs, however.

Are you looking for a retractable mesh dog gate that won’t offer any gaps and can be transported easily. We have one for you below. If you need an extra-wide dog gate to block off entire rooms, we have one below. We even have a dog gate with a little door for cats (or anything else) below.

There is a dog gate for almost any function. For example, you can block the bathroom or one area of your home with a retractable dog gate. Then your dog can dry naturally after a bath without leaving a mark on your interior.  The ‘best’ retractable pet gate is the one that serves your own unique needs well.

Are Retractable Gates Good for Dogs?

If your retractable dog gate is the appropriate size for your dog and works (your dog isn’t able to find a way through or over), it is a fantastic idea! Above all, these are safety tools meant to keep your pet from causing trouble either to himself or your home.

In this way, retractable pet gates serve a similar function to the age-old dog crate! Both are meant to keep your dog safe while you are not able to observe. For it to be effective, it’s important to be sure your gate is the appropriate size.

What is the Longest Retractable Dog Gate?

The longest retractable dog gate we have here is marketed as a baby gate, but it works as a dog gate just as well. The Regalo 192 inch is a base of 16 feet long (5 meters).

Many of these retractable dog gates come with removable panels, so it is safe to reason where panels can be removed, panels can be added. Does the longest option seem more than double the cost of shorter pet gates? Look at the specifications and consider purchasing two products instead of one if it is possible to combine them.

Retractable Dog Gate on the stairs

How do I Keep My Dog from Running Out of the Front Door?

Many of these retractable pet gates listed below offer an extra ‘doorway’ designed for humans to open or close, which may be an option for your front door. On the other hand, you could simply use your new pet gate to close off the room entrance leading to your front door. This would be the easiest solution.

Other than that, it comes down to a question of training. Are you able to train your dog that the front door is off-limits? Then again, we can never 100% rely on our training and should not because, in the end, dogs are instinctual animals.

The same applies to keeping your dog out of the kitchen area begging for scraps and nosing through the trash. Another dangerous area that you might want to shield off with a retractable dog gate is the swimming pool.

How Do I Install a Permanent Retractable Gate?

Would a permanent retractable dog gate be retractable at all? Of course, you can set up a ‘permanent gate! You have a couple of different options.

Option One: The Toddleroo on our list below comes complete with wall mounts and will need to be mounted to a wall (or itself). Your first option is a simple one: mount it to the wall. Unless you do not mind holes in your drywall, this is more of a permanent solution (at least for the wall). Of course, the mounts can be taken down.

Many dog (or baby, as they are often interchangeable) gates come with optional wall mounts

Option Two: You can purchase a retractable side awning setup, like this one from Wayfair. This would be the cheaper alternative to an actual solid entranceway gate and much taller than all the gates below.

Are Retractable Baby Gates and Dog Gates the Same?

In your search for the perfect DIY dog gate, you will probably see several gates marketed towards babies and not specifically dogs. In most situations, your gate will work for both infants and small to medium-sized dogs (if the dogs do not jump).

‘Will this suit my needs?’ is a better question. Because small children tend to pull, tug, put everything in their mouths, and generally make everything into a toy, ‘baby’ gates will usually be exceptionally durable, sturdy, and simple. You will still have to read through the item’s specifications and use your best judgment.

two dogs standing inside the Retractable Dog Gate

Retractable Dog Gate Product Review

Are you looking for a retractable pet gate, or even a pet pen, and simply not sure what your options are? We have rated and reviewed 12 popular choices for you! Make sure to check the item’s reviews for any practical images or videos of everyday use, so you can gauge the true benefit you’ll receive.

1. MYPET North States Paws 40″ Portable Pet Gate

mypet north states paws Retractable Dog GateThis MYPET gate is a simple white, easy to set up and install. Standing at 23″ tall (2 feet), the gate itself can fit openings ranging from 26″-40″ wide (most average doorways and archways). It is designed to block hallways, doorways, and other spaces, so your dog is kept where he needs to be. The curved handle offered makes installation even easier!

With over 2,000 reviews, buyers give this gate a general 4-star rating. Most praise it for ease of installation and sturdy handling! The curved handle is a popular point not often seen elsewhere, frequently mentioned among those reviews.

This indoor retractable dog gate is perfect for smaller or toy breeds, or really any dog that won’t jump over it. It is a bit short at 23 inches (just under two feet tall), so it may not work for larger dogs or those that can learn to leap over it. Basically, this is your solution if you are looking for something simple, lightweight, and easy to set up!


  • Extremely easy installation
  • Attractive white matching any decor
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Only two feet tall, best for small breeds or those that will not jump

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2. Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door

carlson extra wide walk through pet gate with small pet doorIf you have both a cat and a dog, or a small dog and children, this retractable dog gate is perfect for you! It can expand between 29-36.5 inches wide and stands 30 inches tall. It’s both easy to set up and install, offering a pressure mount design that will keep your pet gate in place.

The smaller door is your true benefit to this gate! You can prevent your dog from accessing a room, while the much smaller cat, for example, can venture to and from freely. Perhaps you do not want the dog getting into the kitty’s litter box?

Over 21,000 reviews land this with a 4.5 out of 5 stars! Buyers praise this gate for its industrial strength, durability, and functionality. Many reviewers love the gate for its ease of installation. Some owners use it for a baby gate, keeping the child out while allowing their small pet to pass through. Make sure your baby is not small enough to fit through!


  • Pressure mount design
  • Over 21,000 reviews
  • 36.5 x 1 x 31 inches; 10 Pounds
  • Simple installation
  • Certified to both JPMA and ASTM standards
  • Includes multiple lock features
  • Perfect for medium to large dogs


  • Make sure animals cannot fit through a small door

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3. Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate and Play Yard

regalo 192 inch super wide adjustable baby gate and play yardStanding 28 inches tall, the extreme length here is the main benefit you will get with your Regalo! Your 192-inch gate is a base length of 16 feet long (5 meters). Not only is this perfect for entire rooms, but it also makes for a wonderful retractable dog gate for a garage door. You can even convert it from this wide gate to an 8-panel play yard!

If you need an extra-long retractable dog gate, this is our pick. Do you need something to close off larger archways, rooms, or the garage door? Is it just a playpen you need for the yard?

Over 21,000 ratings set this at 4.5 stars, and our most popular dog gate here! Buyers praise its ease of use, durable metal design, removable panels option, and simple setup. It seems more people used it for their pets than children, which it is marketed for! Puppy owners absolutely love it.


  • 192-inch length (5 meters)
  • Gate can also be used as an 8-panel play yard
  • Over 21,000 ratings
  • Folds for easy transport
  • 28 ½ inch height


  • Heavier than expected at 15-25 lbs

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4. Ownpets Pet Gate Extra Wide

ownpets pet gate extra wideThis extra wide retractable dog gate supports a width of up to 29.5 inches and 37.75 inches, providing easy blockage for nearly all entrances or exits. Your package even includes two extra frames for an extension! The auto-close function is not found in many other places and really makes this dog gate unique.


  • Width between 29.5 inches and 37.75 inches
  • Two extension frames included
  • Equipped with an auto-close function
  • Built-in door stopper
  • Easy to install
  • Comprised of a yellow arched door and a white metal frame


  • Orange coloring; not plain white

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5. OWNPETS Dog Screen Door, Inside Door Flap

ownpets dog screen door inside door flapAre you looking for a ‘doggy door’ so your pup can venture out into your fenced-in back yard whenever they please? These can be tricky to set up on your own. No one wants to ruin their expensive door by making a mistake.

Look no further! We have a unique screen door designed specifically with a ‘doggy door’ flap for your dog. Unlike any of the other products listed here, the OWNPETS Dog Screen Door will allow your pup the freedom he deserves. The self-closing doggy door is also lockable in case you do not want your pup getting out.

Users rated this ‘doggy door’ screen door almost 2,000 times, giving it 4.5 out of 5 stars. They praise it for the ease of installation, convenience and love it for the time it saves! Many users have a medium size to large breeds, meaning it is sufficient for dogs around 60 pounds. You don’t want to use this with dogs much heavier than that, however.


  • Inside size: 14x12x0.5inch
  • Outside size: 16x14x0.5 inch
  • Self-Closing & Lockable
  • Made of high-quality ABS material


  • Not suitable for giant breeds

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6. Arf Pets Free Standing Wood Dog Gate with Walk Through Door

arf pets free standing wood Retractable Dog Gate with walk through doorAre you looking for something more decorative? Perhaps you want a retractable dog gate that enhances your aesthetic home appeal? Not only does this freestanding wood gate offer an opening/closing door big enough for an adult human, but it also looks great, and you’ll never have to take it down!

Interconnected panels form a gate able to block off doorways and rooms in your house. This is a perfect gate if you want to add a little beauty to your home and even comes complete with stabilizing feet!

Just over two thousand ratings give this retractable dog gate a 4.5 rating. Customers praise it for the ‘feet,’ durable door latch, and appearance (among others). Many customers also used this gate to block off areas from their children!


  • Hinged door for adults to pass-through
  • Stabilizing support feet
  • 2,001 ratings
  • Durable door latch
  • Beautiful aesthetics
  • Adjustable for corners


  • No pressure mount design
  • Wood is not as durable as metal

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7. CAMTOA Magic Mesh Gate for Dogs

camtoa magic mesh gate for dogsForget about those heavy, solid dog gates with bars! This retractable dog mesh gate ensures there is absolutely no way for even the smallest of breeds to squeeze through. It’s probably the easiest gate to assemble on our list and made for immediate use. It is perfect for stairways or entranceways!

Owners love the ease of install and overall simplicity provided here!


  • Perfect for the smallest dogs!
  • Extends up to 40.4” X 29.5
  • Works as both an infant and small pet gate
  • Made of woven mesh fabric
  • No tools are required for setup
  • Easy to fold and transport


  • Not recommended for small breeds

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8. IRIS Exercise 8 Panel Pet Playpen

iris exercise 8 panel pet playpen 1If you are looking for a playpen, this is one of the most popular on the market! Eight panels come complete with non-skid rubber feet to protect flooring. This pet playpen is extremely easy to set up and can be used as a dog gate just as easily.

Just over 2,300 users gave this playpen a 4.5-star rating! Users praise it as a safe place for smaller dogs when they cannot be observed. Its ease of installation and its ability to double as a gate to block off areas of the home or a retractable dog gate for stairs.

This product is recommended for smaller dogs. Since it is lightweight, it might not hold up to a larger breed, and there would not be as much space available.


  • 63” width
  • 34.25” height
  • Easy to install
  • Lightweight
  • Doubles as retractable gate
  • Over 2,300 ratings


  • Recommended for smaller dogs

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9. Toddleroo by North States Superyard 6 Panel Baby Play Yard/Barrier with Wall Mount Kit

toddleroo by north states superyard 6 panel baby play yardAs our longest item available here, this ‘superyard’ offers plenty of length to block off the largest rooms! If that was not enough, it comes complete with a wall mount to ensure this gate stays in place. Any of the 6 panels are removable, so you do not absolutely need to use them all. If that’s not enough, there’s even a separate two-panel extension!

Over 3,400 customers gave this item a 4.5 out of 5 stars! Owners used it both as a dog and child barrier. Since it is designed for children that pull and tug, you know it will stand up to the dogs (if they do not jump)! Some users do not approve of the unsnapping and separation difficulty, but who wants a child gate designed so poorly the child can separate it?

Like many others here, you can set up a playpen for your pup if it’s a pen you need. Of course, this would be a larger pen than most others here.


  • 201″ wide, 18.5 ft. enclosure
  • 26” tall
  • Wall mount included
  • Fits openings from 38.5″ to over 16′
  • 2 additional panels sold separately
  • Over 3,400 ratings


  • Must be mounted to a wall or form a pen
  • Difficult to unsnap/remove panels

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10. Vothco Extra Wide Baby Gate

vothco extra wide baby gate or Retractable Dog GateIf you are looking for a tough pet gate made of metal (not plastic) and able to extend between 67 and 72 inches to fit medium-length entranceways, you have found it! This is a perfect retractable dog gate for durability. Brackets are included for wall mounting, and the gate even includes a ‘doorway’ humans can open to walk through. You will never need to take it down!

Users rated this item at 4.5 stars, praising it for its ease of install, durability, and height. Many owners used it to separate their dogs from cats and small children from pets.


  • 3 extensions to fit doorways
  • Fits openings between 67 and 71.5 inches wide and 30 inches high
  • Made of thick metal for strength and durability
  • Double-lock system for better security
  • Pressure mount design


  • It can’t be easily used to form a 4-sided playpen

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11. VATO White Transformable Playpen Panels

vato white transfor mable playpen panelsIf you are looking for a dog gate to form around multiple corners or work into multiple shapes, this is your best bet! A whopping ten panels give you more usability than something with only five or six, serving several functions. It is waterproof and can even be used outside!

Setup is a breeze and will not require any tools or extensive knowledge. You will even get built-in food and water bowls!

Buyers love the waterproof mats and simplistic design. One customer even commented on how easy it is to zip-tie her pet’s crate, offering extra space. Others commented on the ease of installation. If used as a pen, it would be best for smaller dogs. It’s lightweight and not very long.


  • 10 transformable panels
  • Multiple panels create several uses
  • Waterproof
  • Easy setup
  • Up to 108 inches with a stable pole
  • Built-in food/water bowls
  • Two additional waterproof mats


  • Not as long as others
  • Must be secured to flooring or walls

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12. TOOCA Dog Pen 16 Panels

tooca dog pen 16 panelsAble to form a pen 110 square feet, your Tooca Dog Pen offers plenty of room for any breed! Sixteen panels give you the ability to form any shape or bend around multiple corners. Because it is metal and can only be opened by hand, your Tooca is exceptionally durable.

Of course, it can easily serve the function of a dog gate as well! Simply unlatch the connecting ‘rod’ to separate your gate and form open panels. The panels are removable, so you can cover multiple thinner entranceways.

Nearly 2,000 customers gave this a 4.5-star rating. Some buyers even left reviews with actual images and videos of everyday use, which were especially useful (any prospective buyer should view). The durability being metal, was extremely popular!


  • 16 metal panels
  • It can be formed into different shapes
  • 110 square feet of pen space
  • Unique ‘invisible’ door lock
  • Each panel is 24inch(H),32inche(W)
  • Available in 8 or 16-panel sets


  • Difficult to fold for storages

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Our Retractable Dog Gate Top Pick

Though there is no best option for every situation, and the gate that works best for you may be different, we wanted to list our favorite one! We’ve reviewed each of these twelve, considering:

  • Overall Function
  • Durability
  • Overall Ratings
  • Individual Reviews
  • Ease of Use

It’s a tough choice! There are some amazing products here. We loved the OWNPETS Dog Screen Door because it’s such a creative idea! Though it isn’t actually a dog gate, we couldn’t forget to mention it.

We also loved the TOOCA Dog Pen because it can be purchased in either 8 or 16 panels. It’s easy to set up and made of durable steel that very well might outlive you (let alone your pet). Though the panels can be separated and used to gate off areas of the home, they were designed to be interconnected into a playpen.

two dogs in a Retractable Dog Gate

Our #1 Pick

Above all, our number one pick was the Regalo 192-Inch Super Wide adjustable gate! Though it was designed for small humans, it works just as well for dogs. This gate is long enough to cover any area of the home you want (and then some). If this is too much for you or you simply want to cover multiple entryways, the eight panels that form this gate can be conveniently separated.

  • 192-inch length
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Each panel can separate and be used individually
  • Includes center panel walk-through safety gate
  • Includes 4-pack of wall mounts

We were amazed at the over 21 thousand ratings! Nothing else even came close to this degree of use. After all that use, it still received a 4.5 out of 5-star rating, the best rating we’ve seen.

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  1. Christian Marcus

    If I see a dog coming at me I don’t really care that his owner keeps saying “He doesn’t bit!” – this shouldn’t happen in the first place. Some people are just scared of dogs and when they see one coming right at them they panic.

    I like the MYPET North States portable pet gate. It seems like one of the better choices out there for a dog that isn’t very big like mine. He’s only a pup right now but I want him to get used to it to avoid potential future problems.

  2. Kennedy Barnes

    I’m looking at the Carlson extra wide pet door. I can see it doing well for my Dachshund. The problem is I also have another dog (mix breed) which is larger and I’m afraid he will learn to jump over this door since it’s not very high. It does have a lot of positive feedback so I guess I will give it a try and see how it goes.

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